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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Deep Cuts.
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"Short Cut" is the sixth episode of the second season, and the forty-fourth episode of The Casagrandes.


When Carlota fails at hair cutting, she trains with CJ, the master barber.


At Margarita's Beauty, Carlota is applying makeup on Margarita as part of her beauty test. After completing the makeup, Carlota asks if she gets her degree now, and Margarita says that in order to get it, she must pass the hairstyling test tomorrow.

Later, at the Casagrande apartment, Carlota is begging Carl to let her cut his hair, saying that she needs her degree if she wants to work at a celebrity spa during the summer. Although refusing at first because he has someone else do his hair, Carl agrees when he and Carlota make a deal. After entering the bathroom, Carlota proceeds to cut Carl's hair, but only succeeds in cutting all of it off (save for his sideburns). When Carlota realizes her chances of passing the hairstyling test tomorrow is hopeless (which is only fueled by Sergio, who's playing with his new camera), CJ arrives, sees Carl's shaved head, and successfully modifies his hair back to normal. Carlota discovers that CJ is Carl's hairdresser, and impressed with his skill, asks him for his help, and CJ agrees.

CJ attempts to train Carlota onto how to cut hair properly, but struggles to do anything right after 47 tries, while Sergio continues to egg her on. Suddenly, CJ comes up with the idea to replicate Margarita's hairstyle, and after a few tries, Carlota finally nails it down.

The next day, Carlota arrives to Margarita's and is prepared to cut her hair. However, Margarita reveals that she wants a completely new hairdo, as she has grown tired of her current one. Not having the experience to do it, Carlota attempts to cut Margarita's hair, but CJ quickly steps in and convinces Margarita to wear a sleep mask so she can nap. After putting on the mask and quickly falling asleep, CJ tells Carlota that he'll take care of it, and promptly cuts Margarita's hair to her desire. After being woken up, Margarita sees her new hairdo, and loves it. Happy that Carlota "passed" the hairstyling test, she's prepared to give Carlota her certificate. However, before she can hand it over, Margarita suddenly gets a call, and after a brief chat, reveals to Carlota that a whole bridal party is coming tomorrow, and needs her help, as she can't do it alone. Carlota tries to step out, but Margarita begs for her help, saying that she got her certificate, making Carlota agree to help. Realizing the sticky spot she put herself in, CJ offers to lend his help.

The next day, CJ and Carlota arrive to Margarita's and see her chatting with the bride and her father. When Carlota assumes it's just the two of them, four bridesmaids, whose hairdos are shaggy or incredibly long, arrive. Margarita meets up with Carlota and CJ and tells them she'll take care of the bride and her father, while Carlota deals with the bridesmaids. After going to the other room, CJ convinces the bridesmaids to wear facials while they get their hair cut. After a few moments, CJ tells the girls to take their cucumbers off so they can see their hair, which they love. Suddenly, Margarita arrives and says that because of the father's opinion constantly changing, she wants Carlota to deal with the bride. After the bride reveals her long hair, Sergio arrives, ready to witness Carlota ruin it. However, CJ steps in and fools everyone into thinking that Carlota works better in the dark, and after flipping the lights off, CJ cuts the bride's hair, and when he's done, he flips the light back on so the bride can see her new hairdo. When the bride expresses sadness that her haircut won't be in the wedding video, Sergio reveals that his camera has night vision, and upon plugging the camera to a TV, reveals to everyone that CJ was the one who cut the bride's hair. This causes Carlota to admit that CJ cut everyone's hair, saying that no matter hard she practiced, she couldn't get hairstyling right. When Margarita expresses sympathy by saying that she would've given her more time, as she doesn't have to learn immediately, Carlota hands back her certificate, as she doesn't deserve it. However, Margarita says that she may not be ready yet, but she has an idea.

Later, CJ is now cutting hair for Margarita's customers, and Carlota, who now sweeps the salon, learns from CJ on how to cut hair. Margarita promises that after a few weeks of job training with CJ, she'll be ready to earn her certificate. At that moment, Carl arrives and expects a haircut from CJ, but because he can't just waltz right in for being top client, they get him to leave by having it appear that Carlota will cut it instead of CJ.


Carlos, Rosa, Miguel Puga look alike and Sancho have no lines in the episode. The other three bridesmaids are not listed in the credits.


  • This, along with its sister episode, are the first Casagrandes episodes to first release on Amazon.
  • Cartoon physics: CJ was able to restore Carl’s hair to its usual style when he only had hair on the sides of his head.


  • Short Cut - The title of this episode has two references:
    • It is a pun on the term "shortcut", which is a route that takes less time to reach a destination than the usual route.
    • It is a reference to a short haircut.


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