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The Sick Bike is a bike that is owned by Lincoln. It first appeared in "Hand-Me-Downer".


According to Leni, she claims that she was the first owner of the sick bike, which was purple in the flashback. Then Luna says Leni handed the bike to her, but she made some adjustments, by making it dark indigo, with spikes. Then Luna handed it to Luan, which she made into a yellow unicycle. Finally, Luan handed it down to Lynn, which she made into the bike that Lincoln now owns. Then at the end of the episode, Lincoln hands it down to Lana, who makes some unknown adjustments to it.


The bike has light gray coloring, has a red plate with the number "1" on it, and light blue pegs on each side of the wheels.


  • This bike was handed down to each sibling in birth order; For example, it was first owned by Leni, then she handed down to Luna and so on with Luan, Lynn, and finally Lincoln.
    • Lincoln also handed down the bike to Lana, but she's not next to him in birth order.

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