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"Sound of Silence" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln uses sound-canceling ear buds to try and drown out his sisters.


Lincoln comes back home with a new comic book, and plans to read it in complete peace and quiet, but in a family like his, he can barely find any of it. While in the living room, he sees a TV commercial for "Noise-B-Gone 2000", a pair of earplugs that can block out all loud noises with soothing sounds, and he orders them without his sisters' knowledge. After getting them in the mail (same-day delivery via drone), he puts the plugs on, and finds that he can no longer hear his sisters' noises. As he goes through his day in peace, his sisters ask him for various favors, and Lincoln, unable to hear them, unwittingly agrees to them, just to shut them up.

The next morning, Lola wakes up Lincoln to remind him of the promise he made to her the previous day, telling him to do it by 3:00. However, she's not the only one he unknowingly made a promise to. He also promised Lynn to be her sparring partner for kickboxing, Leni to act as a mannequin for her new fashion idea, and Lori to use him as an ottoman to rest her feet, so she can paint her toenails. As Lincoln is roped into the other promises he unintentionally made to his sisters the previous day, he asks them what was the promise he made to Lola. They all react with fear and horror, and they tell him stories of the extreme revenges Lola extracted on them for making her mad (such as popping Lynn's soccer ball for eating the last pudding, giving away Leni's stuff for breaking her tiara, boiling Lori's phone for not saying "Bless you" when she sneezed, and doing away with Lana's pet frog Seymour, for distracting her while putting on her makeup), making Lincoln ever more afraid of what Lola will do to him at 3:00. Lincoln decides that he should do all the things Lola would expect him to do for her, such as cleaning her room, cleaning out the gutters, and creating topiary statues in the front yard.

S1E06A Sisters notice smoke

An explosion is imminent...

When the clock strikes 3:00, Lola bursts in saying that Lincoln has failed her, and she ominously approaches him, as she prepares to unleash her vengeance. Cowering before her, Lincoln confesses that he was wearing earplugs and couldn't hear her demands. Lola suddenly calms, and she reveals that she knew he was wearing the plugs on the whole time. It's also revealed that she had the others tell Lincoln made-up stories about her to teach him a lesson; they remind him that he can't ignore his family, and that they have to live in a noisy house all together. Unfortunately, Lola has inadvertently forgotten to fill Lisa in on the plan, as her experiment about to explode and the others (except Lisa) are in shock to expect what is coming to them. Lisa's experiment creates an explosion so powerful, that it blows the whole roof off of the house, and lands back upside down. Alongside that, it deafens all of the Loud kids (except for Lisa), as Lincoln yells out, "NOW I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING!", due to going deaf for real.



  • The title of this episode is an oxymoron, since silence doesn't make a noise.
  • There are some subtle hints that indicate that Lisa wasn't in on Lola's plan:
    • When Lola gathered her sisters after finding about Lincoln's earbuds, Lisa wasn't with them.
    • When Lola revealed her plan to Lincoln, Lisa was the only one not present.
  • The background music playing on the title card plays some audio of the sisters causing a ruckus around the house.
  • Lola's trophy case has 13 shelves and 44 trophies.
  • Irony: The girls say they all live in a noisy house, despite the fact that they never complain about the noise.


  • Sound of Silence - The title is a parody of the 1964 Simon & Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence", and possibly Disturbed's cover of it, seeing as it came out before the release date of this episode.
  • The Looney Tunes Show - The plot of this episode is similar to the episode "The Grand Old Duck of York", as both revolve around the main character ignoring others using earbuds.
  • Futurama - Lincoln's line "Take my money!" is a reference to the Futurama character Philip J. Fry, who uses the famous phrase "Shut up and take my money!", in the episode "Attack of the Killer App" (the phrase also became an internet meme).
  • The Twilight Zone - This episode has some strong resemblances to the 1961 Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life", where if the Loud siblings made Lola mad, they would suffer the consequences of her wrath. Except Lola doesn't have any godlike powers like the boy in the episode.
  • The Godfather - The story of Lola popping Lynn's soccer ball and leaving it in her bed parodies the infamous scene in which the Corleones got back at Jack Woltz by planting the decapitated head of Khartoum, Woltz's prized horse, in his bed.
  • Fatal Attraction - The story of Lola boiling Lori's phone in a pot parodies the scene in which Alex Forrest exacts her revenge on Dan by boiling his family's pet rabbit.
  • Beany and Cecil - When Luan is playing with sock puppets, one of them is made to look like a dragon, which could be a reference to Cecil.


S1E06A Lana brings up the frog fiasco

Did I ever tell you about the Full Front Teeth Fiasco?

  • In the Latin American dub, for about one second, Lincoln's voice sounds different (one half line isn't dubbed by José Luis Piedra), when he says "Todo porque accidentalmente rompiste su tiara?" ("All because you accidentally broke her tiara?").
  • The outfit Leni has Lincoln model for her has legwarmers which is strange, since in "The Sweet Spot" when she is talking in her sleep it's revealed she hates legwarmers.
  • In the end credits, Daran Norris' name is misspelled as Daran Morris.
  • When Lana warns Lincoln about the "Frog Fiasco", she suddenly has full front teeth and no missing teeth.
S1E06A Ahchoo!

Lola sneezed her eyelashes off.

  • When Lola sneezed, her eyelashes were missing.
  • The TV announcer says that the Noise-B-Gone 2000 earbuds cost $19.95, but the TV says that they cost $19.99.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln being forced to do menial tasks by his sisters, and his sisters telling him about Lola acts of vengeance.
S1E06A So cute

Lola's sinister grin

  • Lola giving a sinister grin.
  • Lincoln's sisters warning him "you know what happens when you make Lola mad".
  • Lincoln trying to get his sisters to shut up.
  • Flashbacks of Lola doing a bad thing to one of her sisters, because she did not like what they did, such as:
    • Deflating Lynn's soccer ball, because she ate the last pudding.
    • Selling Leni's stuff, because she accidentally broke her tiara.
    • Boiling Lori's phone, because she did not say bless you, when Lola sneezed.
    • Killing (or burying, it is still unknown exactly what Lola did) Lana's pet Seymour, because he messed up her make up.
  • Lincoln's sisters talking to him while he has his earplugs in.
  • Lincoln, with his earplugs, talking to his sisters to make them think that he understands them.

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