The following is a transcript for the episode "Spell It Out".


[Lucy and Fangs come walking home at night, and enter the house with lightning flashing for their entrance.]
Lucy: [content] "I so enjoy our nightly strolls, Fangs."
[Fangs squeaks in agreement.]
Leni: [off-screen] "Guys, this looks so good!"
Lori: [also off-screen] "We should literally be interior designers!"
[Lucy goes upstairs to see what they're talking about and finds her siblings painting the bathroom pink; Fangs flies away.]
Lucy: "Hey, guys." [her siblings gasp in surprise at her appearance] "Why are you painting the bathroom my least favorite color?"
Lynn: "Uh, duh! We all voted on it at the sibling meeting, remember?"
[Flashback to the meeting; all the siblings except Lucy are gathered.]
Lori: "So, based on the leftover paint in the garage, are options are pink..." [giggles] "...or black. All in favor of pink?"
Lincoln, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, Lola, and Lisa: [raise their hands] "AYE!"
Lori: [squeals] "We all agree. Pink it is!"[End flashback]
Lucy: "Sigh. Well, I wasn't there. But of course, as usual, no one noticed."
Lola: "Oh, come on! Exaggerate much?"
[While Leni is painting, she accidentally hits Lucy, stroking her with pink paint.]
Leni: "Whoops. Sorry, I didn't notice you." [Pokes Lucy's nose]

[Lucy, Fangs, and the pets are performing a séance in the den.]
Lucy: "Oh, spirits, I summon thee-"
[Lori suddenly shrieks.]
Lori: [on her phone] "What?! No, she did NOT!"
[Lucy and the animals disregard it and resume their séance.]
Lucy: "Oh, spirits, I summon thee-"
[Lincoln comes screaming in with his laptop while wearing viking attire.]
Lincoln: [to his online friends] "Okay, first we send in recon falcons to assess the enemy's firepower!"
Lucy: "Grr..." [regains her composure] "Oh, spirits-"
[Enter Lynn practicing as crew coxswain with the twins rowing and Lily riding in a sailor outfit.]
Lynn: [on a megaphone] "Easy on starboard! And stroke! Stroke! Stroke!"
Lucy: "Ugh!" [goes into the living room to talk to her siblings who are doing their things at once.] "Guys, could you keep it down? I'm trying to contact-" [gets hit by Lily's oar and is sent flying back into the den.] "Oof!"

[The dinner table]
Lynn Sr. "Last slice of pie." [holds it up] "Who wants it?"
[Lucy raises her hand, but Lola comes rolling down the table.]
Lola: "AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!" [grabs the slice]
Lucy: "Um...I raised my hand."
Lola: [talking with her mouth full] "I can't believe no one else wanted this!"
Lucy: "Sigh."

[The sofa area. Lisa is working on her chemicals and the others are coming in to watch TV.]
Lynn: "Excuse me."
Lucy: "I call left armrest."
[Lana pounces on Lucy and takes the armrest. Lucy brushes herself off, places her book of poems on the coffee table and turns the TV on to her favorite show.]
Announcer: "Next on Vampires of Melancholia..."
Edwin: "Griselda, I know you're only seeing that werewolf to make me jealous."
[The others look bored at it and Lynn makes a buzzer sound on her megaphone. Lana snatches the remote out of Lucy's hand and changes the channel.]
Announcer: "Next on The Audition..."
Lucy: "Hey! I had the remote first!"
Luna: "Sorry, dude. We also voted on tonight's TV show at the sibling meeting."
Lucy: "Grr. Will someone please hand me my poetry journal? I have some very strong feelings to express."
[Lisa accidentally spills her chemical onto Lucy's journal and it disintegrates.]
Lisa: "Oops. Clumsy me."
[Lucy runs off with a frustrated scream.]
Lisa: "Did anyone hear something?"

[Lucy and Edwin go up into the attic.]
Lucy: [groans] "Edwin, no matter what I do, my siblings walk all over me. At least when things get bad, I can go to my secret dark place." [notices something wrong with her dark place.] "Which they've filled with their junk. Typical. Sigh." [pushes them away with a push broom; comes across a trunk and tries to move it but can't; notices a tag on it.] "Oh, look. This trunk belonged to Great Grandma Harriet. She was a pretty cool lady." [holds up a photo of Harriet, who looks identical to Lucy but in period-accurate clothes.] "See?" [takes out a crystal ball and skulls and notices a secret compartment.] "Ooh. What's this?" [opens it and finds a book, picks it up and blows the dust off.] "Ancient Book of Spells. Whoa." [looks at the book's array of spells.] "Hmm. If I can't get through to my siblings, maybe a little magic will." [starts reading]

[The living room]
Lori: [on her phone] "It's like, Carol gets eyelash extensions and suddenly she's too good for us?" [pause] "I know!" [pause] "I KNOW!"
[Lucy is watching her from the den.]
Lucy: "So, you like disrupting my séances with your inane phone calls?" [reads an incantation] "Eye of newt and toe of frog, Cease this endless dialogue!"
[Lori's phone suddenly hangs up.]
Lori: "Whitney? Whitney? Hello?! What?! No! This can't be happening!"
[She goes upstairs and Lucy smiles at the outcome.]

[Lana is watching TV on Lucy's spot.]
Lucy: [from the staircase] "So, you like putting your muddy butt on my favorite seat?" [reads a spell] "Lizard's leg and howlet's wing, Bring vengeance with an itchy sting!"
[Lana suddenly jumps off the armrest and starts scratching her butt vigorously, Lucy smiles proudly.]

[Lisa is in her room working on her experiments and humming a tune while Lucy watches her from the vent.]
Lucy: "So you can't help spilling your chemicals on my stuff?" [reads] "Gall of goat, slips of yew, Turn clumsy fingers into glue!"
[Lisa spills another one of her chemicals.]
Lisa: "Oopsie." [picks it up and gets her hand stuck to her flask.] "Hmm. That's atypical."
[She tries to get it off but keeps crashing into her chemicals while Lucy laughs at her misery. There's an explosion leaving Lisa in a mess.]
Lisa: "Of course, now I have to tinkle."

[Lucy and the pets are ready to perform their séance again.]
Lucy: "Okay, guys, now that I've taken care of my disruptive siblings, let's try this again." [claps her hands which turns the lights off and joins hands with the pets.] "Ohhhh, spirit of Goldie, our late family fish, who really flushed you?"
[But before they can find out the answer...]
Lori: [off-screen] "Guys, I'm glad I can't use my phone..." [Lucy sees Lori invited her friends off and she's talking with them in the kitchen.] "...because this conversation literally had to happen in person!"
[They all giggle and Lucy facepalms.]

[Lana is scratching her butt with Edwin.]
Lana: "Oh man, Edwin's fangs really dig into the itch!"
Lucy: [disdainfully grabs Edwin] "GIVE HIM TO ME! GIVE THAT TO ME NOW!"
[Lucy tries to get Edwin back, but Lana pulls him away from her and Lucy goes flying right into Lisa's hair.]
Lisa: "Oh, great. And I just got the toilet seat off my butt."

[Lucy is back in the attic. Some of her hair is missing thanks to the situation with Lisa and she is looking over the spell book again, but can't find anything.]
Lucy: [to the photo of Harriet] "I don't know what to do, Great-Grandma. Even when I use the spells, nothing changes around here. It's so frustrating." [tosses the book which bounces off a trampoline and hits her in the face, revealing another spell.] "Gasp! This spell is too perfect! It has to work!" [to the photo] "Thanks for giving me a sign." [rubs her head] "Though next time, a simple flickering light will do."
[She begins working on some kind of powder and is humming some kind of chant for it as several candles are arranged in a circle around her. Lincoln pops up.]
Lincoln: "Hey, Luce!"
[Lucy quickly flips the circle for her powder below the floor and swaps it out with Lola's tea party set.]
Lucy: "Hey, what?"
Lincoln: "Come on. Time to visit Pop-Pop."
Luan: [pops up from under Lincoln who's now on her head.] "We voted on where to sit in Vanzilla, and you got the soggy seat!"
Lucy: "You guys go without me. I'm in the middle of something important."
[Lincoln and Luan leave and Lucy flips the spot back to her powder and turns to the book.]
Lucy: "Hmm...we'll see who sits in the soggy seat from now on."
[That night, she starts sprinkling the powder on all of her siblings' pillows.]
Lucy: "Round about the bedrooms go, on their pillows, spell dust throw. By sunrise, they will have no choice, but to listen to my voice." [in her pajamas; to the Harriet photo] "Night-night, Great-Grandma Harriet. Yawn." [opens up her coffin only to find Lynn's sports equipment stored in it.] "Ugh! Lynn!" [dumps the equipment out] "This spell cannot work fast enough."

[The next morning, Lucy goes to the newly pink bathroom to see her siblings brushing their teeth.]
Lucy: "Hey, guys."
[The siblings are startled by her appearance as usual, but when they scream, no sound comes out, much to her content.]
Lucy: "Yes! Now everything is gonna change around here."

[Lucy is now holding a sibling meeting.]
"Next item of business: repainting the bathroom. All opposed to black, say "nay"."
[Her siblings try to say something, but can't without their voices.]
Lucy: "No one?" [shrugs] "Black it is!" [pulls up the tarp revealing black paint cans.]
[The others look on at her, upset. Later at dinner, Lucy's eating the leftovers while her siblings glare at her.]
Lucy: [talking with her mouth full] "Num, num, num. I can't believe no one else wanted this."
[Now they're watching Vampires of Melancholia.]
Edwin: "Griselda, you're back. I see you've come to your senses."
Griselda: "No, I just found out I'm allergic to wolf hair."
[Edwin looks unimpressed at that revelation while Lucy's siblings look unimpressed at her for this decision. Back in the attic.]
Lucy: [to the photo] "Thank you, Great-Grandma Harriet. Today was awesome, and it's all thanks to your book of spells."
Rita: [off-screen] "Lynn, what's wrong..?"
[Lynn is beating on her punching bag which Rita is holding.]
Rita: "Oh, now, come on, kiddo-" [Lynn delivers a mighty blow to the bag.] "Whoa! Your crew meet can't have gone that badly."
[Lynn takes out her phone to show her mom a recording of her crew meet where she couldn't tell her teammates to stroke while the opposing team passes them.]
Rival Coxswain: "Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!"
[Lynn's team's canoe goes in a circle and they lose the race. They get angry at Lynn, toss her off the canoe and into the lake.]
Rita: [furious] "They literally kicked you off the team? That is not fair!" [tosses Lynn her phone and starts punching the bag to let out all that tension her daughter did.]
[Lucy has witnessed that and hears her dad off-screen.]
Lynn Sr.: "Lincoln, you got one of your friends killed?"
[Lincoln shows his dad what happened in Swords & Cyborgs.]
Clyde: "Commander Loud, what's our move?"
[Lincoln couldn't say the command and tries to gesture incoherently.]
Clyde: "You want us to...frost a birthday cake?"
[Lincoln and Rusty are not amused.]
Rusty: "I think he wants us to attack. I'm just gonna attack." [as Lincoln tries to protest, Rusty has his character lift his sword and charge into the enemy fortress.] "RUSTY SPOKES!!!"
Clyde: "RUSTY! NOOO!!!"
[Rusty's character gets attacked by cyborgs.]
Rusty: "Uh-oh."
Clyde: "It's an ambush! Oh, the horror!"
[Lucy looks on with worry and hears her mom talking to Lori.]
Rita: "Lori, honey, I'm sure it's not the end of the world."
[through mascara-smudged tears, Lori shows her mom the message.]
Voicemail: "What's with the silent treatment, Lori? Do you think you're better than us? Ugh! Whatever. Friendship...over."
Rita: [trying to console her] "No worries. You can always hang out with your old mom. You can join my book club."
[Lori just wants to cry and covers her face with her pillow. Lucy looks on with despair over what she has done.]

Lucy: [looking through the book] "I messed up, Great-Grandma Harriet. I didn't mean to ruin everyone's life. I just hope there's a way to undo the spell." [finds a shocking small printing] "Gasp! To put a spell back on the shelf, transfer the effects onto yourself. Whoa."

[Lori and Leni's room for another sibling meeting, all Loud kids are assembled.]
Lucy: "Okay, don't worry, guys. [Her siblings glare at her] I didn't call this meeting to force anymore resolutions on you. I just want to make a confession. I was getting really fed up with the way you guys walk all over me, so...I cast a spell to take away your voices."
[The others look confused.]
Lucy: "I'm really sorry, but don't worry, I can fix it by transferring the spell to myself. Yes, I'll never speak again, but I guess I deserve it for-"
[Before she can finish, the others all silently show laughter.]
Lucy: [confused] "Why are you laughing?"
[Lincoln pokes to his throat and moves his hands up and down.]
Lucy: "You...want me to frost a birthday cake?"
[Lincoln looks unimpressed. Lori takes out a pad and a pen and writes something down and hands it to Lucy.]
Lucy: [reading the message] "I didn't take away your voices?"
[The others shake their heads.]
Lucy: "Then how come you can't talk?"
[Luan hands her sister her phone, showing a recording of Albert in a shuffleboard game with other people. Once their Pop-Pop wins, the siblings cheer loudly.]
Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, Lola, and Lisa: [lifting him up and chanting him] "POP-POP! POP-POP! POP-POP!"
[The video ends]

Lucy: "You lost your voices at Pop-Pop's shuffleboard match?"
[They nod]
Lucy: "But what about my other spells? Lori, I killed your phone."
[Lori points to her phone charging.]
Lucy: "Oh. So the battery just died. But Lana, what about my spell to make your butt itch?"
[Lana shows her some poison ivy outside by a tree and makes a circular motion with her finger.]
Lucy: "You rolled around in poison ivy again?"
[Lana starts dragging her butt across the carpet still suffering from the itch. Charles pops out from under Lori's bed and joins Lana in butt dragging.]
Lucy: "Well, what about you, Lisa? Didn't my spell make your fingers sticky?"
[Lisa shakes her head and brings in her board showing a complex equation.]
Lucy: "I...don't understand any of that."
[Lisa holds out a tape recorder and plays a recording.]
Recording: "Day 1,482 in the lab: accidentally spilled new formula, but turns out to be excellent adhesive. Apply for patent immediately."
[The recording ends]
Lucy: "Okay. Well, I'm still sorry for casting those spells, even if they didn't work. I should have made more of an effort to tell you guys how I felt."
[Lincoln then writes something on the other side of Lisa's blackboard and flips it over to show it.]
Lucy: "We're sorry, too." [Luan adds something] "We'll try not to walk all over you anymore."
[Leni goes up to the board and draws a Tic-Tac-Toe grid with an X in the lower left square.]
Lucy: "Uh...okay. Thanks, Leni."
[Luna notices the time on the alarm clock and signals Lucy by pretending to have fangs.]
Lucy: "What? Oh! My show's on?"
[The others signal her to come along.]
Lucy: "You guys want to watch it, too?"
[They give her a thumbs-up and head downstairs and Lucy smiles.]
Lucy: "That's awesome. I'll be right down. I just have to take care of one thing."

[Back in the attic, Lucy is putting all the things she found in the trunk away.]
Lucy: [to Harriet's photo] "Well, Great-Grandma Harriet, I guess this book of spells didn't work after all." [holds up a photo of her and her siblings.] "But that's okay. because I got a pretty magical result all the same."
[Puts the photo of her and her siblings next to Harriet's. Just then, a lightning flash occurs, and the photo of Harriet mysteriously changes her expression from a frown to a smile.]

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