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"Snow Bored" is the forty-eighth episode of The Loud House, as well as the final episode of the first season to air.


The Loud children set out to show Lisa what is "fun" about a snow day.


It's nighttime, there is snow falling outside, and the Loud siblings are watching the news report, in hopes that there will be a snow day. Patchy Drizzle comes on screen, and announces that all the schools in the county, including Royal Woods, will be closed. The Loud siblings applaud getting a snow day, but Lisa is not too happy about it. She explains that missing school isn't good for a developing mind, and insists that she will use her salt device to allow the roads to be open for them to go to school. The Loud siblings aren't happy about this, and beg Lisa to allow them to show her what is fun about a snow day. She reluctantly agrees, and they are happy about this.

The following morning, the Loud siblings, minus Lisa, are all excited about no school and Lisa gives them four hours to change her mind about having a snow day, clearly not excited. Lincoln's attempts with sledding and igloo building fail. Then when Lana tries building a snowman, Lisa uses her new robot to melt it with lasers. Lucy's attempt is by lying in the snow, but it doesn't work as Lisa mentions about freezing in the snow. Lola wants Lisa to be impressed with ice skating, but the latter convinces her the ice isn't sturdy enough which results in Lola falling in the frozen water. Luan attempts to show her how to have fun by pulling a prank on Lincoln, by putting snow down his pants, but she informs her that getting cold "is no laughing matter," and she's still not convinced. Lynn tries to change her mind with bobsledding, but Lisa crashes and she's finally convinced to use her salt machine. The Loud siblings are upset about this and an unknown assailant tosses a snowball at Lisa. When she asks who did, the rest of them turn to the side to reveal it was Lana and Lisa retaliates. Throwing snowballs convinces Lisa that a snow day can be fun and they enjoy the rest of their day. That evening, Lisa thanks Lincoln for convincing her about how a snow day can be fun but he is upset that the next day, they will have to go back to school. Lisa has a plan.

Lisa finally found the activity that appeals to her the most.

The following day, Lincoln is awoken by his sisters, revealing that a miracle has happened and that there is still snow falling, causing the schools to be closed again. Lisa reveals that she informed some friends at NASA and that thanks to cloud seeding, they have another snow day. They all go out to enjoy themselves, but Lisa is prepared with many devices she created for the purpose of pelting them with snowballs. Eventually, Lisa goes completely overboard with snowball fighting that she even pelts them inside the house, and no matter where they hide she's there waiting to use one of her snowball launchers to pelt them in the following ways:

  • Assaulting Lori while she's telling Bobby about the plight
  • Ambushing Lana when she tries to use the bathroom
  • Dropping a mound of snow on Lincoln and Leni through the chimney
  • Flattening Lynn and Lucy in the vent with a giant snowball that rolls on top of them

Later that night, they are watching another news report where Patchy says that there is still a foot of snow and that schools will be closed again. The Loud siblings dread this and Lisa shows them her new snowball tank, which she plans to unleash the next day. The Loud siblings cannot take another day of Lisa going crazy with snowball fighting and convince her to use her salt machine so that they may go to school. She is convinced and agrees to go through with it, which the Loud siblings all applaud to the idea of returning to school.

It turns out Lisa wanted to go back to school.

The following day, Lisa uses her snowball tank (now converted into a salting tank) to make paths on the roads so they can go to school. She looks towards the audience and explains that this was her plan all along; to get her siblings to not want anymore snow days as she uses the salt tank to make her way on the road. Lincoln, realizing something feels off, looks to the audience in confusion and asks, "What just happened?"


Bobby has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder", "The Complete First Season" and "A Very Loud Christmas" DVDs.


  • This episode reveals that Lola weighs 40 pounds (18 kilograms).
    • It is most likely that it's also Lana's weight, considering they are identical twins.
  • This episode reveals that Lana has a lucky booger. According to her, it helped her get through preschool.
    • It also reveals that Lola has a lucky rabbit's foot.
    • This, in turn, reveals that they both believe in superstition like Lynn.
S1E24B Onomatopoeia.png
  • When Lincoln crashes at the bottom of the hill, there is a "CRASH!!" onomatopoeia, which adds in to the comic book-like style of the show.
  • Lori, Leni, Luna, and Lily are not shown giving snow advice to Lisa.
  • Luna, Luan, Lola, and Lily are not shown being pelted by Lisa in the house.
  • This episode was originally paired with "A Fair to Remember" as opposed to "Funny Business". However, it was always episode 24b.
  • Innuendo: On Bobby's computer, a chat board can be seen in the left side of the screen, suggesting that Bobby was chatting with someone when Lori called him. The chat board looks eerily similar to that of an adult chat room, and their conversations consisted of "Lol," "Want To See It?", "Hey Cool," "Ya," a picture of a cat followed by the words "Meow," and "Wha."
    • Lana gets attacked by Lisa in the bathroom right as she's about to use it.
    • Luan's pun: "I'd love to crack a joke, but it's snow time to be cheeky!"


  • Snow Bored - The episode's title is a pun on the word "snowboard" and the phrase "so bored."
  • Nat King Cole - Leni holding out chestnuts that she brought for roasting when she and Lincoln are in the chimney, followed by Lisa saying "Jack Frost nipping at your nose," references the song "The Christmas Song."
  • Wilhelm scream - It is heard once again when Lynn and Lucy try to escape a giant snowball from inside the vents.
  • Peanuts - The shot of Lincoln crashing his sled into the tree mimics the title card shot from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Scarface - Lisa's quote "Say hello to my not so little friend" is a nod to a quote from this 1983 film.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Lincoln's quote "What in the what?" references the main character Gumball's catchphrase.
  • NASA - Lisa mentions she has friends in NASA that helped her to make snow again.
  • Dell - One of the laptops over the news' desk has a circle with "Bell" as a logo, which parodies this technological company.

The Loud Bunch.

  • The Brady Bunch - The siblings looking outside for Lisa through each window panel of a 3x3 window resembles this television program's title sequence.


  • When watching TV at one point, Lily's hair is missing.
  • Leni was not with the Loud kids when watching the news, but when Patchy Drizzle announces which schools are closed, she mysteriously appears.
  • In the credits, John DiMaggio's name is misspelled as John Demaggio, which is the second time this has happened. It also happened in the credits for "A Tattler's Tale."
  • When Luna says, "Dudes! The weather is on!," the closed captions read that Lana says it, making it the second time this has happened. The first was in "A Tattler's Tale."
  • In one scene, Lynn was shown with three eyelashes.
  • When Lana walks out of the bathroom, her foot is missing and it goes through her overalls.
  • When Lucy and Lynn are running from Lisa's giant snowball in the vents, Lynn says, "Help me grandma!" But, the closed captions read that Lucy said it.
  • When the Loud Siblings said "NOOOOOOOO!!! when Lisa tells them she's going to unleash the salt, Lori's left pupil is smaller than her right one, Luan's right pupil is smaller than her left one, Lincoln's left pupil is smaller than his right one and Lana's right pupil is smaller than her left one.
  • Plot hole: Most school districts require the making up of snow days at either the end of the year or on designated days during the year, so even if they had a snow day, they would still need to make it up at some point, so Lisa’s point on missing school is not true, since they would still need to make up the days she claimed that missing would be bad.


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