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"Schooled!" is the first episode of the fifth season, the two-hundredth episode, the first hour-length episode, and the fifth-season premiere of The Loud House.


Lincoln tries to swap middle school classes after being separated from the gang, but ends up being transferred to Canada; Lori doesn't fit in on any of the college dorm floors; Mom and Dad rush to potty train Lily for preschool.



Act I

Lincoln is going through a checklist, getting himself ready. He explains to the viewers that today is a big day for the Louds, as Lori is getting ready to depart for college, and Lily is prepared to go to preschool. The last thing reveals is that it is his first day of middle school, and is really looking forward to it. In the kitchen, Rita discovers the amount of effort Lynn Sr. put into today's breakfast, where he explains that because it is a special day, he might as well make today's breakfast special as well. After heading downstairs, Lincoln discovers his sisters barreling down as well, but Lynn stops them before they reach the bottom, saying that she has been promoted to hall monitor duty at the middle school. Suddenly, Rita announces that breakfast is ready, but after the kids eat it all and prepare to leave, Rita stops them, saying that since their father put so much effort into making breakfast, they should at least appreciate it for a minute, so they proceed to eat their breakfast together for 60 seconds before heading off.

Goodbye, Lori!

As Lori finishes packing her things in her car, her teary-eyed family go in for a group hug and departs (with Lynn Sr. hanging from the back of her car begging her not to go). At that moment, the school bus arrives, and Lincoln joins up with his friends. When Lincoln asks if they are ready for their first day of middle school, they express some hesitance, saying that they will not be able to make it out alive. However, Lincoln explains through song that as long as they stick together, they can get through their first day fine.

After entering their designated classroom, their teacher, Mrs. Salter, tells them to head to their assigned seats. However, Lincoln discovers that there is not a desk with his name. Looking at her list, Mrs. Salter says that Lincoln is actually in Mr. Bolhofner's class. Lincoln says that there must have been a mistake since he turned in the request form, but upon looking at his checklist, Clyde discovers that the box for turning in his form was not marked (as it had a Flippee stain in the shape of a check mark). When Clyde begs Mrs. Salter to let Lincoln in her class, she says that her room is full and must attend Mr. Bolhofner's class, which is revealed to be a trailer far away from the main building.

At Baby Bunker Preschool, Rita and Lynn Sr. drop Lily off, telling Dr. Shuttleworth that Lily does not bite and is potty-trained. When Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back home with no Loud kids, the two proceed to have some fun around the house by doing anything they want. At Fairway University, Lori finally arrives to her dorm floor, but gets shushed by the others, where she discovers that she is on the Quiet Floor. Back at the middle school, Lynn stops Lincoln from running in the hallway, but when he says that he has to get to Mr. Bolhofner's class, she proceeds to carry him there. After being dropped off, Lincoln discovers the pains of being in Mr. Bolhofner's class, such as Chandler being behind him, the room being scorching hot and Mr. Bolhofner having bad breath.

As Rita and Lynn Sr. eat ice cream, Rita gets a call from Baby Bunker and is informed that Lily is not actually potty-trained. Wanting to experience more alone time, the two proceed to potty-train Lily. At the middle school, Lincoln finally meets up with his friends in the cafeteria, but because of the long distance between Mr. Bolhofner's class and the main building, the bell rings the moment he arrives. At Fairway University, Lori discovers that she cannot get through one thing because of the other dorm students shushing her for the slightest noise she makes. After calling up Leni (who is revealed to have never left for school because Lori did not tell her what to wear), Lori breaks down in tears by saying that she is stuck on a floor where every sound she makes makes the other students hate her. When Lincoln tells Chandler to stop kick his seat, Mr. Bolhofner reprimands him by saying that he is having lunch with him. Unable to live in these conditions, Lincoln and Lori proclaim that they have to leave.

Act II

The next day, as the Loud kids board the bus, Lincoln meets up with his friends and says that he plans on asking Principal Ramirez is she can help him switch classes. The moment the bus leaves, Leni, wearing a completely mismatched outfit, exits the house and unknowingly boards the bus for Baby Bunker, which is full of toddlers (which she does not notice).

At the middle school, Lincoln tells his friends that if all goes according to plan, he will be in their class by the end of the day. At that moment, the bell rings and Lincoln attempts to rush there. However, Lynn stops him for speeding and punishes him by stuffing him in a locker. Some time later, Lincoln arrives to Mr. Bolhofner's class and is reprimanded for being late and for asking to go to the principal's office. At the Loud House, Rita and Lynn Sr. attempt to potty train Lily by baiting her with cookies. However, Lily resists and laughs at her parents' misfortune and pain. At Fairway, Bobby assists Lori into helping her move to a new dorm floor. The two arrive at the Driving Range Floor and discover that the students who live there constantly fling golf balls from room to room, making going through the hallway dangerous. As Mr. Bolhofner teaches his class, Lincoln (using a desk from the kindergarten class) attempts to leave by faking an illness. When that fails, he baits Hank, the class' pet piranha, into biting his finger so he can go the nurse's office, which Mr. Bolhofner accepts. He exits the classroom and successfully evades Lynn from receiving some kind of punishment.

In gym class, Lincoln's friends attempt to play dodgeball with the other sixth graders. However, without Lincoln being their planner, they fail miserably. Entering the principal's office, Lincoln asks Meryl, Principal Ramirez's secretary and Cheryl's sister, if he can see the principal, but Meryl tells him that she is overbooked. When the lunch bell rings, Ramirez heads off. When Lincoln hears that she does not want to eat the school's meatloaf (since she has it for dinner tonight), Lincoln throws a flier at her convincing her to eat at Lynn's Table (with the flier promising free appetizers if said flier is brought), and convinces Meryl to give him a pass that grants him an off-campus lunch. At the same time, Lincoln's friends realize that without Lincoln, they cannot initiate their lunch swaps.

At Lynn's Table, Lincoln runs into Ramirez and presents her with the free appetizers her flier promised. As she eats, Lincoln presents her with a slideshow presentation showing why he should not be in Mr. Bolhofner's class. After giving 876 reasons, Ramirez tells Lincoln that as much as she would like to help him, Mrs. Salter's class is too full to put him in. Meanwhile, Rita and Lynn Sr. struggle to chase after Lily, who successfully rides off on Charles and manages to lock them out of the house; Lori tells Bobby that she wants to move to a new floor, unable to live with students who constantly fling golf balls; and Leni attends a class at Baby Bunker, still unaware that she is attending a preschool.

Lincoln's going to a new school... in the last place he expects.

Sometime later, as Lincoln attends class, Ramirez tells Lincoln to come to her office over the intercom. Arriving to her office, Ramirez reveals that because of his determination, she managed to pull some strings and successfully got Lincoln what he wants. However, Lincoln's moment is short-lived, as Ramirez reveals that Lincoln is actually going to a new middle school... in Canada.



When the school day ends, Lincoln jumps onto the bus and meets up with his friends, who are all cramped into one seat, as they had no plan on how they should sit. Lincoln announces to his friends that he has been transferred to a new school in Canada, and cannot take it back because of what Ramirez had to do to get him in that class, forcing him to make the most out of it.

Welcome to Canada!

At 4:00 AM, as Lincoln sleeps, Lynn Sr. comes in to wake him up, saying that he needs to get up early to catch the ferry to Canada. After being dropped off at the pier, Lincoln arrives to the ferry just before it departs. Arriving to Canada, the border guard stamps his passport that grants him entrance, and the moment he steps into the frigid cold country, the border guard sings him a song talking about life in Canada, ending with Lincoln arriving to his destination: Mapleton Middle School. As the principal, Marshall, shows Lincoln around, the two are informed of the school's upcoming hockey game.

Back in Royal Woods, without Lincoln around, Clyde, Liam, Zach, Rusty and Stella state that they need a new man with a plan. When Zach and Rusty try to obtain the role, their bickering causes them to miss the bus, prompting them to chase after it. Meanwhile, as Rita and Lynn Sr. still struggle to get Lily on the toilet, they spot Lily near one of Lisa's inventions and think they could ask for Lisa's help. Arriving to the elementary school, the two pick up Lisa. At Baby Bunker, Leni partakes in the preschool's activities, being mistaken as a volunteer by Dr. Shuttleworth. At Fairway, Lori has moved to the Caddy Floor, but discovers that every student has a caddy, and hers constantly monitors her every move in order to get a better understanding of her.

Back in Canada, Lincoln discovers the pains of being in a Canadian middle school, such as his class playing hockey to teach math, and the students fishing out on the ice to get their lunch. This causes Lincoln to proclaim that he misses Mr. Bolhofner's class.

Act IV

At Royal Woods Middle School, as Zach and Rusty continue to fight for dominance as the new group leader, their bickering causes Lynn to stuff them in a locker, as they were fighting after the bell had rung. At the Loud House, Lisa presents her latest invention: Mr. Potty Bot, a robot that can scan a person's body heat to let them know when to use the restroom. In Canada, Lincoln is riding on the back of a moose to the Canadian border. However, a few bumps on the road causes his trip to be delayed, arriving back home very late and causing him to miss his friends' game night. When Lynn Sr. tells his son how much of a hassle it is to potty train Lily ever since she got kicked out, Lincoln realizes that he can go back to his old middle school if he can get kicked out.

The next day, Lincoln attempts to stir up trouble at Mapleton Middle School by vandalizing a portrait of Principal Marshall, throwing snowballs at the window, and riding a moose in the hallway. However, these methods are unsuccessful, since Principal Marshall can use the portrait for his own needs, his class throwing snowballs for a lesson, and holding indoor moose races. Meanwhile, Mr. Potty Bot senses that Lily needs to go. However, Lily successfully evades the robot and manages to make it fall down the stairs, where it sustains enough damage to shut down, much to Lynn Sr.'s despair. At Fairway, Lori realizes she is running out of options for floors to stay on. After moving to the Sand Trap Floor, Lori and Bobby discover the closet is full of sand and is starting to flood the room. This causes Lori to break down, saying that she cannot live here. In Canada, as Lincoln is forced to admit defeat, he discovers the school's upcoming big game, giving him an idea.

Calling up his friends, he says that he needs their help in sabotaging his school's upcoming hockey game, and they agree, having had enough of things going wrong for them. At the Loud House, as the parents sleep, Lily manages to get out of their grasp and heads upstairs. Hearing the toilet flush, Rita arrives to the bathroom, and discovers that Lily does know how to use the toilet, where she proclaims "Lily stay home forever." Realizing her secret, Rita suddenly gets an idea. As Lincoln's friends arrive to the ferry, they discover that none of them brought the tickets, forcing them to swim to Canada. At the Loud House, the parents reveal to Lily that they learned of her secret, but because they understand that she does not want to go to preschool, they allow her to stay home, much to Lily's happiness. At that moment, Lori arrives, where she tearfully tells her parents that she is not ready to leave home. While trekking through the frigid cold Canada on a moose, Clyde, Liam, Zach, Rusty and Stella discover Lincoln, and he tells them his plan on how to stop the hockey game that will likely kick him out and get him back to Royal Woods.

Arriving to the middle school, Lincoln says that there cannot be a hockey game without ice, so he and his friends proceed to use hair dryers to melt all the ice in the rink. After melting all the ice, Principal Marshall arrives and discovers the ice melted, and Lincoln expects to be kicked out. Unfortunately, Principal Marshall reveals that he is actually grateful the ice is melted, revealing that he was not looking forward to the game because his big brother would give him a wedgie no matter the outcome of the game. After Principal Marshall decides to take full responsibility for the melted ice, he leaves, about to announce the game's cancellation.

At the Loud House, as Lori ponders what to do with her current situation, Lincoln and his friends arrive. While warming up, Lincoln says that it is time to accept defeat and get used to the fact that they will not be together for middle school, saying that they might as well make the most of it. After his friends leave, Lori, having been inspired by Lincoln's words, hugs him with gratitude before departing for college.

Arriving to a Canadian diner to get some breakfast, Lincoln discovers his friends present, saying that they took his advice to heart and decided to make the best of their situation by initiating their first breakfast swap. After a waitress brings them stacks of pancakes, Lincoln says that he does not want syrup on his as he is "syruped out". This causes everyone nearby to react in horror. Not long after, the border guard tells Lincoln that he is banned from Canada for three years because of his dismissal for syrup. Realizing he has been kicked out, Lincoln says that this means he can go back to Royal Woods Middle School.

I think I'm gonna like middle school.

The next day, Lincoln is prepared for his first day back at Royal Woods Middle School. As he exits his room, Leni reveals to Lily all of the fun things she did at Baby Bunker. Awestruck by the activities, Lily quickly runs out of the house to go to preschool, much to Rita and Lynn Sr.'s satisfaction. At Fairway, Lori and Bobby arrive to the Water Hazard Floor. Despite being flooded with water and having a live alligator swimming, Lori, still taking Lincoln's words to heart, states that she is going to make the most of it. At the middle school, Lincoln and his friends eat lunch together, and he immediately heads off to Bolhofner's class. Arriving to the class, Lincoln asks Mr. Bolhofner if he can turn down the heat, saying he's still used to Canada's cold temperatures. Although it appears he got angry about being asked that, Mr. Bolhofner obliges, saying that no one has ever bothered to ask before. This causes his classmates to cheer him on except for Chandler, who gets attacked by a moose Liam adopted named Ellie Mae. Seeing how everything is now working for him instead of against, Lincoln remarks that he is going to like middle school.


Lucy, Girl Jordan and Boy Jordan have no lines in this episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Luna has no lines in this episode, but she can be heard yelping as Lynn jumps over her, Luan, and Lincoln while boarding the bus.



  • Starting from this episode onward:
    • The title cards have a new design. The three boxes that show the credits are now themed around the episode.
    • Lincoln and his friends are now in middle school.
    • Lori has left for college, currently making Leni the oldest sibling in the house.
    • Lily has started preschool, is now wearing a white shirt and lavender pants, is now potty trained, and is capable of speaking full (albeit grammatically incorrect) sentences.
  • This episode along with "The Loudest Thanksgiving" features the most voice-actors of The Loud House, at 21.
  • In production order, this is the 200th episode of the series.
  • Starting with this episode, Kyle Marshall is now credited in the title card as co-executive producer.
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Colton Davis
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Sep 9, 2020[1]
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Sep 9, 2020[2]
  • According to Colton Davis, Jared Morgan boarded the "We Got This" number.
  • This episode takes place after "Coupe Dreams", as Lori currently owns the car she bought from Mr. Grouse.
  • According to Leni, she relies on Lori's opinion on what clothes to wear for school.
  • This episode takes place over the span of a week.
  • This episode reveals that Cheryl has a sister named Meryl, who looks and talks exactly like her, with the only significant difference being that Meryl has a mole on her right cheek.
    • Lincoln also correctly points out that Cheryl is the older sister.

Feel angry they got cut out?

  • According to Ari Castleton, he was originally going to put Daggett and Norbert from The Angry Beavers in place of the beavers during "Welcome to Canada." However, Nickelodeon requested him to not use the characters for unknown reasons, and instead had them replaced with normal beavers.
  • As of this episode, Lincoln is currently prohibited from entering Canada for three years.
    • In real life, refusing part of a dish placed on a restaurant menu actually is considered rude outside of North America. However, it's not a crime to the point of becoming persona non-grata.
  • According to Zach, his parents have changed their identities and hair colors seven times.
  • When airing, there was an extra commercial break prior to the scene in which Lincoln and his friends were using the hair dryers to melt the ice rink.
  • This episode reveals that Walt is strong enough to carry Lily.
  • This episode reveals that Lisa potty trained herself in approximately an hour.
  • This is the first episode where Owen Rivera-Babbey voices Rusty.
  • According to Lynn Sr., he has been potty trained for 42 years, which probably makes him somewhere between 44 and 46 years old.
  • This is the final episode to be boarded by Kacie Hermanson before her departure to work on Fairfax.
    • This is also the final episode in which Ari Castleton was solely a storyboard artist.
  • At 43 minutes in length (not counting ad breaks), this is the longest episode to date.
  • In some European countries, this episodes is split into two parts with an own title card for part 2.
  • This is the highest viewed episode of Season 5.
  • A lyric in "We Got This" reveals that Royal Woods Elementary School has a Pizza Day. This same exchange reveals that Stella likes Italian food, since she misses Pizza Day, but is cheered up with spaghetti.
  • Irony:
    • Leni has a job at a clothes store, where she gives fashion advice, but in this episode she was completely clueless about her own clothes.
    • Lincoln encouraged his friends to not be afraid of the middle school, but he ends up suffering what they were afraid of.
    • As a hall monitor, Lynn is supposed to make the halls a safer place for the students, but only succeeds in doing the opposite.
    • Lynn Sr. gets emotional over his kids leaving for school, but once he and Rita get the house to themselves, he immediately embraces the alone time he and Rita have.
    • Zach feared getting shoved into a locker, later in the episode, he (along with Rusty) ends up getting shoved into one by Lynn.
    • The Loud parents' attempts to potty train Lily were all for nothing since Lily was only pretending to not be potty trained to avoid going to preschool.
    • Lily, the youngest Loud sibling, is excited to be staying home from preschool. Seconds later, Lori, the oldest Loud sibling, shows up emotional about not being ready for college.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • A golf ball leaves a hole in Lori's phone.
    • Lincoln instantly freezes into a block of ice.
    • Walt managed to carry Lily, who is a human and several times his size.
    • Stella's GPS is frozen in ice and shatters as if made of glass.
    • Lincoln leaves a trail of fire when he rushes to Bolhofner's class.
    • Lynn Sr. gets dragged by Lori's car without getting hurt or damaging his clothes.
    • Two of the college dorms are filled with sand and water, one even has a living crocodile.
  • This is the last episode where Mindy Sterling voices Dr. Shuttleworth.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, Lincoln offers his pancakes for sausage rather than bacon.


  • Schooled! - The title of this episode is an expression meaning to lose or fail.
  • David Hasselhoff - Mr. Bolhofner's nickname, "the Hof", is the nickname also used for this actor.
  • O Canada - Part of the national anthem of Canada can be heard during the title card and in other parts of the episode.
  • Toy Story 4 - Lynn Sr. says, "Yes, you Canada" to Lincoln on his first day of going to a Canadian middle school, which is a reference to Duke Caboom's catchphrase from this 2019 animated film.
  • The Rescuers - The moose that Liam adopts at the end of the episode is named Ellie Mae, which was the name of the female muskrat from this 1977 Disney film.


  • Plot holes:
    • Leni is shown to have not left for school yet because she was unable to figure out which clothes to wear, so it is unknown how Rita and Lynn Sr. were not aware of her presence when they were having fun around the house, let alone how Leni was not able to hear her parents having fun.
    • It is unknown if Lynn Sr. and Rita were aware of Leni mistakenly attending Baby Bunker Preschool instead of high school. That said, Leni does lament having to go back to high school, implying that the parents eventually found out.
    • It is unknown how Leni was able to stay inside the Baby Bunker Preschool building for days.
    • Lily succeeded in locking Rita and Lynn Sr. out of the house, so it is unknown how Lynn Sr. was able to wake up Lincoln, yet have to go back into the house via the chimney. It is also unknown how her other siblings got back in, seeing as how Lincoln was able to enter the house despite Lily having locked out her parents. It is possible, however, that the parents got back in and then got locked out again the next day.
    • Lynn and Lincoln, who are middle-schoolers, share the same bus as their high school and elementary school siblings.
    • Mr. Bolhofner's sudden change in personality is not explained.
    • Lynn Sr. was very emotional when Lori left for college, but later when Lori comes home claiming she wasn't ready for college, Lynn Sr. is rather confused of the situation than excited that his oldest daughter returned.
  • In the opening scene, Lana is seen crashing from the attic, then almost immediately is seen running into the walls.
  • When Lori arrives to the Quiet Floor, the sign has "SILENCE" in quotations, but when Lori reads the sign, the quotations are gone.
  • When Lincoln first enters Canada and gets frozen in a block of ice, his jacket is unzipped. When he collapses once the border guard breaks the ice, his jacket is inexplicably zipped.
  • When Lincoln returns to Mr. Bolhofner's class, Chandler's shirt is yellow, but as Lincoln's classmates congratulate him for turning down the thermostat, Chandler's shirt is green.
  • Throughout the episode, Lynn's eyebrows were missing and only appeared when she expressed emotion.
  • Lincoln says that there is 876 reasons he shouldn't be in Mr Bolhofner's class, but he only lists 765.



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