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"Sibling Speak" (also known as "Speaking Sibling") is an Internet-exclusive short based on The Loud House.


A simple request for Lincoln gets misheard throughout the house.


While bouncing a soccer ball, Lynn is told by Rita to remind Lincoln to take out the trash. The moment Rita leaves, Lynn proceeds to pass the message on. However, because each sister is distracted doing one thing, they end up mishearing what they were told.

  • Lynn to Luna - to run the 50-yard dash
  • Luna to Leni - to eat some bangers and mash
  • Leni to Lori - to plan a birthday bash
  • Lori to Lisa - to turn off the flash
  • Lisa to Lucy - to avoid a big crash
  • Lucy to Lola - to break out in a rash
  • Lola to Lana - to wear a pink sash
  • Lana to Luan - to make a big splash
  • Luan to Lincoln - to put bees in your stash

At that moment, Lincoln takes out the trash, where he explains to the viewers that in a family as big as his, you need to know how to speak sibling. Suddenly, Lynn tells Lincoln that Lynn Sr. wants him to put glitter in his socks, and Lincoln quickly confirms that it means that he needs to clean Cliff's litter box.


Lily has no lines in this short.


  • This is the first short to be aired in 2020.
  • This short marks the last time an animated short was adapted from one of Chris Savino's comics based on the show after being fired from Nickelodeon in 2017.
    • This is also the last short, as well as the last piece of Loud House media, where Collin Dean voices Lincoln.
      • This further identifies the short was made in 2018, the last year Dean voiced Lincoln.
  • This is the only short directed by Jordan Rosato.
  • When this short was released online, it was titled "Speaking Sibling".
  • The premise of this short is based on the comic of the same name from the graphic novel Nickelodeon Pandemonium #2 (later reprinted in The Loud House 3-in-1 #1).
  • This short aired on television on June 1, 2020, making the first time a short has aired on TV.
  • Things by which the sisters were distracted:
    • Lori - A phone conversation.
    • Leni - Primping at the mirror.
    • Luna - A song she was listening to with headphones.
    • Luan - Making a pie.
    • Lynn - Playing with her soccer ball.
    • Lucy - Playing with tarot cards and a crystal ball.
    • Lana - Playing in the mud.
    • Lola - Her princess car spiralling out of control.
    • Lisa - The beaker of acid she was carrying fizzing madly and then exploding.
      • Lily, due to being a baby and getting carried out of the house by Rita, is the only sister who does not get distracted and pass on false info.
  • This short reveals that Lincoln's sisters sometimes tell him to do strange things as the result of mishearing requests, but that he is good at determining what the initial request was.
  • When Lincoln was reading a comic while Luan was telling him her mishearing, Lincoln was wearing his "victory undies" he got from Undie Pressure.


Lola's missing pupils.jpg
  • Rita is missing her lipstick in some moments when she was talking with Lynn.
  • Lola was missing one of her pupils when she was talking to Lana.


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