Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds is a campsite that the Loud family visit for their annual vacations.

It first appears in the episode "In Tents Debate". It looks that the Loud siblings don't like Scratchy Bottom, because according to them, there are bears that steal their food, they have to sleep on the ground, and poop in the woods, and the mosquitoes from there are the size of weasels. Lincoln also tells that there are the "scary hill people hiding in the trees". In the same episode, Lincoln convinces his sisters to go to a different place, such as Aloha Beach or Dairy Land Park, but at the end of the episode they end up going to Scratchy Bottom anyway, because they couldn't evenly agree which of the two places go, although the girls enjoy it thanks to the favors Lincoln did for them.


  • The "scary hill people hiding in the trees" is a parody of the 1972 film Deliverance.



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