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"Sitting Bull" is the thirtieth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-thirty-first episode of The Loud House.


The older sisters reluctantly let Lynn into their babysitting club, but she quickly proves to be too aggressive.


Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan are getting themselves ready for their babysitting duties. However, a fifth family needs their kids to be looked over, and the sisters are hesitant to appoint Lynn to the job, given how aggressive she can be towards others. In the backyard, Lynn, while swinging on the tire swing, startles Lana and Lola while riding in the Princess Car, and nearly hits Lily but Charles saves her at the last moment. The older sisters attempt to appoint Lincoln, but Lynn, saying that she's in the line of birth order, demands that she be given the job, and the older sisters begrudgingly accept.

Lynn is dropped off at the McCauley's, where she has to look after the two kids, Caleb and Camille. While Caleb and Camille have plans of their own, Lynn suggests that they do what she wants to do. Lynn has them wrestle, lift things that are too heavy for them (such as pickle jars and a whole uncooked turkey), and drink raw eggs. When the two want to go to bed, Lynn tells them a story of when she broke her tibia (the bone that connects the knee to the ankle bones), making them nauseous. Sometime later, Lynn arrives back home with a stack of cash, saying that she did a good job babysitting the McCauley kids. Just when the older sisters begin to think of Lynn differently, they receive a phone call from the McCauleys, revealing that Lynn had mentally scarred their kids, and as a result, they fired all of the other sisters from being their babysitters. Realizing that Lynn could ruin their reputation of being good babysitters, they tell Lynn that she's no longer in their babysitting club, but Lynn does not take this statement well.

The next day, the sisters' different clients call, and Lynn, wanting to prove that she can be a good babysitter, lies to them by saying that the other sisters are busy, and offers to babysit for them. When the older sisters question why they didn't get called in today, they decide to call their clients, when suddenly, they're told that they fired them from being their babysitters, because of what Lynn did to their kids. Needing a way to get back at Lynn for ruining them, they realize that they should make her babysit the Fox quintuplets, who are the sisters' worst customers, because of how wild and rambunctious they are. The sisters tell Lynn that they already booked her for another job.

After arriving at the Fox residence, Lynn soon discovers how much the quints like to misbehave. At the Loud House, the older sisters are initially happy that Lynn is getting some sort of punishment, but begin to feel bad out of fear that Lynn is going through the same trouble they went through, and decide to check up on her. Arriving at the Fox residence, they discover that the Fox quints are behaving. Lynn explains that because of her aggressive behavior, she was able to get the quints to listen to her. When the older sisters accidentally reveal that they secretly wanted Lynn to quit being a babysitter, they apologize, saying that Lynn does make a good babysitter, and just needed a family that has the same amount of recklessness are her. Lynn apologizes as well for driving the other clients away. The older sisters decide to head back home, and the quints are ready for bed.

Looks like Lynn can babysit after all.

The next day, Lynn is off to babysit the quints again, and tells her older sisters that because she did such a good job, Mr. and Mrs. Fox have appointed her to be their daily babysitter, and reveals that after a lot of begging, she managed to convince the clients who'd fired the older sisters earlier to rehire them, for which the older sisters are grateful. At the Fox residence, Lynn has a fun time wrestling with the quints, where they declare her "best babysitter ever!"


Lucy and three of the Fox quintuplets have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • The title of this episode refers to how Lynn is being a babysitter (Sitting), but her methods of babysitting make her come off as a bully (Bull).
  • This episode has a similar premise to "Lynner Takes All", as both episodes have Lynn's aggression towards some of her other siblings as a problem.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes have Leni spill the beans about the plan to trick Lynn into doing something they wanted.
  • This episode reveals that the older sisters (now including Lynn as of this episode) have a career as babysitters.
    • As of this episode, Luan is shown to have two part-time jobs, the other one being her clown business.

Anybody finds this storyboard to be a bit... fishy?

  • According to Sarah Johnson, she likes to incorporate her previous works onto the storyboards she creates. In her storyboard of the Fox Quints wrecking their house, one of the Fox kids is seen hitting a fishbowl with Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents in it, referencing that she used to work on that show.
  • The color scheme on the title card looks extremely similar to "Missed Connection".
  • Since the start of season 3, Lynn's pajamas mostly consisted of a sports shirt with the number 5 on it, but in this episode, it consisted of a tank top from older episodes. The latter was also worn in two other season 3 episodes: "Rita Her Rights" and "Antiqued Off".
  • This is the last episode to be written by Michael Rubiner before he became the showrunner.
  • Innuendo: Lori, Leni, and Luan were all disgusted at Luna when she stated that the Fox quintuplets put a skunk in the bathroom, while Lynn was in there doing her business.
  • Irony: The older sisters set Lynn up with a job to babysit the Fox quintuplets in hopes of getting her to quit babysitting, but it turns out to be the one babysitting job she succeeds at as the quintuplets turn out to love Lynn's aggressive babysitting.


  • Sitting Bull - The title is of this episode shares its name with the native American leader who led his tribe during years of resistance against United States government policies.
    • Raging Bull - The title could also be a reference to this 1980 boxing movie.
  • George Thorogood - Luna quotes the title of the song "Bad to the Bone" when talking about the Fox quintuplets.


  • When the older sisters question why they didn't get any calls from clients, the cuffs on Luan's night attire around her arms, legs and neck are yellow instead of white.
  • When Leni hunches over when she admits that she feels guilty over having Lynn babysit the Fox quints, her breasts disappear.

When Luan says "Lynn, you made a five-year-old hang upside down and do crunches," the closed-captions spell "hang" as "hand."


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