This page shows all Scoots' different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season Two

Old Maid.png
"Pulp Friction" and "Kings of the Con" Scoots wears a green spike helmet with a skeleton, green sholder pads with spikes, black neckwear, dark teal gloves, light yellow shirt, black belt with a green circle, brown pants and black boots.

Season Three

S3E14B Make way for Scoots.png
"Crimes of Fashion" She wears a blue dress and she buys it.
Laser Tag Scoots.png
"Racing Hearts" She wears a only laser tag outfit.

Season Four

Scoot's Swimsuit.png
"Geriantics" She wears pink swimsuit with a light green cap and a flower.
Biker Scoots.png
"Snoop's On" She wears blue helmet with spikes.

Season Five

"The Boss Maybe" She wears pink gloves.

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