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"Sofa, So Good" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-sixty-first episode of The Loud House.


The kids search to find the missing furniture they left outside while cleaning.


The law of the Loud House.

At the Loud House, Rita and Lynn Sr. call up their kids to come to the living room. Once they arrive, the parents state that because it has been seven days without any house or life-threatening disasters, they want to surprise them with a special gift. After the parents leave to go retrieve it, while also stating that they'll be back by 4:00, the kids begin to imagine what their surprise will be. Suddenly, Lisa reveals that, after calculating the numbers, there's a 98.3% chance of them messing things up before the parents come back, bringing up how their past behaviors are inevitable to being brought back. Lincoln says that as long as they stay on the couch until their parents come back, they'll get their reward without any trouble. Unfortunately, the second everyone sits down, they begin to argue over one getting in another's way, and it eventually boils up to the point that they fight, and the resulting scuffle completely trashing the living room. Realizing the mess they created, Lincoln tells them that they can clean it up before their parents come home.

The kids soon get to work on cleaning up the living room. In the process, they proceed to put the larger pieces of furniture (consisting of the couch, armchair, TV, floor lamp and end table) outside so they can clean every inch of the room. After cleaning up their mess, all that's left is to bring the furniture back in. To their horror, they discover that their furniture is missing; it turns out that a garbage truck had taken their items, as they assumed that the furniture being left outside meant it was no longer desired. After Lynn fails to stop the truck by throwing Lana's shoe at it, the kids quickly rush over to the dump.

At the dump, the kids dig through the piles of garbage, where Lynn is able to find one of the couch's cushions. As the kids question where the rest of the couch and their furniture is, they spot a truck with the sign "Dom's Driving & Dumpster Diving" driving away with the aforementioned furniture. Lynn tries to get its attention by throwing Lola's shoe at it, and succeeds in hitting the sign, revealing that the truck belongs to Flip. With this information, the kids immediately head off to the Food and Fuel. At the Food and Fuel, the kids confront Flip and demand their furniture back. Flip denies ever grabbing their furniture, but his alter ego "Dom" does. After changing his counter getup to Dom's Driving & Dumpster Diving, Flip tells the kids that he doesn't have their furniture anymore, as he sold them to some locals and are likely spread across Royal Woods by now. Later, after the kids obtain a map detailing who Flip sold their furniture to, the kids proceed to steal them back and leave their allowances for compensation; Lincoln and Lynn get the coffee table, Luna and Luan get the armchair, Lucy and Lana get the TV, Leni and Lola get the floor lamp, and Lisa and Lily get the end table.

After a montage of the kids getting their furniture back (like Lincoln and Lynn getting the coffee table from Mr. Bolhofner before he throws it into a woodchipper, Lucy and Lana getting their TV back from Cheryl and Meryl, who are using it to watch their shows in the bathroom, and Leni and Lola buying the floor lamp at an auction house), the kids believe they succeeded, but to their surprise, they completely forgot about the couch. It turns out that Flip has it, as he's using it for romantic couch rides (with Scoots and Tyler as his current customers). Lincoln demands the couch back, but Flip refuses, not wanting to let this business venture go. The moment Flip drives away, Leni gets a text from Lynn Sr. stating the parents on their way home now. As the kids begin to bemoan about not getting their surprise, Lincoln convinces them not to give up, saying that if Flip won't give their couch back, they'll just get it back by force.

Soon, the Louds begin to chase after Flip. During the chase, Lincoln, Lynn, Lana and Lola discover that Flip is about to pass through an intersection where Rita and Lynn Sr. are. Lynn manages to distract them by throwing her shoe at the van, where the sound of impact diverts their attention long enough so that they don't see Flip or the twins passing by. Lana and Lola reach Flip's truck and proceed to cut off the towing cable holding the couch, succeeding in getting the couch back.

The surprise is revealed to be a brand new (similar looking) couch.

Later, the kids bring the couch back home, attempt to fix up as much of the damage they can find, and the second they finish, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back with their surprise. However, before they can reveal it, a raccoon suddenly bursts out of the couch, causing the couch to collapse from its damaged state and the resulting thud to knock off a piece of the ceiling that destroys the coffee table. When the parents ask what happened, they confess that they got into a fight earlier that resulted in the living room getting destroyed, and as they cleaned up their mess, they accidentally lost the furniture and attempted to get it back. Although not happy about the way they tried to cover up their mistake, they appreciate that they tried to make things right, saying that, as a large family, accidents are bound to happen. After the kids apologize, Rita and Lynn Sr. tell them to come outside so they can see their surprise. Exiting the house, the kids discover that their surprise is a brand-new couch, with Rita and Lynn Sr. explaining that it seemed like an appropriate time to replace the old one they have. As the kids embrace their new couch, Lynn proceeds to toss the old one onto the sidewalk, where Flip drives by and immediately takes it back, saying that his romantic couch ride business is back on.


Mr. Bolhofner and Scoots have no lines in this episode.


  • According to Lisa, there is a so-called "law of the Loud House", which states that incidents are bound to happen due to the fact that she and her siblings' past behaviors will come back and mess things up, no matter how much effort they put into being as civil as possible.
    • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Rita and Lynn Sr. are aware of this law as well.
  • If one is quick to notice when the Loud kids arrive to the living room when Rita tells them that they have a surprise, Lisa can be seen entering the room by riding on a drone.
  • When the kids fight on the couch, Lynn's arm can be seen dragging Lisa into the fight.
  • The locations Flip sold the Loud's furniture to, and who retrieved them:
    • Mr. Bolhofner's cabin - the coffee table (Lincoln and Lynn)
    • Chateau Royal Condos - the TV (Lucy and Lana)
    • Royal Woods Auction House - the floor lamp (Leni and Lola)
    • Sunset Canyon - likely the armchair (Luna and Luan)
    • Coach Pacowski's houseboat - likely the end table and lamp (Lisa and Lily)
  • The only scenarios not shown are Luna and Luan's and Lisa and Lily's.
  • Cheryl and Meryl's bathroom looks a lot like Rita and Lynn Sr.'s personal bathroom from "Pipe Dreams".
  • When the Loud kids are first shown looking through the dump to find their furniture, Lola can be seen sitting on a crate doing nothing.
  • This episode has similar plots to:
    • "Any Given Sundae", as they both involve the parents rewarding the kids for good behavior. Unlike in "Any Given Sundae", where their mishaps went unnoticed, their mishaps were discovered in this episode, but they still got rewarded.
    • "House Flip", as they both involve the kids accidentally causing some damage and try to fix it without the parent's knowledge out of fear of losing something (driving privileges/their surprise). While the kids still got their punishment (albeit a light one) in "House Flip", they were fully rewarded in this episode.
  • This is the second episode in Season 6 to use the standard title card music. the first one being "Eye Can't".
  • This episode implies that Flip has an identity crisis (as pointed out by Lisa), as he tries to run several businesses under different aliases, many of which were shown in previous episodes.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • The blue credits box on the title card shows the final state of the couch when the Louds manage to get it back.
    • Flip didn't point out who had the couch on the map he gave to the Loud kids, indicating that he still had possession of it.
  • Irony: Rita and Lynn Sr. buying a new couch - which looks exactly like the previous one - made the kids' efforts of getting the old couch back pointless.
    • Rita and Lynn Sr. are upset with the kids damaging their couch but immediately excuse it as the family is known to cause chaos.
  • Cartoon physics: Lola was able to cut a steel line with tiny paper scissors.


  • Sofa, So Good - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "so far, so good", which refers to a situation that's doing fine at the moment.


  • When Lola puts on her replacement tiara, her eyelashes are missing.
  • After Lynn removed Lana's shoe to stop the truck (only for it to hit Mr. Grouse instead) Lana is seen with her right foot bare, but when Lana runs after Lynn suggests doing so in order to not get in trouble with Mr. Grouse, it shows that it's now her left foot that is bare.
  • Possible plot hole: It's unknown how Lana and Lucy went to the balcony. However, the balcony is so big it's connected to other rooms, so they could have went from another room, but wasn't shown.
  • When Lynn was about dive onto Lincoln, Luan's braces are missing.
  • When Lola puts up her auction paddle to bid on the lamp Leni isn't next to her, but when she wants to know who keeps biding on the lamp Leni appears next to her.
  • When Todd is holding Lily when Lynn was about to throw Lana's shoe, Lily is drawn smaller than usual.
  • When Cheryl and Meryl ran away from the bathroom, their lipstick was missing.
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