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"Shop Girl" is the twenty-first episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-twenty-second episode of The Loud House.


The kids worry that Leni is too weak and they try to teach her how to be more aggressive.


Leni is getting herself ready for a blowout sale at Reininger's, and is encouraged by her siblings. Sometime later, Leni arrives back home, battered up and with no new clothes, saying that she got nothing due to the common nature of the shoppers. The siblings realize that Leni has become a pushover, and has trouble putting herself first because of her extremely kind nature. While fighting for the remote, Lincoln realizes that they themselves could help make Leni be more assertive.

The siblings tell Leni their intentions of making her a better shopper, and Leni agrees to let them help. For training, the siblings help Leni fight those who cut in front of her in a line, fight through a crowd hoarding an entire shelf to themselves, and fighting anyone who grabs clothes before her. At first, it doesn't go smoothly due to Leni's kind nature, but she eventually learns to adapt a more aggressive attitude.

The next day, Leni arrives at Reiningers. When a man cuts in front of her, she tackles him, successfully scaring him off. Once the store opens, the customers quickly rush in, and Leni, seeing a bunch of women hoarding the swimsuit shelf, shoves right through them to get the last one available. Throughout her trip, Leni uses her siblings' advice to get everything she wants and successfully ends up with a bag full of clothes for her to buy. Happy with her success, the siblings decide to go to the food court so they could celebrate.

As Leni waits in line, she witnesses an old woman looking for a swimsuit for her granddaughter. Feeling bad for the old woman, Leni decides to give her the swimsuit she got. After giving the swimsuit away, a woman who is allergic to nearly every known fabric arrives, looking for a dress with a fabric that she's not allergic to, and Leni, realizing that she has the last one, gives it to her. When a man runs by, he accidentally drops his banking card (which Leni grabs) and explains to Leni that he's in a hurry to find a tie. Leni, knowing that she'll be giving up her place in line, decides to help the man out. While all this is happening, the siblings are having a discussion on what Leni's future might be. After helping everyone out, Leni finally reaches the counter, and is only left with one piece of clothing, and seeing how the cashier never gets a chance to shop herself, decides to give it to her.

Leni's generosity got her rewarded after all.

Leni arrives at the food court, and the siblings, noticing that she doesn't have anything, ask what happened to her stuff. Leni explains that her new personality is no more because even if she did get the things she wanted, she feels happier helping those out, even if it means she has to put herself after them. Just when the siblings become flabbergasted at the fact that all their work was all for nothing, Leni receives several presents from the people she helped out, such as a present from the old woman, a dozen boxes of fries from the woman with the allergies, and a gift card for the froyo shop from the tie guy. Suddenly, Ms. Carmichael, the manager of Reiningers, offers Leni a job opportunity at the store, and Leni gladly accepts, as she and Ms. Carmichael head off so she can fill in the paperwork. Lincoln and Lynn realize that Leni's kind nature got her rewarded after all so they don't have to worry about her. Lola, thinking she'll be rewarded if she does the same thing, attempts to give her fries to a shopper, but when he declines, Lola threatens him to take them, making the shopper run away in terror, leading Lincoln to tell Lola that she should stick to what she knows best.


Teen Girl, Bratty Kid's Mom, Maggie's Mom, Whitney, Kat, Mollie, and Mazzy have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • On the title card, Lincoln appears as the emblem on the orange shopping bag.
  • Lola, Lynn, and Lori were the only sisters who taught Leni how to be more aggressive. Notably, the three are the most aggressive siblings in the family.
  • According to this episode, Leni knows how to sew.
  • The plot of this episode is continued in "Crimes of Fashion" and "Everybody Loves Leni".
  • Irony: The siblings attempted to help make Leni more assertive so she can feel more rewarded, but her kind attitude helped her feel more rewarded than what they thought.


  • Shop Girl - The title of this episode means "a female salesclerk".


  • Possible: When Leni writes notes, she can be seen writing with her right hand, even though it was shown in "Driving Miss Hazy" that she's left-handed. However, it's possible she's ambidextrous.
  • When the siblings start fantasizing about Leni's future, Luan's scrunchie overlaps her ponytail.

"Hey, body! Bogus!"

  • When the family is eating lunch on the couch, Luan has a yellow shirt instead of a white shirt.
  • Lynn's eyelashes were missing when the siblings were teaching Leni how to not let people cut in front of her, and when she starts doing a victory dance after she shows Leni how to reach the clothes.
  • When Luna shouts out "Hey dude! Bogus!", if you look closely, her body detaches from her lower body.

Luan's shirt is yellow instead of white.

  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, "Put yourself first!" was said by Lincoln's voice instead of Lana's.
  • When Leni's future imagination is being shown, a signature she does is colored, even thought she's using a standard pencil.


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