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The Scout Leader is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


She makes her first appearance in "Patching Things Up". She was training everyone to get their patches. At first, they did stuff that Lana was into, which was tomboyish stuff, in which Lana earned her 4 patches. Next, the Scout Leader gave Lola 4 patches, because she passed all the girly challenges. Later, the Scout Leader said Lola and Lana didn't pass the last challenge. During one of Lincoln and Clyde's attempts to get the Bluebell Scout Cookies, the Scout leader caught them and threw them out. Later, when Lola and Lana apologized for being so hard on each other, the Scout leader is touched and gave the Loud Twins their last patches, then she gave them their periwinkle sashes. Afterwards, she said she's going to call her "sister-wister".

She reappears in a flashback in "Selfie Improvement", where she gives Carol a reward for selling the most cookies.

In "Racing Hearts", the Scout Leader oversaw the rock-climbing challenge of the Royal Woods Amazing Quest hosted by Mayor Davis.


The Scout Leader has short, wavy, light brown hair, pastel purple eye shadow, and dark pink lipstick. She wears a purple short sleeved turtleneck shirt, tan cargo shorts, a periwinkle sash, with badges on it, and a pastel purple bracelet on her right arm. She also wears tall white socks, and brown shoes.

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