The following is a transcript for the episode "Singled Out".


[At the Royal Woods Roller Rink.]
Roller Derby Announcer: "And the Royal Woods Roller Queens have done it again!"
[Lynn and her roller derby team stop skating and cheer for themselves.]
Lynn: [Howls like a wolf] "Hey guys, wanna celebrate our win at the Burpin' Burger."
Margo: "Sounds great. Mind if I invite Elliot?"
Nadia: [Scoots in] "Oh yeah, can I bring Theo?"
Lainey: [Scoots in] "What about Alice?"
Maddie: [Scoots in] "And Kaito?"
Lynn: [Silent at first] "Uh, who now?" [Her teammates gradually point to the stands, where three boys and one girl are cheering for each of them. They all swoon.] "Are those like, your dates?" [They all agree] "When did that happen?"
Margo: "I don't know."
Nadia: "Just kinda did."
Lainey: "Like, yesterday."
Maddie: "During halftime."
Lynn: "Right, well, I was thinking this would be a team celebration." [Her friends are sad.] "But I guess those guys can come too."
[Her friends are happy.]

[Later, at the Burpin' Burger, Grant gives Lynn her order, with blacksmithing tongs.]
Grant: "One Fire in the Belly Burger with extra Dragon Sauce, you know Lynn, you're the only customer who's been brave enough to order this."
Lynn: [Pats her belly] "Iron gut, baby." [Takes her tray and goes to the booth, but her friends and their dates have taken up all the space.] "Okay, guess I'll just, sit in the next booth." [She goes to the next booth, but another couple gets there first. Lynn growls and moves again, to the kiddie table where a boy is playing with the ketchup bottle.] "Guess I can sit in the kiddie section." [Lynn sits, struggling to get her legs under the table, and hears her friends laughing.] "So Maddie, that was a killer C block in our last jam." [Maddie and Kaito are just staring at each other, with partially wrapped straws in their mouths.] "Uh, Maddie?" [Kaito blows the wrapper off his straw and it forms the shape of a heart.] "Maddie?" [Maddie does the same and Lynn gives up on her.] "Lainey, how's that rink rash healing?" [Puts her foot up] "I think mine's turning the corner."
[But Lainey is busy too.]
Lainey: [Taking selfies with Alice.] "Awe, you're so cute as a chipmunk."
[They are using a chipmunk filter.]
Alice: "Nuh-uh," [laughs] "you are."
[They both laugh.]
Lynn: "Oh, cool filter, you guys seen the one that makes you breathe fire." [Suddenly, the kid squirts ketchup at the back of Lynn's head.] "Hey!" [The boy squirts the ketchup everywhere, laughing. He sees Lynn and escapes before Lynn grabs him. Lynn sits, and looks at her now soggy burger, she goes by her friends, wringing ketchup out of her hair.] "I'm out of here, guys. Guess I'll catch you later." [Starts to leave]
Margo: "Wait, don't you wanna come to Gus' Games & Grub with us?"
Lynn: [Pumped] "Heck yeah, which one of you clowns wants to take me on at the Dunkster three-thousand?"

[At Gus' Games & Grub, Lynn shoots basketballs at the Dunkster three-thousand.]
Lynn: "Swoosh." [Throws another one.] "Swoosh." [Scores one million.] "Boom baby, new record." [Lynn's gotten the high score.] "Whoo! Number one! Up top."
[She looks for a high five, but there's no one around to give her one as a tumbleweed of tickets rolls by.]
Elliot: [Watching Margo play the claw machine.] "Ooh, ooh, ooh, you're almost there, ju-, oh, right there, just grab."
[The claw retracts.]
Margo: "Elliot, I'll win you that stuffed triceratops if it's the last thing I do."
[They ogle at each other, and cuddle up, much to Lynn's disgust. Meanwhile, Maddie and Kaito are playing dance battle.]
Kaito & Maddie: "One, two, three, go."
[They start dancing, in sync with each other, and get perfect.]
Kaito: "Ha, ha, ha. Perfect, just like you."
Maddie: "No, you are, victory hug."
[They hug each other tightly, Lynn is annoyed.]
Lynn: "Who wants to go to my house after this? I got a new sports injury compilation DVD."
Lainey: "Oh, well, that sounds fun, but, it's couple's night at the cineplex."
Alice: "Two for one."
[The two laugh, and Lynn groans.]

[At the Loud house, Lynn is watching her compilation alone.]
Lynn: [Mockingly] "Two for one." [Scoffs] "Whatever." [Grumbles]
TV Announcer: "Up next, you won't wanna miss this; water polo, oh-no."
[Someone has a mishap during water polo.]
Lucy: [Appears on the couch next to Lynn with Fangs.] "Lynn." [Lynn gets startled] "This looks gruesome, may I join?"
Lynn: "Oh, uh, hey Lucy, ugh, sure."
TV Announcer: "Yikes, and that's why you always wear a helmet."
[They watch, and Lucy notices Lynn upset.]
Lucy: "Is something wrong?"
Lynn: "No." [Moment of silence] "It's just, everyone in my roller derby team is suddenly in a couple, I'm just this lame third wheel."
Lucy: "Wow, I didn't know you wanted to start dating."
Lynn: "I don't, I'm not into that romance junk. I mean, I thought I had a crush once, but it turned out I was just dehydrated."
Lucy: "Hmm, it sounds like you're worried your friends are going to leave you behind."
Lynn: "Yeah, I guess that's it." [She groans and lays face first on the couch, Lucy tries to comfort her, when...] "Who says I gotta be left behind? No one puts Loud on the bench. If everyone else is gonna couple up, I will too." [She sets off when another sports injury happens.] "Maybe I'll just finish this first."
[Sits back down.]

[The next day, the middle school bell rings, and Lynn goes out to the field.]
Lynn: "Alright, time to scout myself a date, let's see who can keep up with Lynn Loud." [She looks around and notices some boys on the track getting ready to race, she joins them.] "On your mark, get set," [blows an airhorn] "Go!"
[She speeds off, but stops when she realizes that the boys are still at the starting position.]
Tween #1: "Forget this, there's no way we can beat her."
[He and another boy get up and go, and the third just falls over.]
Lynn: "Huh, guess I gotta try something else." [Later, several boys are rubbing their sore arms, and Lynn is arm wrestling with another guy, and yawns while he struggles. She pins him.] "Ah, come on man. Were you even trying?"
Tween #2: "Ugh, I'm sorry, you're just like, really really strong."
Lynn: "Thanks, I never skip arm day." [The guy walks off] "Okay, well this isn't working, time to change up my strategy." [Later, she comes out on the field wearing goggles, with a tray of glowing red burgers.]" Free burgers, help yourselves."
[Lots of guys go for it.]
Tween #3: [Suspicious] "What's the catch?"
Lynn: "Oh, no catch, just wanted to see who can handle the heat."
[The burgers she gave out are Fire in the Belly burgers, all the guys faces turn red from the heat. The blast can be seen from outer space, and the entire planet crusts over. Back on Earth, Lynn coughs from the soot, from which emerges a boy with glasses and an anime sweater, who can handle the heat.]
Dexter: "Wow, this is good, can I have another?"
[Puts the last bite in his mouth, and Lynn goes up to him.]
Lynn: "Even better, you can go out with me."
Dexter: [Surprised and shocked, spits the burger out.] "Wait, what?"
Lynn: "You know, like, go to my roller derby games and hang out with my friends and me."
Dexter: [Thinks about it and looks at Lynn.] "Can we also get more burgers?"
Lynn: "Deal." [Spits on her hand and offers to shake.] "Lynn."
Dexter: [Shakes, fingers only] "Dexter."

[At the next roller derby game.]
Roller Derby Announcer: "And the Royal Woods Roller Queens have done it again!"
[Lynn and her roller derby team stop skating and cheer for themselves.]
Lynn: [Howls, takes her skate off, and smells.] "The sweet smell of victory."
Margo: "Yeah, great win guys. Should we go celebrate at the Burpin' Burger?"
Lynn: "Good idea. mind if I invite my, boyfriend?"
[Looks over towards Dexter, who's drinking a soda, realizes, and holds up a sign and cheers for Lynn.]
Dexter: "Whoo! Lynn!" [Lynn makes a gesture to Dexter. Dexter looks at the sign.] "Huh?" [Realizes the sign's upside-down, flips it.] "Go, Lynn!"
[The rest of the team squeals in excitement.]
Maddie: "Ah, Lynn, we are so happy for you."
Kaito: "Being in a couple is so much fun, you're going to love it."
[Lainey squeals again, and the whole team hugs Lynn.]

[At the Burpin' Burger, Grant gives Lynn her order.]
Grant: "One Fire in the Belly burger and one cookie dough shake, extra chunky."
Lynn: "Just the way I like it."
[Takes her tray, and passes her friends' booth, to the next one, where Dexter is.]
Dexter: "Is that cookie dough? Sweet."
Lynn: [Takes the tray] "Dude, that's mine."
[Lynn's friends and their dates look at her.]
Margo: "Aren't you going to split it?"
Elliot: [Takes Margo's hand] "That's what couples do."
Lynn: "Oh, of course, I was just playing." [Her friends sit back down, and Lynn puts the tray on the table.] "If any cookie chunks get stuck in that straw, I call dibs." [Lynn tries to talk to her friends.] "So guys, I was thinking about our next match against the Fern Valley Ferrets."
[But Lainey and Alice are too busy giggling to listen.]
Lainey: "Oops, got a little mustard on your nose, you messy Bessie."
[Wipes the mustard off Alice's nose, Lynn is disgusted, she then notices Dexter holding up a napkin.]
Lynn: "Huh?" [Dexter's hand moves closer and she swats it away.] "Ah!"
Dexter: "Ow."
Lynn: "What the heck, dude?!"
Dexter: "Sorry, you had some milkshake on your face."
Lynn: "Maybe I was saving it for later, huh? Think about that?" [Her friends look at her again.] "You, Silly Billy.
[Awkwardly laughs]

[At Gus' Games & Grub, Lynn is playing pinball, when Maddie walks up to her.]
Maddie: "Hey Lynn, wanna play ping-pong?"
Lynn: "Cha, yeah, I'll grab us some paddles."
Maddie: "Make it four, I was thinking we could play doubles, Kaito & me against you & Dexter."
Lynn: "Uh, who now?" [Looks over at Dexter trying to play a game, but can't even reach the controls and falls over. Remembering.] "Oh right, the old ball and chain. Sure, why not?" [Later, they are playing, and Lynn is dominating.] "Got it."
[She continues, when Dexter tries to hit the ball, but knocks her over instead, and also falls.]
Maddie: [To Kaito] "That was amazing, just like you."
Kaito: "No, you are, victory hug!"
[They hug again, and laugh.]
Lynn: [Getting back up] "Ugh, you guys really don't have to do that after every point."
[Dexter gets up, dazed. Meanwhile, the kid from the Burpin' Burger is playing the Dunkster three-thousand, and beats Lynn's high score.]
Little Boy: "Yes! Haha! Yeah!"
[Lynn sighs, and Dexter falls over again.]

[Next, everyone one is at the roller rink.]
Lynn: "Awe yeah, free skate! Who wants to race?"
[Lynn is skating when suddenly.]
Roller Derby Announcer: "Grab a partner folks, it's time for couples skate."
Lynn: "Wait, what!?"
[Nadia and Theo skate by, in each other's arms. Then another couple skates by, knocking Lynn over. Later, Lainey and Alice are skating along with hand in hand.]
Lainey: "Isn't this fun, Lynn?"
Lynn: [Skating beside them, holding the wobbling Dexter's hand, annoyed.] "So fun." [They skate, until the obnoxious boy skates right through them, knocking them both over; shaking her fist.] "Hey!" [The boy doesn't care and dances off.] "Ugh, why does that kid get to have all the fun?"

[Next, they all go to Dairyland.]
Lynn: "Awe, yeah! Dairyland! This was such a good idea, guys, I can't wait to check out the new cattle battle, oh, oh, oh, I might even try to beat my personal puke record on the Curdler."
Nadia: "Maybe next time, today's all about the new Sweetheart Land." [Holds up a map]
Margo: "We've planned an awesome day, sharing hot chocolate at the Cocoa Corner."
Maddie: "Holding hands, on Fly Me to the Moo."
Lainey: "Sunset raft rides through the tunnel of butter."
Maddie: "Just think, that'll be you and Dexter."
Lynn: [Revolted, gets a thought. To Dexter.] "Hey, can we talk? Privately?"
Everyone Else: "Ooh."
[Lynn and Dexter walk off, Dexter uncomfortable, Lynn groaning. They sit down.]
Lynn: "There's probably a way you're supposed to do this, but, I don't know it so, yeah, we gotta break up."
Dexter: "What?"
Lynn: "Look, it's nothing personal, but, the only reason I asked you out is because all my friends are doing the couples thing and I don't wanna be left out."
Tippy the Cow: "Late bloomer huh? That's rough."
Lynn: [Annoyed] "Bro."
Tippy the Cow: "Oh, ooh, uh, sorry, sorry." [Goes back to waving]
Lynn: "The thing is, this mushy coupley stuff isn't for me, and I can't keep trying to fake it." [Sighs] "I'm just sorry if you've, you know, fallen head over heels in love with me or something."
Dexter: "Um, actually, I only said yes to dating you so my friends would stop razzing me about not having a girlfriend."
Tippy the Cow: "Ooh, ha, totally get it."
Dexter: [Also annoyed] "Dude! Private conversation."
Tippy the Cow: "Oh, yeah, yeah, my bad, mooving on." [Walks away]
Lynn: [Satisfied] "Wow, well I definitely didn't see that coming, but I guess I'm glad I'm not the only lame-o here."
Dexter: [Laughs] "Who says we're lame for not being into all that romance junk, maybe your friends are the weird ones."
[They look over at the others being all lovey-dovey with each other.]
Lynn & Dexter: [Look at each other] "Definitely."
[They laugh]

[Back at the Burpin' Burger.]
Grant: "Alright, one cookie dough milkshake."
Lynn: "A thank you, sir."
Lainey: [Offscreen] "Hey Lynn," [She and the others are in the booth again.] "we didn't see you come in, sit with us."
Lynn: "Awe, that's okay," [Takes one of the straws out of her milkshake.] "I know you're all doing your couple thing, so I'm just gonna hang in the kiddie section." [In the kiddie section, the obnoxious boy is getting his ketchup bottles ready.] "Oh, I'm ready for you this time, buddy." [Chugs her milkshake, smashes the cup on her head, and grabs some mustard.] "Let's do this."
[Lynn dives and squirts mustard at the boy, and dodges his ketchup attack, then start squirting each other. Her friends watch, initially unamused, but then intrigued.]
Margo, Nadia, Lainey, & Maddie: "Be right back."
[They leave the booth, and their dates alone, and join in on the condiment fight. Grant comes by with a mop and gets caught in the crossfire, but the girls keep laughing.]

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