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For the character from The Loud House Movie, see Scott.

Scoots is a recurring character in The Loud House.


She first appears in "For Bros About to Rock". She is seen in the mall jail along with Lincoln and Clyde. According to the mall cop captain, she was arrested for speed driving in her scooter. After the captain releases Lincoln, Luna, and Clyde from jail, Scoots takes advantage of the situation, and flees through the open cell. The captain pursues her, but he can't keep up with her, so he calls Bobby to help him, but Bobby can't capture her either.

Her next appearance was in "The Old and the Restless" as a resident in the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home. She seems to be the one who thoroughly hates Sue's bossiness and rules, seeing as how she calls Sue "Shrew". She was first seen speeding in her scooter, which makes Sue take away her pudding privileges. She disobeys and eats pudding anyway. Scoots appears to be a very good friend of Albert since she tells him that she and the rest of the seniors aren't going to let Sue kick him out despite him missing curfew. She helps him and Lincoln sneak back in and stands up to Sue when she threatens to kick Albert out.

She later reappears in "Kick the Bucket List". First, she appears at the lake Clyde and a rock with a picture of Lincoln he drew on it were about to take their picture at. Clyde asked Scoots to take a photo of him and the rock and Scoots, thinking Clyde is pathetic for having a rock as a best friend, agrees. She tries to use his phone to take the picture, but right when it's taken, Rock Lincoln fell into the lake and drowned. Scoots then tells him that he could make friends with a piece of driftwood floating by. She later appears on the crosswalk near the bus the boys are riding home and her scooter takes so much time to get across, the bus hits a pothole and she chastises the driver for not driving properly. Finally, she offers Lincoln and Clyde a lift home on her scooter until she goes as far as she can.

She appears again in "Pulp Friction", where the kids come to a stop while chasing Principal Huggins because Scoots got in the way. Lori honked the horn and Lola yelled at her to move. Not liking that, Scoots decided to play around with them and move backwards to delay them even more. Lincoln and Clyde later designed a new Ace Savvy villain called the Old Maid based on her.

She appears again in "Mall of Duty", where she is one of the many people trying to get an autographed copy of Rip Hardcore's survival guide. She fails to get hers, but Lincoln later gives her his copy in return for her help to save Lily from a runaway train in the mall. After a brief amount of chasing, Lincoln and Scoots successfully manage to catch up to Lily, and Lincoln manages to grab her before the train crashes right into Flip's food cart.

In "Not a Loud", she is seen passing Lincoln and telling him to get out of the way because he is going too slow.

In "Roadie to Nowhere", Luna served her up a meal, but she keeps on complaining about the food.

In "Insta-gran", she sees Albert and Seymour fighting at the senior swimming pool, betting fifty bucks on the former. When the Loud siblings explained everything, she dislikes that and leaves.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", she hears Lucy's poem on the bus.

In "Ruthless People", she steals all the pudding from the pudding machine.

In "Crimes of Fashion", Lincoln and Clyde accused her of stealing scarfs only to find out that she was innocent.

In "The Write Stuff", it's revealed that she was born in a stolen ice cream truck.

In "Racing Hearts", she and Helen (who was really Lynn in disguise) compete in the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest.

In "Cooked!", she is seen with other elders at Lynn's Table during Leni's bingo game promotion.

In "Leader of the Rack", Scoots wants Leni to check the value of her pile of gift cards.

In "Geriantics", when Lisa throws out her lifespan increasing sensor suit Scoots grabs it and proclaims that she will live for a long time.

In "Tough Cookies", it's revealed that she wears dentures which were found in the pudding machine.

In “The Boss Maybe”, Scoots is shopping at Reininger's, where Leni is trying to convince her to purchase pink gloves. When Tyler approaches her and compliments her scooter and the gloves, Scoots's shades break, revealing her eyes for the first time, and she purchases the gloves before beginning to date Tyler.

She has been known to commit crimes on occasion. In "Coupe Dreams", she is implied to have stolen something, and in "A Flipmas Carol", it is revealed that she once swindled Flip in his middle school days, turning him into a swindler. "A Flipmas Carol" also reveals that she has needed her scooter even in her youth and that her hair used to be red.

In "Resident Upheaval", it's revealed that she's head of the board at Sunset Canyon. She makes Lincoln and Clyde compete in order to determine where Myrtle or Gayle gets the last available room. It is later revealed in this episode that she was occupying a two-bedroom suite throughout the entire time when she resided at Sunset Canyon, unbeknownst to the other seniors residing there.

"Love Out Loud" reveals that she listens to Mick Swagger.

"Double Trouble" reveals that she has a twin sister named Mopes.


Scoots is an elderly woman, with light fair skin, and short gray hair. She wears a turquoise hat with a pink flower on it, a white sweater, beige pants, white sneakers, and black sunglasses.

For transport, she frequently drives a red scooter that has a small basket in the front side of the handle, and a black seat. It runs through the energy of a battery that is located in the back side. After starting to date Tyler in "The Boss Maybe", she sometimes uses him as her "ride" instead of her trademark scooter.

When Scoots was younger, she had light brown hair, wore a sea foam green dress shirt, white pants and still had her turquoise hat along with her scooter.

Alter Ego

S2E11A The Old Maid.png
Lincoln made a villain for his comic based on Scoots, and named her "Old Maid". She looks like Scoots, but she wears a green spiky helmet, and with a skull, green spiky pauldrons, and dark green gloves. She gets around, with a skull-themed four wheel scooter.

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