This page shows all of Sid Chang's different attires she has used.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season Four

Sid Chang and Ronnie Anne
"Friended!" She wears blue safety glasses and yellow rubber gloves.
Sidney's Dinosaur Head
"Room for Improvement" Sid wears a T-Rex head while transporting it.
Sunglasses Sidney
"Face the Music" Sid wears a pair of sunglasses.
Sid and Biscuit
"Pranks for the Memories" Sid wears her zoo outfit.
S4E05B Wrestling masks
"Lucha Fever" Sid wears Princesa Valentina's Lucha Libre wrestling mask and a yellow cape.

Season 1

[[File:|center|150px]] "New Haunts" Sid wears a red lobster costume.
[[File:|center|150px]] "New Haunts" Sid wears white shoes, no socks, black jeans and a white sweater with thin red vertical stripes.
[[File:|center|150px]] "Croaked" Sid (along with Ronnie Anne and Adelaide) wears a surgical mask.
[[File:|center|150px]] "Croaked" Sid wears Dias de los Muertos makeup.
[[File:|center|150px]] "The Two of Clubs" Sid wears lab googles during a robotics club meeting.
[[File:|center|150px]] "The Two of Clubs" Sid wears a green lucha libre mask during a lucha libre club meeting.

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