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"Sleepstakes" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-sixty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


The Loud kids help Lana get over her fear of sleepovers.


Lisa has created a brand-new mail system that allows the Louds' mail to go through a vacuum tube and be given to their respective receivers. One of the letters is for Lana, who is sad upon realizing what it is. When Rita asks what it is, Lana reveals that it's an invitation to a sleepover being held by her friend, Kayla. After stating that her other friends, Kristen and Ashley, will be attending as well, Lana reveals that she's scared of sleepovers because she easily gets homesick. The family suggests that they can give her some "practice sleepovers" so they can help her overcome her fears, to which Lana accepts.

Following afterwards, the kids attempt to help Lana overcome certain obstacles she has when it comes to sleepovers, with each test taking place at further locations.

  • First, the kids hold a sleepover in the backyard (a mere 20 feet from the house). Lana's anxieties kick in and wants to watch TV to calm herself down, but it's around this time that Lynn has the TV to herself and will threaten anyone who attempts to mess with it. The kids decide to improvise by making their own TV, which is merely a cut up square of cardboard and the kids acting out their "programs".
  • Second, the kids hold a sleepover at Mr. Grouse's house. When Lana says she's not comfortable because the house doesn't have a smell she's familiar with, Lisa reveals that she made a spray that would allow the environment around her to emit the same stink she's used to. However, Lana sprays so much of the stuff inside the house, the others, including Mr. Grouse, run out in disgust.
  • Lastly, the kids hold a sleepover in the dining room at Sunset Canyon (located 4.3 miles from home, the approximate distance between the Loud House and Kayla's house). Upon the mention of the long distance, Lana's fears kick in, but Lucy manages to alleviate her fears by having her hug a comfort pillow. The pillow that Lana uses to comfort herself has some of Hops' slime on it.

With her training complete, Lana proceeds to call up Kayla to inform her that she'll be coming to her sleepover.

The next night, at Kayla's house, the four girls are ready to enjoy their sleepover. When Lana's anxieties kick in, she suggests watching TV, but Kayla says their TV destroyed after her dog ran into it. Getting more nervous, Lana wants to use her spray, but it is stolen by Kayla's dog. As Kayla, Kristen and Ashley run to kitchen to eat some cookies, Lana quickly rushes to the bathroom. Meanwhile, at the Loud House, Rita and Lynn Sr. head off on a date, and the second they leave, the siblings initiate a pillow fight. Just seconds after they begin their fight, they get a call from Lana saying that her fears are kicking in and none of the methods she learned are helping. She requests that some of her pets be dropped off for her and, after a game of Nose Goes, Leni loses and takes on the task of delivering the pets.

Driving to Kayla's house, Leni arrives with the pets Lana requested in a crate and, after falling into a gopher hole, hands them over to her little sister. However, when Lana meets up with her friends, who are coloring, the pets, whom she hid in her sleeping bag, begin to rustle around Lana's bag, making her friends suspicious. Excusing herself to the bathroom, the pets leave, prompting Lana to call up her siblings again and instructs them to bring over a Lynn-sagna. After hanging up, Lisa reveals that they have no Lynn-sagnas. Lynn gets the idea to steal one of Mr. Grouse's frozen Lynn-sagnas, and they do so, but not before being caught by Mr. Grouse, who chases them out of his house. At the same time, Kayla tells Lana that it's time to put on their pajamas. At that moment, the kids arrive to Kayla's house to give Lana the Lynn-sagna, but the fact it's frozen doesn't alleviate her anxieties enough. Lana quickly tells the departing siblings that she wants to see her mother. However, because Rita's on a date, Lincoln comes up with an idea: he would dress up as Rita while standing on Lynn to match the height. The plan initially works, but Lynn falls into a gopher hole, revealing themselves. Because of all these failed attempts to curb her anxieties, Lana decides to bail on the sleepover and tells them to meet her at the front.

As Kayla, Kristen and Ashley enjoy themselves, Lana, all packed up, tells them that she's going to leave, explaining that she's homesick, to which the friends respect. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, and when Lana answers it, thinking it's her siblings, she discovers that it's actually a pizza guy. Confused, Lana reminds them that they were going to sleep, but the three girls reveal that they just told that to Kayla's parents to deceive them and further explain that the point of a sleepover is not to go to sleep so they can participate in numerous activities; something Lana never knew because she never stuck around to learn about it. At that moment, the siblings arrive and ask Lana if she's ready to go home, but Lana, after being told all about the benefits of sleepovers, reveals that she conquered her fears and wants to stay after all. Before the siblings leave, Lisa tells her that she brought more stink spray, but when she tosses it to Lana, she fumbles the catch and accidentally drops it, causing the spray to quickly stink up the house.


Lily has no lines in this episode.


  • This and its sister episode premiered on Jessica DiCicco’s 42nd birthday.
  • This and its sister episode are currently the highest viewed episodes of Season 6.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the stuffed doll Kristen (the girl with the bandaged nose) is holding.
  • This episode reveals that Lana was afraid of going to sleepovers at other people's houses because she suffers from homesickness.
    • This means that Lana was okay with the sleepover in "Overnight Success" because it was happening in her own home.
    • In the episode "Fool's Paradise", Lana was shown to sleep comfortably at the Buttz Motel. One possible reason she didn't freak out over sleeping in an environment she wasn't familiar with was because her family was sleeping alongside her.
  • This episode shares the same title card music with "Stressed for the Part".
  • This episode reveals that in the past, Principal Huggins has sent Lana home with notes regarding her personal hygiene issues, although he eventually gave up on this.
  • According to Lincoln, he has his mother's bone structure.
  • Innuendo: When the Louds get their mail through Lisa's mail system, Leni gets smacked in the face by a pair of boxers, suggesting that the mailwoman, who got her hand stuck in the mail system's vacuum tube, lost some of her clothing in the process.
  • Cartoon physics: One of the items sent through Lisa's mail system was a cauldron for Lucy. Considering how heavy the cauldron is, there's no way the vacuum would be strong enough to carry it through the tube.


  • Sleepstakes - The title of this episode is a pun of "sweepstakes", a type of contest where the winner(s) get prizes.


  • When Leni hands Lana the crate with her pets in it, her sunglasses are bent out of shape. However, when she falls down the gopher hole for the second time and leaves her sunglasses behind, they are in their normal shape.
  • Kayla instructed her friends to change into their pajamas, but none of the girls do so.
    • Alongside this, Kayla revealed that the point of a sleepover is to stay up all night/not go to bed early, so there's no reason why Kayla should've instructed her friends to change into their pajamas in the first place.
  • The pets Lana requested Leni to be brought over were Hops, Izzy, El Diablo, Duncan and Bitey. However, when the pets leave, only Hops, El Diablo and Bitey are shown.

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