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"Scoop Snoop" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


The Action News Team struggles to find out how Katherine Mulligan is scooping their news leads.


The Action News Team has some interesting news leads and want to report them like a mysterious person letting their pet poop on the middle school's field, someone famous going undercover at Sunset Canyon, and Gus' Games and Grub discontinuing spaghetti pizza. However, before they can even get a chance to report about them, Katherine Mulligan and her news crew would unexpectedly arrive and steal the leads themselves, revealing Vic as the mysterious "serial pet pooper", revealing Mick Swagger as the one going undercover, and taking the last spaghetti pizza for herself. Angered and frustrated over Katherine scooping them of their news leads, the Action News Team proceed to figure out who is leaking their stories to her.

As the gang eats their lunch in the cafeteria, they begin to identify anyone who looks suspicious enough to leak any interesting stories. Initially focusing on Meryl, their attention changes to Chef Pat, when they point out how she always cleans a certain table whenever they eat. They plan to expose her by saying that there's a meatloaf shortage, causing Pat to run to the kitchen, presumably to tell Katherine the news. The gang confronts her, asking who she's calling. When Pat says she's talking to her meat guy, Kielbasa Mark, a suspicious Lincoln takes the phone if she's telling the truth, and Kielbasa Mark proves he's real by telling Lincoln information about a possible meatloaf shortage, confirming that Pat isn't the leaker.

Later, in art class, the gang suspects the leaker is their art teacher, Mr. Mu, remembering how he once scooped out the newsroom of their snacks. In an attempt to expose him, the gang (minus Rusty, who's the model they're painting) paint artworks saying that Flip's Food and Fuel is shutting down. Initially falling for the trick, he becomes amazed by Clyde's artwork, which has an elegantly painted portrait of Rusty, causing Mr. Mu to excuse himself to make a call. Eavesdropping from the other side of the door, their suspicious are lost when Mr. Mu reveals that he actually contacted a museum to ask if they have room to put Clyde's artwork on display. Later, as the gang hangs out in the newsroom, unable to figure out who's leaking their leads, Rusty makes the suggestion that instead of figuring out who the leaker is, they follow Katherine to find out who's she getting their information from.

The next day, the gang hides out near Katherine's house, intending to spy on her throughout the day. Once she leaves after having her breakfast, they follow her around town like watching her eat lunch at the Burpin' Burger and play a bowling game against Patchy Drizzle, only to find no information. Sometime later, as the gang watches her sit on a bench at Tall Timbers Park, they discover Principal Ramirez approaching her and telling Katherine something in secrecy and telling she'll meet her in a week. Believing Ramirez truly is the leaker, the gang decide to expose her. Sometime later, Lincoln reveals that their plan to expose Ramirez is by "leaving behind" a book containing fake news leads right beside her car. After Stella places the book near Ramirez's car, Ramirez arrives, sees the book and suspiciously takes with her.

A week later, Ramirez meets up with Katherine at the park again, carrying the book of fake news leads. Just moments after they meet, the gang arrives and confront their principal, saying they caught her red-handed giving their news leads to Katherine which also resulted in them accidentally knocking Ramirez into the lake. Suddenly, the gang discovers that the book Ramirez was carrying is not their fake news leads book, but rather a romantic novel called Passion Under the Pompeii Moon; it turns out that Ramirez and Katherine are part of a book club, and their meetup today was them exchanging books. Because of the ambush and being accused of something she didn't do, Ramirez threatens to shut down the news program, much to their horror, but Katherine stands up for them, saying that their program reminds her of when she first started as news reporter. Ramirez agrees to let the gang keep their show on the condition that don't make any more accusations toward her or shove her into the lake.

Rodney and his "news boo".

When Lincoln questions Katherine on how she keeps scooping their leads, she says that it's because of her boyfriend. Suddenly, Katherine's boyfriend arrives, revealed to be Rusty's father, Rodney, much to the gang's shock. It turns out the reason why Katherine kept scooping the gang of their news leads was because Rusty would tell his father about them first, and Rodney told them to Katherine because he thought they were conversation starters instead of news leads. Now knowing the truth, Katherine tells the gang that, since she saw them using their phones as cameras, she'll make it up to them by donating some equipment from her newsroom to them, to which the gang gladly accepts. When the gang gets a lead about Flip painting packing peanuts yellow to sell them off as popcorn, they allow Katherine to join them in reporting it.


Pop-Pop, Myrtle, Gayle, Bernie, Mick Swagger and Vic have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Chef Pat's name is short for Patricia.
    • The middle school’s art teacher is named Mr. Mu.
    • Mick Swagger goes undercover at Sunset Canyon to write music.
      • The residents of Sunset Canyon don't like it when people use the place to go undercover, and attack the one going undercover by pelting them with pudding.
    • Gus' Games and Grub has discontinued spaghetti pizza.
    • Vic's Gila monster is named Gilly.
    • Flip paints packing peanuts yellow and sells them off as popcorn.
    • Katherine Mulligan has a white Persian cat.
    • Katherine Mulligan and Principal Ramirez are in a book club.
    • Katherine Mulligan is dating Rodney.
  • This episode takes place after "Broadcast Blues", as the Action News Team is shown to still be using their phones as cameras.
    • At the end of the episode, Katherine states that to make up for unknowingly stealing their leads, she'll give the Action News Team equipment from her station, suggesting this could be the final episode where they use their phones as cameras.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes use the same title card music.
  • When at the bowling alley, Lincoln and Clyde are dressed up like their respective grandmothers; the outfits they wear being the same ones they wore in "Resident Upheaval".
  • This is the second episode where Zach disguises himself as a bush, the first being "Kernel of Truth".
  • If one is quick to notice, the bowling ball Patchy Drizzle uses has four holes, one for each finger besides his thumb.
  • One way to determine that Rodney was Katherine's date was that Rusty kept bringing up his father making statements on what to wear for his date, and Rodney would not appear until the end of the episode.
  • This is the first time Mick Swagger appears in a episode without Luna.
  • Irony: Rusty did not realize his father was dating Katherine when he referred to her as his "news boo".
  • Cartoon physics: Meryl pulls out a lunch tray full of food and a milk carton from her hair.


  • Plot hole: It remains a mystery as to whatever happened to the book full of fake news leads Principal Ramirez took.

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