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For his namesake and Paco's voice actor, see Sergio Aragonés. For the owner of the Aloha Comrade, see Sergei.

Sergio is an animal character in The Loud House and the pet parrot of the Casagrande family.


He appears to be kind of a smart beak, as he likes to tease the members of the family. Bobby does not get along with him (except for one occasion, where he falls for Bobby due to the love potion) but Sergio does apologize for being "a handful" to him in "This Bird Has Flown". Sergio is very intelligent, being able to fly around the neighborhood unattended and speak in complete sentences. He also spends a lot of time dancing to music, both during the day and at night.


He is a parrot, and specifically, he is most likely a scarlet macaw. He has a body mostly made up of red feathers, light orange head feathers, as well as having some light orange in the middle of his wings, blue feathers on the tips of his wings, yellow feet, a yellow upper beak, a black lower beak, grey eyelids, black eyebrows, and oval shapes over both his eyes, that have a tan color on the inner part, a darker tan in the middle, and a reddish pink color at the end.


  • Like every pet in the show, Sergio is named after a famous comic artist. Sergio is named after Sergio Aragonés, who is known for his work on MAD Magazine, and a comic called Groo the Wanderer.
  • Sergio's voice actor, Carlos Alazraqui, also voiced the parrot character Paco on the PBS Kids series Maya & Miguel. Interestingly enough, both characters have similar voices, so Paco could be said to be an inspiration for Sergio.
  • According to Instagram, his real name is "Cupcake," but Abuela doesn't want him to know that.[citation needed]
  • According to Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's VLOG #8, Sergio's favorite team on Legends of the Hidden Temple is the Purple Parrots.
  • It is implied that he is an old parrot, as evidenced by when Bobby is surprised that he is still alive in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".
    • Seeing as he was present when Hector was a preteen in "Señor Class", this would imply that Sergio is at least 54 years old.
  • It is revealed in "Cursed!" that he likes to snuggle.
  • In "This Bird Has Flown", it is revealed that he has been trained not to relieve himself at the table.
  • "Vacation Daze" reveals that he can do math.
  • "Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?" reveals that he can use a cell phone.
  • "Mexican Makeover" reveals that he speaks fluent Spanish.
  • "Bad Cluck" reveals that he once attended "flight school", where he used to be friends with a chicken named Alfredo, but after Sergio excreted on Alfredo's car, spoiled his birthday party, and stole his sunglasses while Alfredo was in the hospital, they became rivals. The episode also implies that Sergio has wronged a cow before.
  • "Guilt Trip" reveals that, like Lori, he used to wear glasses and braces and is embarrassed about it.
  • "A Very Casagrandes Christmas" reveals that he owns a Christmas stocking.
  • He once molted everywhere in the mercado's produce aisle, and Bobby got some of his feathers in his mouth.[1]
  • "Squawk in the Name of Love" reveals that he is so prone to failure that his friends have come up with an expression "to Sergio (something) up" meaning to fail at it.
  • "Skaters Gonna Hate" reveals that he has been recording the family's events since Carlos's infancy.



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