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This article is about the Season 2 episode. For the Season 5 episode, see School of Shock.
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"Shell Shock" is the nineteenth episode of the second season and the seventy-first episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have to take care of an egg baby, but Lincoln does not trust her with the fragile egg.


At school, Mrs. Johnson arrives to her classroom, ready to announce a big project. The project is revealed to be taking care of an egg, and whoever can protect their egg for the whole week will be rewarded with a big waffle breakfast, but if the egg is damaged in any way, they'll fail the project. Lincoln and Clyde are ready for the assignment, but Mrs. Johnson tells the boys that she'll be choosing the partners, much to Lincoln and Clyde's sadness. Clyde is partnered with a student named Penelope, and Lincoln is partnered with Ronnie Anne. Lincoln however, is terrified, because he sees Ronnie Anne as a reckless person who's completely careless. While Clyde and Penelope quickly get along to take care of their egg (which they nicknamed "Calliope"), Lincoln acts completely cautious when Ronnie Anne tries to get a glimpse of the egg (which Lincoln nicknamed "Rochelle", and Ronnie Anne nicknamed "Toby").

The unlikeliest of partners...

During lunch, Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln if she could watch the egg. However, Lincoln, fearing what she could do to the egg, makes an excuse to see Lisa, since she's at a nearby table, much to Ronnie Anne's frustration. During art class, Ronnie Anne shows up, forcing Lincoln to hide in the supply closet. While hiding in the closet, Lincoln hears Ronnie Anne say that once school ends, she's going to get the egg, and won't fall for anymore excuses. Lincoln, needing to come up with a plan, sees numerous containers of rubber cement, causing him to get an idea. Sometime later, Lincoln has made a complete replica of the egg; one that is indestructible. The moment he finishes, Ronnie Anne arrives, and Lincoln gives Ronnie Anne what he thinks is the fake egg. Befuddled by his sudden change in attitude, Ronnie Anne leaves with it.

Arriving home, Lincoln puts the egg down, and begins to relax. In the next room, Lana and Lola enter the kitchen, while pretending that the floor is lava. As Lana jumps from furniture to furniture, she accidentally knocks the egg off the table. Lincoln tries to save the egg, when suddenly, it begins bouncing around like rubber. This causes Lincoln to realize that he gave Ronnie Anne the real egg instead of the fake egg by mistake.

Under stress, Lincoln arrives to the Santiago house, and knocks. Ronnie Anne answers, and asks what he's doing here. Lincoln says that he just wants to see the egg. Lincoln enters the house, and sees the egg, completely safe. When Ronnie Anne exits the scene, Lincoln discretely swaps the real egg with the fake egg. Just as he's about to leave, Lincoln notices that Ronnie Anne is a really thoughtful and helpful person, as she removes a splinter stuck in Bobby's finger, washed all of his work uniforms, and already has dinner prepared. Realizing that Ronnie Anne is not as reckless as he thought, Lincoln decides to put the real egg back. Suddenly, the fake egg begins bouncing around, and Ronnie Anne takes note of this. When Ronnie Anne realizes that there are two eggs present, Lincoln, realizing he has been caught, backs up to avoid Ronnie Anne's incoming wrath after saying that he thought he couldn't trust her with taking care of something so fragile. Suddenly, he bumps into the table, causing the real egg to fall and break. Upset that they're going to flunk the assignment, and at how Lincoln perceives her, Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln to leave.

As Lincoln sadly heads home, he encounters Clyde and Penelope, who are taking Calliope on a stroll. After a brief conversation, Lincoln realizes that he knows how to set things straight, and head off. Sometime later, Lincoln arrives to the Santiago house, carrying a basket. After setting the basket down on the front step, Lincoln rings the doorbell, and takes cover in a bush. Ronnie Anne answers the door, sees the basket, and reads the note attached to it. The note says that there's a replacement egg inside, and Ronnie Anne can easily tell that Lincoln is involved in this.

Ronnie Anne revealing she pranked Lincoln.

Coming out of the bush, Lincoln explains that he talked with Mrs. Johnson to let Ronnie Anne get a second chance, because he learned that she's not as bad as he thought. Mrs. Johnson decides to let Ronnie Anne have a second chance, as well as Lincoln, since she told him that he finally learned the true meaning behind the assignment. However, Lincoln won't be rewarded with the big waffle breakfast, but he doesn't care, just as long as he and Ronnie Anne get the assignment done. Ronnie Anne, grateful for what Lincoln did, invites him inside, since they're having waffles for breakfast. After walking into the kitchen, Ronnie Anne suddenly grabs the egg, and breaks it against a bowl. However, this just turns out to be a prank, as she still has the egg in her pocket. Lincoln, realizing it's just a small prank, lets out a forced sigh of relief.


Chandler and Lincoln's classmates have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Chaos familial", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • The episode happens in September according to Ronnie Anne's dialogue with Bobby.
  • This marks the debut of Maria Santiago (Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother), who works as a nurse.
  • Ronnie Anne's appearance is slightly different in this episode. She has a slightly darker skin complexion, the lines in her hair are a darker shade of purple, her jacket is more fuchsia, and her shorts are black instead of blue.

She shoved a sandwich down his pants! He was picking sesame seeds out of his butt for days!

  • During the montage of Ronnie Anne being a little careless, one of the flashbacks shows her shoving a sloppy joe down Lincoln's pants, which is something he said that she did in "Heavy Meddle".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Mrs. Johnson accidentally shows an image of herself riding a mechanical bull, which seems to be a reference to her accident in "Study Muffin."
  • This and "Relative Chaos" are the only episodes to show the inside of the Santiago family's former residence.
  • Ronnie Anne's name is revealed to be Ronalda, making her full name "Ronalda Anne Santiago."

Ronnie Anne apparently shares Lincoln's taste in music.

  • It is revealed that Ronnie Anne is also a fan of SMOOCH, as shown by the presence of the SMOOCH sticker on the underside of her skateboard.
  • The art teacher is modeled after background artist Lauren Patterson.
  • This is Ronnie Anne's last appearance at Royal Woods Elementary School before she and her family moved to Great Lakes City.


  • Shell Shock - The episode's title references shell shock, a psychological disease from World War I that caused fatigue, and impaired senses, known today as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The title card even shows Lincoln in what appears to be a war helmet.


Ronnie Anne in her season one tone.

  • When Ronnie Anne tells Bobby that his job today is pizza delivery and not lifeguard duty, her skin's complexion is the lighter version from the first season.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Mrs. Johnson doesn't have her blue eye shadow on.
  • When Ronnie Anne told Lincoln in her porch that he had their egg all day, a doorbell appears on her left, but when Lincoln arrived to her house, the doorbell was never shown, even in the house's later appearances.
    • However, when Lincoln returned to her house the next day to give her a second egg, the doorbell appears again which Lincoln ringed it.

Mrs. Johnson is missing her eye shadow.

  • Mrs. Johnson says all the students have to work with someone they don't know, but Lincoln knows Ronnie Anne.
    • However, she may not be aware of it because this is the first time Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are seen interacting in class.


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