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Seymour is a minor character of The Loud House who makes his first appearance in the episode "The Old and the Restless".


Not much is known about him before his first appearance in "The Old and the Restless". During the beginning of the episode, he is a submissive man who listens to everything that Sue says without question. Later in the episode, he helps distract Sue to help Albert. At the end of the episode, he is one of the three residents to stick up to Sue with Albert.

He reappears in "Health Kicked", as one of the judges of the Ultimate Extreme Ninja Competition.

In "Future Tense", he can be seen at the opera.

In "No Spoilers", he can be seen at the party outlet.

In "Mall of Duty", he can be seen at the mall.

In "Insta-gran", the kids take a picture of him and edit a picture to have him and Myrtle kissing. Pop-Pop find the picture and attacks Seymour, but apologizes to Seymour after finding out that Seymour is innocent.

In "Fool Me Twice", he can be seen at the retirement home Luan is performing her clowning acts.

In "Rita Her Rights", he is playing chess against Rita at the park.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", he is seen on the Giggling Geezer bus.

In "Ruthless People", Lola tells Leni Seymour's grandson is a total hunk.

In "Cooked!", he is seen with other elders playing Bingo at Lynn's Table hosted by Leni.

In "Leader of the Rack", he can be seen at the Senior Shop-aganza.

In "Last Loud on Earth", he watches Lincoln and Clyde beat up their dads.

In "Geriantics", he is seen hanging out with Albert.

In "Tough Cookies", he is seen trying Clyde's cookies.


He is a short, elderly man. He wears glasses, and is mostly bald, except around the edge of his head. He wears a dark green sweater with a light green zigzag stripe design and a light green polo shirt under it. He wears gray pants and green and white slippers.



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