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"So Long, Sucker" is an Internet-exclusive short, based on The Loud House.


Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt attempt to get rid of Dad's new vacuum robot.


As the pets rest, the family leaves to spend their day, but not before Lynn Sr. activates his new vacuum robot. Upon leaving, the pets are unable to rest due to the vacuum disrupting them, and snagging them. Almost immediately, the pets come up with a plan to shut down the vacuum.

In the kitchen, Cliff coughs up a hairball, Charles calls out for the vacuum, and the pets quickly hide. As the vacuum arrives to suck up the hairball, Geo turns the sink on, and Walt uses the extendable nozzle to spray water onto the vacuum, successfully making it short out. However, just when the pets fall back asleep, the vacuum suddenly reactivates, and is now sending out bolts of electricity in all directions. As the pets run away from the now out-of-control vacuum, Geo ends up getting cornered. However, Charles quick throws him his doggie bowl for protection. When the vacuum sends out another bolt of electricity, the steel doggie bowl reflects it back to the vacuum, destroying it, and creating an explosion powerful enough to blow the whole roof off of the house. However, the explosion has left the interior of the house completely burnt, and, fearing that they'll be thrown out of the house, attempt to come up with another plan.

The pets resolve to clean up the mess themselves, and the moment they finish, the family arrives back, prompting the pets to quickly get back to their normal positions. The family enters the house, and Lynn Sr. compliments on how clean the house looks, and wonders where the vacuum went (it's revealed that the pets buried it in the backyard). Just when the pets declare their job done, Lynn Sr. remarks that he loved the vacuum so much, he decides that he's going to buy five more, much to the pets' dismay.


Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily, and Rita have no lines in this short, though the kids can be heard laughing and chattering.


  • This short marks Darin McGowan's only writing credit in the show.
  • This is the second piece of Loud House media to be solely focused on the pets, after "Pets Peeved".
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the vacuum robot on the box. The bottom part of the robot is his polo shirt, the top is his head, and the buttons on the top are his chipped teeth.


  • Roomba - The vacuum robot has a similar appearance to this type of vacuum.
  • Sly Cooper - When the pets are preparing to deactivate the vacuum robot, music from this video game franchise (particularly from Sly 2: Band of Thieves) is heard.


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