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"Skaters Gonna Hate" is the sixth episode of the third season, and the eighty-first episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her pals enlist Carlos X as their coach in a skate-off against Tony Hawk!


At the skate park, Ronnie Anne and her friends are practicing some skateboard moves. As they skate, Carlos unexpectedly arrives to compliment them. After thanking him, Ronnie Anne and Laird reveal that they're practicing their moves so they can go against legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk in an upcoming competition. Carlos is taken aback by this news and expresses desire to teach team some new skate moves, given his past experience as a skateboarder. Later, at the Casagrande apartment, it's revealed that Carlos known Tony Hawk back in his skateboarding days and holds a grudge against him because during a skateboarding championship, Tony pushed him into a skate pool that resulted in him breaking his body (that required him to be put in a cast for a year) and Tony proceeded to take the win for himself. Wanting revenge for ruining his life, Carlos uses this opportunity to get back at him.

At the park, Tony Hawk is training his team. As Carlos spies on them, Sergio arrives and discovers what Carlos is doing. Getting an idea, Carlos has Sergio use his camera to get a closer look, where he discovers three tricks Tony's team is using. With this information, Carlos instructs Ronnie Anne and her friends that if they want to beat Tony's team, they have to go above and beyond. Carlos presents the team with the three tricks he observed, and states that if they want to beat the odds, they need to make the moves more spectacular.

After Carlos fits the team with tight suits to make them more aerodynamic, he begins to instruct the team on how to improve the moves he provided.

  • For the first trick, a crisscross (where two skaters on the half pipe exchange boards at their peak), Ronnie Anne and Sid do some K-pop moves and exchange their boards thrice while airborne.
  • For the second trick, a pyramid grinder (where two skaters carry one on top while grinding on a rail), Casey, Sameer and Nikki do an inverse uniform, where Nikki, carrying Casey and Sammer, manages to grind on the rail with success.
  • For the final trick, a ghost helicopter (where the skater spins rapidly on a rail), Carlos suggests that instead of using one board, Laird uses two, and has cans of whipped cream attached to make him airborne as he spins.

With their moves perfected, the team is ready for the competition.

The next day, the skating competition is held at the park and once Team X arrives, the competition begins. For the first two rounds, as Hawk's team pull off their moves, Team X becomes suspicious that Hawk stole their moves from them, but they manage to overshadow Hawk's team with their improved moves. For the third round, one of Hawk's teammates pulls off a triple ghost helicopter. This causes Tony to reveal to Carlos that Sergio accidentally blew his cover while he was spying on them, so they improvised to make their ghost helicopter move even better. As a result, Carlos tells Laird that they need to do a quadruple ghost helicopter, but the very idea of that trick causes him to faint. Not wanting to forfeit, Carlos drags Laird away and proceed to dress up like him, where he manages to pull off the move flawlessly. This results in Team X winning the award, but as Ronnie Anne and her friends throw Carlos in the air, his disguise falls off revealing his charade. Carlos admits he did this because he wanted to get back at Tony for pushing him in the skate pool years ago to steam his fame. Tony, however, reveals that he was actually trying to give him a high five. Carlos is initially in denial, but Sergio reveals that he has video footage corroborating Tony's story. It's revealed in the footage that Tony really was giving Carlos a high-five, but their hands missed, and Tony's accidental swing caused him to push Carlos into the ramp. Tony also explains that he never ruined Carlos' career, as he became a renowned professor as a result. Realizing that Tony made his life better, Carlos apologizes for the grudge and gives him the award.

Sometime later, Carlos is teaching Tony how to pull off the quadruple ghost helicopter. As the two pull off the move successfully, Tony wants to give a high five, but the two end up missing their hands, and Tony accidentally pushes Carlos into the skate pool, breaking his body once more.



  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2022.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode to have a famous celebrity voice themself.
  • This episode reveals that Carlos is friends with Tony Hawk and that he took up physics while in a cast, recovering from a fall.
  • Sergio reveals that he has been recording every moment of the Casagrandes' lives since Carlos was "in diapers."
  • This episode reveals that Sameer does not know that people can get wedgies in certain places.
  • Irony: After Laird faints from the idea of doing a quadruple ghost helicopter, Carlos says that he just needs some air, despite the fact that they are already outside. This is even pointed out by Nikki.


  • Skaters Gonna Hate - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "haters gonna hate", an informal way for someone to dismiss criticism.


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