The following is a transcript for the "So Long, Sucker" short.


[We open on the Loud house on an ordinary day. It cuts to the living room next to the staircase where Geo is in his ball, Charles and Cliff are on the floor, and Walt is in his cage. All four look sleepy. Geo falls asleep, Charles whines, Cliff meows, then Charles falls asleep, followed by Walt and Cliff, who lies on top of Charles. Then, the Loud family runs downstairs laughing. Lynn is carrying a basketball, Lisa is reading, and Lily is carrying Rita. Lynn Sr. stops at the door while the rest go out and calls out to Rita.]
Lynn Sr: Hey, keep the car running! I wanna clean this floor while the getting's good!
[He runs into the dining room and comes back with a box marked 'Robo-Clean 2000'. He puts the box on the floor and takes out a wireless vacuum cleaner, then throws the box aside. He looks thoughtful, then smiles and turns on the vacuum. Then, he dashes out the door, closing it behind him. The pets are now awake and frowning at the vacuum. Cliff meows again, and they fall back asleep, this time with Charles and Cliff next to each other. Cliff wakes up and frowns because the vacuum is bumping him on the butt, then it sucks up his tail. He screeches, holds onto the rug, and is pulled backwards. Walt's cage rattles and he wakes up, twitters, and flies, then the cage is knocked over with him still in it. The vacuum then bumps Charles on the butt and he howls as it rips out the fur on his butt. He looks at the shaven patch, whines, and lies down looking sad, while the vacuum pushes Geo along. Cliff goes over to Charles and pats him on the head while he whines, then Geo and Walt approach them looking angry. The four of them look sly. The scene cuts to Cliff gagging in the kitchen. Charles hits him, Cliff coughs up a hairball, then he meows and Cliff hugs him. Geo and Walt leave, Charles barks, and then he and Cliff leave as the vacuum enters the kitchen. It gets stuck on Cliff's hairball, then Walt flies up and makes the 'OK' sign. Geo is on the faucet and gives a 'thumbs up', then Walt sprays the vacuum with a hose. Charles and Cliff run up and the vacuum shorts out and nuts and bolts fall out of it. We cut back to the living room, Cliff meows, and the pets fall asleep again in the same positions as last time. Back in the kitchen, the vacuum now has electricity coming out of it. The pets wake up and look nervous because the short-circuiting vacuum has come into the kitchen. They hide behind the sofa and peek out. It zaps the sofa and Cliff screeches. We then cut to the outside of the house and see flashes of light coming from the windows of the living room, the dining room, Lisa and Lily's room, Luna and Luan's room, Lisa and Lily's room again, Lincoln's room, Lisa and Lily's room again, and finally the dining room again. Back in the kitchen, the pets bump into the fridge and huddle together. The vacuum enters and they all run away except Geo, who backs away and curls up in fear. Charles picks up the pets' water dish, Geo gives a 'thumbs up', and Charles throws the water dish to Geo, who uses it to deflect the surge of electricity so it hits the vacuum. The house lights up and the roof is lifted up by a cloud of dust, then falls back in place, breaking the upstairs windows. The kitchen is now covered in soot and Charles nervously kicks the vacuum. The pets smile, but then they get a thought bubble of them on the front porch in the rain looking sad and someone slamming the door. The thought bubble pops and they huddle together again. The scene changes to the living room, where the pets are cleaning the mess while wearing handkerchiefs on their heads. Charles is wearing a glove and cleaning the couch, Cliff is wearing two gloves and sweeping the floor, and Geo and Walt are replacing a window. They do a 'thumbs up', then Vanzilla arrives and they take off their clothes and run back to the staircase, once again looking sleepy. The Louds enter, once again laughing, with Lynn still carrying her basketball and Lisa still reading. Most of the kids run upstairs, while the parents, and Lily, who is being carried by Rita, stay in the living room.]
Lynn Sr.: Wow! This place is spotless! I told you that robot vacuum was a good idea. But where is it?
[the pets look worried, we see the vacuum half-buried in the backyard. Cliff meows again, the pets fall back asleep, and the parents and Lily go upstairs.]
Lynn Sr.: Well, I don't know where it went, but I'm getting five more. Those things are great! [the pets wake up and look nervous, iris out.]

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