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"Skatey Cat" is the seventeenth episode of the third season, and the ninety-second episode of The Casagrandes.


Nervous to jump back on her board after a bad wipeout, will Ronnie Anne ever skate again?


At the skate park, Ronnie Anne is making skate videos with the assistance of Sergio. After pulling off a 720 spin, Ronnie Anne is prepared for a 1080 spin. However, as she spins, she loses her footing and crashes onto a snack table at the top of the ramp. Standing herself up, Ronnie Anne tries to continue with making her video, but as a result of the fall, she is unable to continue, having gotten a fear of getting back on her board. Later, as Ronnie Anne and her friends prepare to do some skating, Ronnie Anne, not wanting to admit to her friends about her new fear, excuses herself by faking that she got a call from Rosa to come back home.

In Ronnie Anne's room, as she tries to overcome her fear by getting back on her board, she suddenly gets a video call from Lincoln, where he asks which shirt he should wear for an upcoming magic show. When Lincoln notices that Ronnie Anne has noticeable worry on her face, he asks what's wrong, to which Ronnie Anne explains that she's afraid of getting back on her board after a bad wipeout. Lincoln, feeling her plight as he used to be in a situation like that regarding a magic trick, suggests that she brace herself to overcome her fear.

At the skate park, Ronnie Anne tries to conquer her fear, but her fears ultimately outweigh her courage. At that moment, Vito arrives and, after hearing Ronnie Anne's story, offers his assistance. Later, Ronnie Anne is trying to ride her board while Big Tony and Little Sal help her keep her balance. However, the two dogs get sidetracked by a hot dog on the floor and abandon Ronnie Anne, causing her to fall into the fountain (and witness Sergio showing several animals the video of Ronnie Anne's wipeout).

Later, back in the apartment, Ronnie Anne tries to overcome her fear by playing a VR skateboarding game. However, as she plays, Carl hacks into her game and begins to attack her with lasers. After knocking down Ronnie Anne in the game, Carl is chased by his angry prima, but she accidentally steps on her skateboard and crashes into her room, where she discovers Vito, his dogs and several animals watching Sergio's video. After Ronnie Anne orders them to get out of her room, she gets a video call from her friends, where they ask if she wants to come with them to go skateboarding. Ronnie Anne, in an attempt to save face, says that skateboarding is "so last year", and suggests that they try something new.

Later, Ronnie Anne suggests that they try sumo wrestling, but Reizouko, having overheard her, decides to join in as well. However, because he's an actual, professional sumo wrestler, he bumps Ronnie Anne into a faraway bush, making Ronnie Anne comment that sumo wrestling isn't as safe as she thought. Later, at Hi 'n' Buy, Ronnie Anne suggests that they do extreme couponing, which has them recklessly buy items with coupons, all while making a mess of things, but the rush of the activity is too fast for Ronnie Anne to handle. Back in Ronnie Anne's room, Ronnie Anne has another conversation with Lincoln. When Ronnie Anne bemoans that she still can't over her fear of skateboarding, she discovers Geo being chased by Charles. After Lincoln shoos Charles away, he comments that Geo is safe because of his hamster ball. This causes Ronnie Anne to get an idea.

Later, it's revealed that Ronnie Anne has gotten her friends into zorbing, which revolves around running around in a protective plastic bubble. However, as they play in their bubbles, a strong gust of wind causes Ronnie Anne to get swept up and land in a tree, where her bubble pops, but lands safely on a pile of hot dogs. Suddenly, it's shows that Ronnie Anne's friends have swept up as well and are flying out of control. Acting fast, she grabs her skateboard (which is being used by Sancho [dressed as Ronnie Anne], as Sergio was attempting to make another wipeout video) and a fork from a random stranger at the park so she can pop their bubbles. She manages to pop Sid, Casey, Nikki and Laird out of their bubbles in the park, but chases Sameer all the way to the pier and manages to stop him just before he reaches the edge. As Ronnie Anne's friends commend her for her courage, Ronnie Anne confesses that she suffered a bad wipeout on her skateboard earlier and was afraid of confessing because of how they put her on a pedestal of being one of the best skaters. Ronnie Anne also realizes that she managed to get over her fear because her friends being in danger helped her forget about her fear and she apologizes for lied. At that moment, Sergio arrives and says that he managed to catch Ronnie Anne's daring deed, and fires Sancho, saying that he now has "the real deal".

Later, Ronnie Anne is back to riding her skateboard and successfully pulls off the 1080 trick she initially failed to do earlier. After pulling it off, she gets a call from Lincoln, where he realizes that she managed to get over her fear. Lincoln reveals that, thanks to an offhand comment Ronnie Anne made earlier about suggesting wearing a purple shirt, he has decided to wear a purple polo shirt for his magic show, only to get attacked by his magic trick bird, Houdini, who can't tell Lincoln without his orange polo.


Maybelle and Irving have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the sixth Casagrandes episode where Lincoln appears, following "The Horror-Scope", "Cursed!", "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", "An Udder Mess", and "Prankaversary".
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode and first episode in The Loud House franchise in which Bentley Griffin voices Lincoln.
  • This is the first Casagrades episode where Lincoln is 12 years old.
  • The main plot of the episode is similar to the Loud House episode "Hurl, Interrupted". In both episodes, the main character (Ronnie Anne/Lynn Jr.) has a traumatic experience and attempts to face their fears using advice from a friend (Lincoln/Clyde) while trying to hide said fears from their friends.
  • Irving, the old man that Carl tried to con out his pizza kart in "Matters of the Kart", reappears in this episode. He is also implied to have feelings for Maybelle.
  • According to Laird, he gets enough rush just from making his bed.
  • This episode reveals that when Vito first learned how to ride a bike, he was so scared of pedaling by himself, his mother held onto his hand the entire time.
  • This was the first episode to premiere subsequent to the announcement of the show's cancellation.
  • Cartoon biology: Lincoln's magic trick bird Houdini mistakes him for a stranger due to the purple shirt. In real life, birds are color blind.


  • Skatey Cat - The title of the episode is a pun of the term "scaredy cat", which refers to a cowardly person.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender - The store employee who cries in anguish over the cabbages falling to the floor is similar to the cabbage merchant in this Nickelodeon animated show, who has the recurring misfortune of having his cabbage supply being ruined by either Team Avatar or their enemies.
  • Harry Houdini - The name of the bird Lincoln uses for his magic tricks is named after this famed illusionist.
  • The Karate Kid - When Ronnie Anne lands on Reizouko, he says, "The student has become the master", referencing Mr. Miyagi's line from this 1984 film.
  • Angry Birds - Lincoln's magic trick bird Houdini bears a striking resemblance to Red, the main character from the franchise, in both appearance and personality.


  • When Sergio was showing the video to the animals, part of Ronnie Anne's hair was missing.
  • When Lincoln video chats in his room, Bun-bun’s nose is the same Color as his skin.

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