Sean Ryan Fox is an American child actor and voice artist. He is known for providing the voice of Jake on Jake and the Never Land Pirates until he was replaced by Riley Thomas Stewart due to hitting puberty, and portrays Jasper Dunlop on the Nickelodeon series Henry Danger.

He provided the voice of Lincoln Loud once in the pilot short. He was replaced by Grant Palmer for the series proper, as his voice had hit puberty by that time.


Sean was born just a stone's throw away from Hollywood, in Riverside, California. The baby in a family of 4 children, it didn't take his parents long to discover his natural propensity for performing. At the tender young age of 2, his mom found Sean belting out songs on his sister's karaoke machine. From there, Sean went on to entertain his family at the age of 6 by creating and performing in his own plays.

By the time he was 8 years old, he had outgrown his living room and headed to Hollywood where he signed with an agent and hasn't stopped working since. He booked two national commercials within the first couple of months auditioning and soon landed appearances on TV shows such as ABC's Criminal Minds, Disney XD's Kickin' It, and KCAL 9's First Family and now can be seen on Dan Schneider's Henry Danger as Jasper.

Sean hasn't limited himself to just TV though. He won the lead in a family fare feature titled David's Dinosaur and he just recently completed the Sean McNamara directed film Field of Lost Shoes, shot on location in Virginia and just finished filming Bereave with Jane Seymour and Malcolm McDowell. When not busy acting, Sean can be found creating ideas on his computer, playing sports, or playing the drums.


  • Sean shares the same birthday as his successor, Grant Palmer (August 30th). However, Grant was born in 2002, while Sean was born in 2001.
  • Sean is the shortest serving English voice actor for Lincoln.
  • The voice Sean used for Lincoln wasn't his regular speaking voice since he already hit puberty at the time he voiced Lincoln. He had to use a sound machine to make his voice more high pitched.

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