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"Space Invader" is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


After Lynn and Lucy get in a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room for one night.


Everyone is getting ready for bed, and Lincoln is happy, because he's the only one in the family who doesn't have to share a bedroom (even if his room is just a converted linen closet), since his parents, and all of his sisters share bedrooms. Even though he's got the smallest room, Lincoln's still happy that he doesn't have to share it with anyone. However, just before he can prepare himself to bask in a glorious solo slumber, his sisters Lynn and Lucy start having a quarrel over how they can't stand each other's lifestyles and habits. Lucy can't stand Lynn's energetic and sporty demeanor, while Lynn can't stand Lucy's depressing and negative vibes. The other sisters don't want to get involved in this, and just decide to pretend they never saw that. Lynn decides that she doesn't want to spend the night with her roommate. She knocks on Lincoln's door and asks if she can spend the night in his room. Lincoln doesn't feel too comfortable about it at first, but after Lynn makes puppy dog eyes he eventually gives in and lets her stay just for tonight. Lynn is happy to be bunking with Lincoln.

To Lincoln's distress, Lynn is an abysmal roommate.

As soon as Lynn enters, Lincoln tries to tell her to not touch his stuff, but she takes his toothbrush, and uses it as her own. Afterwards, she plays with his toys, which he doesn't like. Later, Lynn notices Lincoln's room has a "lack of balls," and dumps her own sports balls all over the floor. Lincoln suggests that they go to bed, but Lynn's not tired. She wants to play Lucha Libre, then puts a mask over Lincoln's face. Lynn pins Lincoln down for the count and wins the match. After that, they decide to get some sleep. During the night, Lynn's bouncing a tennis ball across the room. Lincoln tells her to stop, but she does it to help her get to sleep. Later, Lynn lets out a big fart, and smothers Lincoln under the covers in what she refers to as a "Dutch oven." She even snores so loud and drools so much, that Lincoln can't get any sleep, so he goes to sleep in the bathroom where is peace and silence.

The next morning, Lori is getting ready to take a shower to start her day but notices that Lincoln is in the shower and asks him angrily what he's doing. Lincoln then answers that he's getting his room back. Luan notices Lincoln walking and asks him wet's up while laughing. Lynn stretches saying she slept well and comments Lincoln looks terrible. Since the agreement was that Lynn could only stay in his room for one night has already passed, Lincoln kicks her out and takes his room back. But Lynn and Lucy are still not speaking to each other and Lynn decides that she'll spend another night in Lincoln's room, much to his dismay. Lincoln begs Lucy to make up with Lynn, but Lucy refuses to by saying she'd rather wear pink, something a goth like her would never do. On the way to school, Lincoln explains to Clyde what happened, but can't just kick her out given the circumstances beyond his control. Just then, he gets an idea that will surely drive Lynn out. He turns around back to his house to set it up, but Clyde reminds them they still have to go to school, to which he turns around and postpones the plan.

Lincoln's plan that night is to fight fire with fire so Lynn will think he's the worst roommate ever. He first tries imitating Lucy by dressing up as a goth and reading Lynn a depressing poem, but she thinks he's just impersonating Lucy for fun and is impressed by his spot-on impression. Next, he tries fighting dirty in a Lucha Libre rematch only for Lynn to commend him for his sneaky tactics. Finally, he subjects her to his own "Dutch oven". She declares that she's had enough and storms out of his room, seemingly out of anger, only to immediately come back with all her stuff, telling her brother that since she views him as "the best roommate ever", she's moving in permanently.

The next morning, after another shower awakening, Lincoln notices that Lucy and Lynn actually do miss each other as they are holding onto some of the trinkets that they gave each other, while denying it to Lincoln.

He's even more tired while walking to school and at his wit's end about this whole Lynn issue. He'll never get her out of his room and he'll be stuck as her roommate forever unless he can find some way to get her and Lucy to make up. He knows that they miss each other, but they just don't want to admit it. Clyde suggests having a nice candlelit dinner for two while imagining himself and Lori having one due to his undying and unrequited love for her. Lincoln decides to give it a try...right after school.

That night, Lincoln slips some invitations to Lucy and Lynn to meet in their room for dinner. As they meet, the two of them, instead of preparing to apologize, are awaiting the other to do so, thinking it's the other's fault their little squabble started. They have themselves a little feud and Lincoln admits that he set up the whole dinner so that they could make up and Lynn could move out of his room and back into Lucy's. They then see what he tried to do and have themselves a little food fight to show that they have made up. However, the mess they made with the fight seems to have covered up both of their beds and they ask Lincoln for a favor.

Lincoln sharing his room with two sisters

So Lincoln is finally happy to have his room back, but due to the mess from the food fight, he does have to share it for one more night, and it's not just Lynn this time, but Lucy as well. Lincoln puts on his Lucha Libre mask to block out Lynn and Lucy's snoring, and bids the viewers, "Buenas noches" ("good night" in Spanish).


Lana and Lola have no lines in this episode, but they were heard gasping at Lynn and Lucy when they were fighting.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  ? [Title card]
  ? [Opening]
  ? [Lincoln explains space in the Loud house]
  ? ["It's just for one night. What's the worst that could happen?"]
  ? [Lynn touches all of Lincoln's stuff]
  Mexican Chase - John Rowcroft [Lynn plays Lucha libre with Lincoln]
  Fiesta Fever - Kully B, Angus Clark [Lynn wins Lucha libre]
  ? [Lynn toots]
  ? [Lincoln talks with Clyde]
  Funeral Procession (a) - Dick Walter [Lincoln reads a poem]
  Mexican Chase - John Rowcroft [Lincoln gets back at Lynn for Lucha libre]
  Fiesta Fever - Kully B, Angus Clark [Lincoln wins Lucha libre]
  ? [Lincoln toots]
  ? [Lynn leaves]
  Setting The Trap - Dick Walter [Lincoln sees Lucy throwing a ball against the wall]
  ? [Lincoln wondering]
  ? [Lincoln talks with Clyde]
  ? ["After school. Right."]
  Top Banana - John Powell [Lincoln putting notes in places Lucy and Lynn would find them]
  ? [Music playing in Lynn and Lucy's room]
  ? [Everyone exits their rooms]
  ? [The buildup to a food fight]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [The food fight]
  ? [Lynn and Lucy hug]
  ? [Lincoln explains space in the Loud house again]
  ? [Lincoln puts a Lucha libre mask on]
  ? [Ending]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Welcome to the Loud House" and "The Complete First Season", and "L'amour Vache" DVDs.


  • Much like "Left in the Dark", this episode is written, storyboarded, and directed by Chris Savino, who also shares story credit with Karla Sakas Shropshire.
  • Lori breaks the fourth wall by grinning at the camera after tricking Leni into making her lose track on how many times she brushed her hair.
    • This is the first time someone other than Lincoln breaks the 4th wall.
  • When Lucy and Lynn are fighting at the beginning of the episode, her[who?] nose looks similar to her[who?] look from the pilot short and the series premiere.
  • Innuendo: Lynn tells Lincoln that there is a "lack of balls" in his room. He looks down with an awkward expression, but then Lynn reveals that she meant a lack of sports balls.
  • Irony:
    • Lynn tells Lincoln to "Learn how to share" but she does not share the toothpaste with Lucy.
    • Lincoln's plan of Lucy and Lynn making up works, at the cost of their room getting filthy and using his room once again.
    • Lincoln could've just slept on the couch in the living room instead of the bathtub.
    • Alternatively, he could have bunked with Lucy.

International edits

  • When Lynn mentions a lack of balls in Lincoln's room, she mentions soccer, American football, and baseball. This scene was localized for several foreign versions, likely because American football is only popular within the United States:
    • In the French dub, she mentions volleyball, soccer, and baseball.
    • In the Hebrew dub, she mentions basketball instead of football.
    • In the Polish dub, she mentions soccer, volleyball, and tennis.
    • In the European Spanish dub, she mentions soccer (dubbed as football), rugby, and basketball.
  • In the United Kingdom, the pause between Lynn telling Lincoln about the "lack of balls" and listing different types of balls, along with Lincoln's reaction towards Lynn and the camera were cut. His face was edited to not change when Lynn tells him about the lack of balls to reduce the aforementioned innuendo.


  • Space Invader - The title is a parody of the 1978 video game Space Invaders; the title card also parodies the gameplay.
    • Because of this reference, even the music that plays on the title card sounds like an 8-bit video game.
  • Star Trek - Lincoln's line "Space, the final frontier..." is a line from the opening narration of the TV series.
  • Skylanders: Trap Team - The music that plays when Lincoln and Lynn were luchadore fighting is the same as the piece used in Chef Pepper Jack's boss fight and villain theme.


Lincoln's backpack is the wrong color.

  • Lincoln's backpack is brown in this episode, when he normally has a blue one in other episodes.
    • This episode might have been produced before "Heavy Meddle."
  • After Lynn gives the bucket back to Lincoln, it disappears when Lynn continues to play with his stuff.
  • When Lynn and Lucy share a bed with Lincoln at the end of the episode, the bed becomes larger.
  • When Lynn pulled a Dutch oven on Lincoln, the freckles on the right side of her face were missing.
  • In Polish dub, Lynn was moving her mouth, but didn't say a word when pulling a Dutch oven on Lincoln.
  • Lynn and Lincoln were not wearing their pajamas most of the time in this episode.
  • When the rest of the sisters were leaving Lucy and Lynn's bedroom, Lana's front teeth were showing.

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