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"Selfie Improvement" is the sixth episode of the third season and one-hundred-seventh episode of The Loud House.


When Carol Pingrey's photograph gets more "likes" on social media than Lori's, she tries to one up her.


In the living room, Lori and Leni are looking at their phones. Lori is pleased at the fact that her selfie photo has 100 likes. Suddenly, Leni informs Lori that Carol Pingrey has a selfie has 101 likes. Lori is unhappy about this, since Carol has a reputation of one-upping Lori in nearly everything she does which is shown in numerous flashbacks including Carol selling the most cookies, becoming prom queen, and winning a golf tournament. Not wanting to be one-upped by Carol again, Lori makes it her mission to have a selfie that'll get more likes than Carol's.

First, Lori tries to take a selfie in the bathroom, but gets interrupted by Lana, who was making adjustments to the toilet. Later, Lori attempts to take a selfie outside, but runs into numerous problems with her siblings (with Lynn hitting her with a baseball, getting hit by Lily's dirty diaper when Lori refuses to change her, falling into a grave Lucy dug up and getting hit by Lincoln's helicopter). Needing a way to get her siblings out of the way, Lori tries to encourage the siblings into doing yard work, which causes the siblings to leave, not wanting to work. With the siblings finally gone, Lori manages to take a successful selfie. However, not long after posting it, Leni reveals that Carol released a selfie with a corgi in it. Not wanting to take the loss again, Lori tries to take a selfie with the pets. Despite getting mauled by them, Lori is satisfied with it (and got some help from Lola), until Leni reveals yet again that Carol posted another selfie, this time, hanging out with her friends at a café. Lori enlists Lincoln, Leni, and Luan into helping her with her café selfie, and manage to take a successful shot.

Suddenly, Leni reveals that Carol uploaded a selfie with her boyfriend on a picnic. With blind determination in her eyes, Lori calls up Bobby to meet her at a rest stop to have a picnic, despite having a dentist appointment at the same time. At the rest stop, Lori attempts to make the scene look romantic as possible, but when Bobby reveals that he had his wisdom teeth removed, Lori, touched that Bobby went through so much, decides to forget about upstaging Carol.

S3E04A Lori and Carol selfie

Best friends. :)

At the mall, Lori is trying to return the picnic stuff she bought, when suddenly, she sees Carol shopping. Suspicious, Lori walks up to Carol, and admits defeat, saying that she shouldn't be jealous that she's better than her. Carol, however, admits that she was actually jealous of Lori, since she thought she was better than her. Realizing that their constant bickering was all for nothing, Lori and Carol admit they're not as bad as they look, and decide to take a selfie together, highlighting their newfound friendship.

The next day, Leni reveals that two girls named Bianca and Sooyoung have taken a selfie that has more likes than Lori and Carol's. Carol immediately calls up Lori, and the two begin planning on fighting back against Bianca and Sooyoung.


Luna, Lisa, Becky, Chaz, Whitney, Dana, Teri, Tad, and the Scout Leader have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode of the series to be directed by a female staff member, instead of Chris Savino or Kyle Marshall.
    • It is also the first ever episode to be directed, written, and storyboarded entirely by women.
  • During the flashbacks, Carol is seen beating Lori out for Homecoming Queen, which Lincoln mentioned about in "Picture Perfect".
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Lori's social media username is "literally_lori".
    • The Loud house and the Casagrande bodega are three hours apart.
    • Bobby had wisdom teeth before he moved.
    • Lori, Leni, and Carol were Bluebell Scouts when they were younger.


  • Selfie Improvement - The title is a parody of the term "self-improvement".
  • GAP - The Royal Woods Mall sign is seen advertising a sale at a store called BAP, a possible parody of this clothing store.
  • Chevrolet - The highly distinctive rear end of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala is seen in the rest area parking lot where Lori plans to meet Bobby.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Lori getting Lola cupcakes in exchange for editing one of her photos is similar to Marco getting Glossaryck pudding in exchange for information on how to help Star in the episode "Mewberty".


  • In "Project Loud House", Lori claims that she picked out her dress for the homecoming dance, but in her flashback, she is wearing the dress Bobby got for her in "Cheater by the Dozen".
  • Leni claims that Carol's coffee shop selfie got more likes than Lori's pet selfie, but Lori's got 103 while Carol's was shown to only have 100.
  • When Lori and Carol take their selfie together, Carol's eyeshadow doesn't appear in the photo.
  • When Lucy gets dirt over Lori, she overlaps with the backyard.
  • In the Latin American dub, when Lori talks to Bobby about their date, part of the dialogue wasn't dubbed by Fernanda Robles, but Betzabé Jara.

Running Gags

  • Lori attempting to take a selfie that will overshadow Carol's.
  • Lori failing to take a selfie due to her siblings' interference and other mishaps.
  • Leni telling Lori about Carol's newest selfies.
  • Lori taking Leni's phone, and forgetting to give it back.
  • Carol's selfies having more likes than Lori's.


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