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"Snack Pact" is the seventh episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


The family discovers an amazing tamale cart and tries to keep it a secret from Abuela.


Rosa is in the kitchen, making taquitos. However, Rosa refuses to let the family eat any food before dinner. As the family hangs out at the park playing with a soccer ball, Ronnie Anne is seen eating a tamale from a food truck nearby. The family is initially horrified, since she would have to endure Rosa's wrath if she ever gets caught enjoying someone else's food. However, after taking a bite of Ronnie Anne's tamale, they end up loving it.

The next day, as the family hangs out in the secret hideout, the family can't stop thinking about how good the tamales were. Ronnie Anne says that she has an idea on how to acquire tamales without Rosa noticing. Ronnie Anne explains to her family Rosa's daily schedule, which includes cooking from 7 to 8 AM, building/repairs from 10 AM to 2 PM and laundry from 3 to 4 PM, and deduces that they hit the tamale truck during building/repairs, since she'll be the most distracted during that time. At 10 AM, Rosa is about to do some repairs, and the moment she leaves, the family immediately head to the tamale truck. As they place their orders, Rosa unexpectedly arrives, forcing the family to retreat.

The family concludes that it's too risky for all of them to go the truck together, so they decide that while one would get the food, everyone else will be surveillance, spying on Rosa in case she comes close. During the first attempt, the family fails to get the food because of Rosa arriving too close, and the truck relocating to the apartment building, right in front of the window Rosa is in. This prompts the family to come up with various distractions to keep Rosa away from the window, and despite some close calls, the family succeeds in getting the food.

As the family eats their tamales, they are suddenly caught by Sergio, who threatens to tattle on them. Not wanting to be tattled on, the family says they'll do anything to keep Sergio quiet. This prompts Sergio to come up with the idea to have them cater to his every whim, ranging from getting him things from infomercials to being his personal servants. Tired of serving their pet bird, the family plans to trap him in a crate to send him to Peru. However, the plan to do so results in chaos that results in Rosa seeing the chaos. Realizing they're caught, the family confesses that they were sneaking to a tamale truck to eat. However, Rosa laughs, saying that the tamales they were eating was actually her recipe. She explains that the woman who runs the tamale truck's husband owns the tool store she visits, so in return of getting endless discounts at the store, Rosa gave the truck owner her tamale recipe. As for Sergio, Ronnie Anne comes up with the perfect plan to get revenge on him.

As the family eats on the building's rooftop, the family decides to make Sergio their servant as punishment for blackmail, making Sergio comment that he would rather be sent to Peru.


Carlitos has no lines in this episode. Although listed in the credits, CJ has no lines in this episode.


  • Starting from this episode onward, Michael Rubiner's credit on the show is now executive producer instead of co-executive producer.
  • The second half of the episode is similar to The Loud House episode "A Tattler's Tale" where one family member blackmailed the other family members into doing things for them in exchange for not telling someone else.
  • This episode reveals that Rosa gets extremely jealous if anyone from her family finds someone else's food more delicious than hers.
    • According to Maria, Carlos once ate a churro from a new bakery, and Rosa refused to cook for him for a month. Carlos states that because of that, the only thing he had to eat was frozen waffles.
  • According to Maria, Ronnie Anne's planning skills come from her.
  • Before the Casagrandes go to the tamale truck, the program they're watching on TV is Adios, Ana, Adios, the telenovela they were watching in the Loud House episode "No Show with the Casagrandes".


  • Snack Pact - The title of this episode is a pun of "snack pack".


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