"Ooh, which bird call are you going to use? The Plum-throated cotinga?"

Sid Chang (张) is a minor character in The Loud House, and a main deuteragonist in The Loud House spin-off The Casagrandes. She made her first appearance in The Loud House episode, "Friended! with the Casagrandes", where she appeared as a new girl in the city who became Ronnie Anne's best friend.


Sid Chang is a new girl in Great Lakes City who is best friends with Ronnie Anne. Sid and her family live in the Casagrande Apartment in apartment 3A. She lives with her parents, Becca and Stanley, and her younger sister Adelaide.

Friended! with the Casagrandes

S4E01 I'm Sid Chang! Nice to meet you!

Sid and Ronnie Anne become friends.

Sid makes her first appearance in The Loud House episode, "Friended! with the Casagrandes. In this episode, Ronnie Anne meets Sid at the hot dog cart in the city when she went to get breakfast. When Sid sees Ronnie Anne getting the Great Lakes City special from the hot dog cart, she wants to have one as well. She was later seen when Ronnie Anne was doing a skateboard trick and says she wishes someone saw it, Sid says she did. She then wants to attempt a trick of her own but fails at it. Ronnie Anne then finds out she has no experience and wants to try doing everything she does, making Ronnie Anne realize she is awesome. Ronnie Anne and Sid then hang out on the park fountain, learn about each other's families, and exchange phone numbers.

Later, Ronnie Anne comes out of the Mercado seeing Sid sitting on her apartment building's front stairs. Ronnie Anne then finds out that Sid's parents are applying for apartment 3A. Ronnie Anne then realizes that she can have her best friend, Sid, be her neighbor, and wants to do everything she can to stop anyone else from getting the apartment.

Later, Sid pops out of a trash can doing bird calls. She uses an Amazon Kingfisher bird call which she considers to be perfect for secret missions. She says that it is her first secret mission and she's already getting the hang of it and that her bird call was too good. Ronnie Anne than calls Sid a nut, building onto their relationship.

Sid then sees her new apartment and gets excited about imagining what the rooms will be. Ronnie Anne realizes her bedroom is right on top of hers and they can talk anytime, which Sid thinks is cool. Sid gets attracted to Lalo by feeding him the leftover hot dog she had in her pocket. With Ronnie Anne finding that relatable, she tells Sid that she'll be her best friend for life.

Sid and Ronnie Anne work together to wreck the apartment after finding out that Mr. Sully's friends, the Reynolds are going to check it out so that they won't want it. Sid thinks it is great and makes her almost not want to live there. Bringing back Sid's passion for bird calls, she asks Ronnie Anne what birds call they should use. She suggests the Plum-throated cotinga, but after doing it, she realizes a whole flock of pigeons in the apartment, so runs away and says just to text her.

After Ronnie Anne believes her mission has failed, she goes outside to welcome the Reynolds to the new apartment. She then sees a moving van pull up and sees that the Chang's are in there. She gets surprised and doesn't understand why they are taking the apartment. Mr. Scully then explains that he knows that having her "BFF" living next door to her is special so he found the Reynolds an apartment in another one of his buildings. Ronnie Anne and Sid get excited and they know that being neighbors is gonna be awesome. Sid says they can have sleepovers all the time, and eat hot dogs for breakfast, every day. Sid also tells Ronnie Anne about Cheesecake, an albino gorilla her mom rescued from the Congo, who is really good at karaoke.

Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes

S4E02B They dance happily

Sid and Ronnie Anne in their new secret room.

In Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, it is revealed that Sid is into a k-pop band called Twelve is Midnight, which she likes for their music and their style. After watching the music video, Ronnie Anne starts liking them too and says Yoon Kwan has the best moves ever. Sid then reveals that her grandpa's second cousin's car mechanic once saw Yoon in a store. They predict that he was buying either a shirt with a bunch of zippers or bubblegum.

While watching this video, it is revealed that Sid is into dancing, along with Ronnie Anne, but they have not perfected their dance. However, they keep getting interrupted in Ronnie Anne's room from Ronnie Anne's family members. This leads them to try to practice in Sid's room, but then they keep getting interrupted by Sid's younger sister, Adelaide. Adelaide wants Sid to be a dragon in her princess game, but Sid tells her that she is busy hanging out with Ronnie Anne right now, but she'll play later. With Adelaide's impatience, she immediately comes back with her pet lizard, Meatball, which scares Ronnie Anne. Sid explains that Meatball was brought home from the zoo by her Mom while his habitat is being renovated, and says they're giving him a new sunning stone.

While Sid and Ronnie Anne check the whole building for somewhere to practice their dance and have no luck, they try the basement and believe it looks promising. Ronnie Anne then finds a secret room and Sid then believes it is the perfect place for them to practice their dance. Ronnie Anne tells her to think bigger because it is the perfect place for them to hang out because nobody's gonna bug them down there. Sid then comes up with the idea to decorate it, and Ronnie Anne agrees but says they have to be careful, because if one person finds out about this room, it won't be long before the whole building knows, and everyone will want to get in on it. Sid then reveals that secrecy is her specialty, but that is a secret.

Later when it is decorated, Sid says she wishes they could hang out there now, but she's taking Adelaide to the park. Ronnie Anne also says she is busy because she has to help Bobby in the Mercado. They agree to meet back around five. Sid says she'll tire Adelaide out by telling her that if she digs to the bottom of the sandbox, she'll find a portal to Australia.

While Ronnie Anne and Sid are doing their chores, everyone who was using the spaces they wanted to use was saying that if they wanted to use the space, they could. This later leads to them coming back not interested in dancing because they feel bad, so they decide to have a schedule for each person to use their secret room for an hour, and are sharing it with everyone. This then makes them feel better about practicing their dance, and Sid and Ronnie Anne then have a dream of becoming backup dancers for Twelve is Midnight.

Face the Music with the Casagrandes

Sid Chang wearing sunglasses

Sid helping Ronnie Anne with her stage fright.

In Face the Music with the Casagrandes, Ronnie Anne is revealed to have bad stage fright. Sid is willing to help Ronnie Anne with her stage fright and starts by getting her to perform on the Glart because according to Sid, she will never see of these people again. Sid then realizes that her dad is on the Glart and that everybody is looking at her and she is the center of attention, making the Glart a bad place for Ronnie Anne to get over her fear.

After Sid and Ronnie Anne leave the Glart, they stumble across Buskbey saying that he is out of there because the street is dead. Sid then gets the idea to have Ronnie Anne perform there because nobody else is there. Then passerby's come and they think that she is a street entertainer, making this also a bad place for Ronnie Anne to get over her fear.

After Ronnie Anne and Sid are looking for something in the stockroom to get something for Abuelo that he needs new, Sid becomes obsessed with Abuelo's bunion scraper and tells Ronnie Anne to get her one for her birthday. She is then seen using it for the rest of the episode.

Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes

S4E04B Sid and Biscuit getting along

Sid and Biscuit getting along

In Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, Sid takes notice of how close Ronnie Anne is with her family. She then notices that she has the most awkward conversation with Carlota and that Ronnie Anne doesn't have a good relationship with her. Sid then explains to Ronnie Anne that she sounds like her kookaburra, the one animal Sid can't connect with. She explains that every time she visits her mom at the zoo, she tries to play with Biscuit, but he's never interested. Sid encourages Ronnie Anne to bond with her kookaburra.

Ronnie Anne thinks back to this moment throughout the whole episode and thinks about how Sid is going through the same thing as her. At the end of the episode, Ronnie Anne finally bonds with Carlota and sees that Sid has also bonded with her kookaburra, Biscuit.


Sid is a very bubbly girl and a very nice friend to Ronnie Anne. Just like Ronnie Anne, she and her family had just moved to the city. She is shown to be into trying out everything she sees her peers doing in the city. She now enjoys various activities such as eating hot dogs for breakfast and skateboarding after seeing Ronnie Anne doing them. She is later shown to have her own interests such as k-pop and robotics. Her favorite K-pop band is Twelve is Midnight.

She is shown to have such an interest in K-pop, that she wants to save up for a life-size cutout of Yoon Kwan, and later says she wants to get cutouts for all the members of Twelve is Midnight. She and Ronnie Anne also spent fifty dollars at a Twelve is Midnight pop-up store. She used the money on Twelve is Midnight merchandise such as a Yoon Kwan waffle maker, but later reveals she didn't need it because she doesn't even like waffles.

She is also interested in animals, due to her mom having a job at the city zoo. She owns several pet animals that her mom has saved from around the world. Because of her interest in animals, she is also really good at doing impressions, such as bird calls, which she tends to use for secret missions and communication.

Like Lincoln and Clyde, she and Ronnie Anne are seen best friends


Tumblr ptewj7tHAm1ujgbw1o2 1280
Tumblr ptewj7tHAm1ujgbw1o3 1280

Sid's prototype designs.

Sid is a light-skinned, half-Chinese girl, with long brunette hair and freckles. She wears a blue long-sleeved shirt revealing her shoulders, black shorts, a pink headband, white earrings, red socks, and black tennis boots.

In The Casagrandes, she was given eyelashes and a bigger head temple.

Sid also went through many different phases of prototype designs. In these designs, she was shown to have much lighter hair and braces for the most part but went through phases of having different hair and clothes. She was eventually given darker hair, but in her final design, she had brunette hair.


  • Sid was one of the few female characters in the series with no visible eyelashes before the animators gave her eyelashes in The Casagrandes.
  • According to former The Loud House writer Sammie Crowley, Sid is half-Chinese. Early in development, she was planned to be half-Korean with the last name Kang.[2]
  • It is implied in "The Two of Clubs" that Sid wears mascara, as Ronnie Anne mistook squid ink running down her face for tears when she looked sad at one point.
  • It sounds like she can whistle super loud with 2, 3 or 4 of her fingers (as seen in Walk Don't Run).
  • Her voice actress, Leah Mei Gold, made her acting debut in the Marvel Comics FX series, "Legion".
  • She made a cameo in Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's VLOG in episode #13, "HUGE Announcement".
  • It was revealed in Friended! with the Casagrandes that she:
    • Has never skateboarded before.
    • Has never had a hot dog with anything extra on it.
    • Is good at bird calls.
  • It was revealed in Finders Weepers that Sid doesn't like waffles, but likes pancakes instead.


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