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"She's All Bat" (originally titled "Diss-Members Only"[1]) is the twenty-eighth episode (twenty-ninth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Lucy gets jealous of Lola's newfound attention after she joins the Mortician's Club.


At the Royal Woods Cemetery, the Mortician's Club is holding a séance to talk to a spirit. Suddenly, the club hears something in the distance, and proceed to check it out, believing it's the spirit they're trying to contact. Arriving to the gravestone they believe made the sound, it turns out to be Principal Huggins, who was looking for them. He says that he found a document called the School Club Act of 1874, where it explains that any school clubs formed after 1874 is required to have seven members. Because the Mortician's Club is one member short, Huggins tells them that if they don't find a seventh member by tomorrow, they'll have to disband. After Huggins leaves, Lucy proclaims to her fellow members that they'll find their seventh member by showing how cool they are.

The next day, at the elementary school, the Mortician's Club attempt to convince the students to join their club. However, all of their attempts to show how cool they are only succeed in scaring everyone. During lunch, just as Lucy is about to give up, the other members realize they haven't asked one person yet: Lola. As Lola struts around showing her stuff, the other members urge Lucy to ask her about joining the club, and despite Lucy hesitating to ask, she asks her anyway, and Lola agrees to join, saying she wants to "spread glitter and glamour to every corner of this Earth".

Later, the Mortician's Club is holding another meeting at the cemetery. After cutting Lola's initiation speech short, Lucy is about to start business. Before long, Lola's influence begins to change the club, much to Lucy's frustration, such as moving the meeting to the Loud House because it's warmer, using a colored makeup kit instead of a black and white kit for makeup techniques, and using her pageant ribbon to hypnotize frogs instead of using the preferred spell. While the other members are accepting of these changes, Lucy is upset, as she feared that Lola would soon overtake the club. When bemoaning that she wished Huggins never found that document, she gets an idea.

At the cemetery, as the Mortician's Club hang out with new their new modifications, Huggins arrives and says that he found a document called the School Clubs Amendment of 1875 (which Lucy forged last night), saying that it was made with the intention of repealing the seven member rule. Lucy quickly uses this opportunity to tell Lola that she's no longer required to be a member, and Lola seemingly goes along with it and departs. Moments after she leaves, the other members state that they want Lola back, as they liked the changes she made. Suddenly, Lola, having never left, arrives back and says that she knew the others liked her so much, that she decides to stay because of how much fun she's having and because she has more ideas for the club. As a clearly angry Lucy asks Fangs on how to get rid of Lola, she sees Huggins being chased by a murder of crows, giving her the idea that she'll scare Lola away from the club.

The next day, at the Loud House, Lucy is giving Lola her fortune. In an attempt to scare her, Lucy says that she sees Lola at a beauty pageant, and has lost it to Lindsay Sweetwater. As Lola panics over this future (and Lucy saying that they do fortunes on a weekly basis), Haiku interferes and says that she knows how to alter their fortunes, calming Lola. Next, Lucy and the club take Lola to a cave for their "spin class", which actually refers to spiders spinning webs. As the arachnophobic Lola sprays her perfume at the spider to keep it away, Boris, whose head Lola is clutching onto, sneezes, thrusting out of the cave. After kissing Boris for saving her, Lucy now resorts to her highest measure. As the club does a séance, Fangs turns a radio on in a crypt to trick Lola into thinking there's a ghost present, and as Lucy goes to the crypt to coax the ghost out, she instead puts on a costume to scare Lola into running away. Just as Lucy is about to close in on Lola, a crow suddenly swoops down and snatches the costume, revealing Lucy to everyone. Realizing she's been caught, Lucy admits that she wanted to scare Lola into quitting the club, and Lola does so out of spite for her. This one act is scorned upon by the other members.

Arriving home, Lucy sees Lola sitting on the entrance steps, but Lola refuses to talk to her. Lucy apologizes by saying that she's actually jealous of her, saying that she has the uncanny ability to steal the spotlight with her charm. She elaborates that the Mortician's Club is the one place she feels like she could shine, and was afraid of Lola taking it away from her. This causes Lola to admit that she actually feels the same way with Lisa because of her brains. As a result, Lola decides to forgive Lucy and they hug it out, while also adding in that she's officially resigning from the club in order to let Lucy shine.


Girl Jordan, Lance, and Joy have no lines in this episode.


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Jun 1, 2021[2]
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the mirror Lola's holding.
  • In this episode, Lola claims that Boris is seven feet tall.
  • The plot of the episode is similar to the Season 4 episodes:
    • "A Grave Mistake", as both episodes are about Lucy asking one of her siblings to join the Mortician's Club to help her, initially getting benefits as a result, but later causes troubles that makes all the members turn against Lucy for being selfish.
    • "A Star is Scorned", as both episodes are about a Loud sister losing spotlight to another sister and reorting to sabotage out of jealousy. Lola also plays a major role in both episodes.
    • "Kings of the Con", as in both episodes a Loud sibling asks other siblings for help only to lose spotlight and resort to sabotage.
  • This episode marks Principal Huggins' first appearance in Season 5. He is the fourth faculty member of Royal Woods Elementary School to appear in this season following Cheryl in "Schooled!" and Miss Allegra and Mrs. Johnson in "School of Shock".
  • Royal Woods Elementary is revealed to have been around at least since 1874.
  • This episode reveals that Lucy enjoys getting to "shine" as the leader of the Morticians Club, and that Lola is annoyed by, and possibly jealous of, Lisa's intellect.
  • The episode was originally titled "Diss-Members Only" at some point during production.
  • Like "Ghosted!", Boris's ability to rotate his entire head 360 degrees like an owl is brought back.


  • She's All Bat - The title of this episode is a pun of the 1999 teen romance film She's All That.
  • Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution - The way Lucy tries to repeal the School Club Act of 1874 by creating the "School Clubs Amendment of 1875" with the purpose of revoking the seven member rule is similar to the 18th Amendment in the US Constitution (banning the sale of alcohol), which was repealed by the 21st Amendment 14 years after the 18th Amendment was ratified in 1919.
  • This Is Spinal Tap - Lucy resorting to "scare level 11" is a reference to this 1984 mockumentary, which famously coined the term "Up to eleven", which means to do something at its max.


  • When clinging onto Boris' head, Lola's eyelashes are disconnected.
  • Plot holes:
    • Among the elementary school students are Girl Jordan, Lance, Joy, and a few other students who are supposed to be attending Royal Woods Middle School as seen in previous episodes of Season 5.
    • Possible: Lola is shown to be arachnophobic like Leni, but she was not scared of Frances the tarantula from "Along Came a Sister". However, it is possible she is afraid of wild spiders, as Frances was domesticated.
  • Before Lola drove off in her car, Lucy gives her a cloak and puts it on her. But when Lola came back, saying that she never left, she no longer has the cloak.



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