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Scott is a minor character from The Loud House Movie.


Scott is a resident of Loch Loud and is Leni's boyfriend.


Scott first appears as Leni greets everyone named "Scott" (as the Louds are visiting Scott-land, according to her). She bumps into him, and the two are imbued with love at first sight. Scott makes passing appearances throughout the movie, waving to Leni during "This Town Is Named for You", sewing with Leni, only to sew the fabric he's working on into his sweatshirt, at Leni’s show, getting angry at Duke Lincoln when his dragon ride turns into a demolition spree, leveling a majority of Loch Loud's buildings, and at the end of the movie, where he kisses Leni on the cheek.

The end credits sequence reveals that Leni has decided to pursue a long-distance relationship with him, like Lori and Bobby.


Scott is a slim, light, brown-haired teenager with shaved sides of his head.

His main outfit consists of a maroon hoodie with a green stripe on the center and a ribbed trim on the sleeves, an orange plaid kilt, white knee-high socks with orange short ribbon, and gray boots.


  • He apparently has an ancestor in the 1600's, according to Leni's ancestral counterpart.
  • His current relationship status with Leni is unknown, as Leni has been shown in "Undercover Mom" to have fallen for an unnamed boy with cowlicks.
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