The following is a transcript of the episode "Speaking Sibling."


[Outside the Loud House, Lana is watering grass with the hose. Inside the house, Lynn is kicking her soccer ball.]
Lynn: [counting kicks] "One, two, three, four, five..."
[Rita is carrying Lily, going downstairs, she is taking her bag from the stairs.]
Rita: "Lynn, if you see Lincoln, would you please tell him to take out the trash?"
Lynn: "Nine... Sure thing, Mom. Ten...Oh!"
[Lynn goes upstairs, where she meets Luna, who is humming, listening to music, and playing an air guitar.]
Lynn: "Luna, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to run the fifty yard dash!"
Luna: "Yup!"
Lynn: [kicking the ball into her room] "Woo!"
[Luna is coming into the bathroom, where she meets Leni drying her hair.]
Luna: "Hey, dude. Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to eat some bangers and mash!"
Leni: "OK...Oh!"
[Leni leaves the bathroom and enters her room, where she meets Lori chatting on her phone.]
Leni: "Hey, Lori."
Lori: "Get out."
Leni: "Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to plan a birthday bash."
Lori: "Get out!"
Leni: [Thinking Lori means her] "Ah!"
[Leni and Lori leave their room. Lisa is running with a flask of green mixture.]
Lori: "I know, right? Lisa, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to turn off the flash."
[Lisa's mixture explodes and blows Lisa into Lucy's room. Lucy is playing with tarrot cards and a crystal ball.]
Lisa: "Lucy, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to avoid a big crash."
[Lisa's mixture explodes again, right in Lisa's face. Lola is driving her princess car inside the house. Lucy surprises her.]
Lucy: "Lola, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to break out in a rash."
[Lola drives downstairs and leaves the house.]
Lola: "Lana, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln..."
[Lola's car jumps into mud, splashing Lana, who's trying to catch a grasshopper. Lola hits a tree.]
Lola: [dizzy] " wear a pink... sash."
[The airbag hits Lola's face. Lana enters the kitchen, where she meets Luan making a pie.]
Lana: "Luan, Mom wants you to tell Lincoln to make a big splash."
[Lana turns the water on and Luan hits her face with the pie. Luan enters the living room, where she meets Lincoln reading his comic in his underwear.]
Luan: [pretending to pull a rope] "Oh, hey Lincoln. Mom wants you to put bees in your stash."
Lincoln: [making a pistol sign] "Got it."
[Luan mimes descending in an elevator. Lincoln is later seen taking out the trash.]
Lincoln: "When you're a part of a family as big as mine, you have to learn how to speak sibling."
Lynn: "Hey, Lincoln. Dad wants you to put glitter in his socks."
Lincoln: "Well, I gotta go. Dad needs me to clean Cliff's litter box."
[Lincoln goes back home, but slips in the mud.]
Lincoln: "Woah!"

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