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"Spin-Off" is the thirty-third episode of the second season, and the seventy-first episode of The Casagrandes.


After seeing CJ's awesome spin moves, Par helps CJ enter and train for a sign spinning competition.


CJ has become the mercado's sign spinner, and can spin a sign effortlessly. When Par arrives with produce to deliver, he is blown away at how well CJ can spin a sign, and suggests to him to enter the Great Lakes City sign spinning competition. CJ declines, saying that he doesn't like competing out of fear that he might lose. However, Par, a former sign spinner himself, offers to coach him, and CJ agrees to participate in the competition.

At the park, Par teaches CJ some tips on how to perfect his sign spinning, like continuing to spin no matter what obstacles he encounters, do a few tricks, and end his performance with a finishing move. Par also reminds him of the number 1 rule: never let the sign touch the ground. With the training complete, Par believes CJ is finally ready.

At the Great Lakes City Convention Center, the sign spinning competition is being held. The hosts of the competition, Jim Sparkletooth and Mrs. Kernicky, officially start the show. As the event goes on, CJ ends up wowing the crowd with his skills, and eventually becomes one of the runner-ups for the final round. In the final round, CJ is up against Pete's Pets' sign spinner, Doyle, the undefeated champion. CJ, fearing that he'll lose against the reigning champ, attempts to flee, but is stopped by his family, who state that they have arrived to watch CJ compete after Par informed them. As they head to the competition, CJ asks Carl for his help in getting out of competing, saying that he's afraid of losing. Carl agrees to help out, and reveals that his plan is to steal every single sign in the building, even the ones that aren't used for spinning, saying that as long as there's no sign, Doyle can't compete. However, when they attempt to take the cart full of signs out the doors, they end up slamming into them (with Carl saying that it works in the movies), causing them to roll backwards and onto the stage, where everyone cheers for them for "finding" the stolen signs. With no way out of this situation, CJ has no choice but to compete against Doyle.

The match between CJ and Doyle begins, and as they compete, they're both equally as good. When it comes to their final trick, Doyle manages to pull their finishing move off flawlessly, but when CJ does his finishing move, his sign accidentally slips from his feet, where it ends up hitting the floor (and breaking into two), costing his chances of winning. Although saddened he broke the number one rule, CJ regains his confidence from the cheering crowd, and finishes off by spinning the two halves of his broken sign simultaneously. After tallying the scores, the judges declare Doyle the winner, and Jim finishes off by telling the crowd that Doyle may have won the contest, but CJ won their hearts. After CJ and Doyle shake hands in good sportsmanship, the Casagrandes approach CJ to congratulate him for an amazing show, and CJ expresses desire to train for next year's competition.


Bobby, Maria, Carlota, Carlitos, Artemis, Pizza Chef and Unnamed Great Lakes City Woman have no lines in this episode.


  • This episodes reveals that Par used to be a sign spinner.
  • Sign spinners and their sponsors:
    • CJ - Casagrande Market
    • Doyle - Pete's Pets
    • Pizza Chef - his own pizza parlor
    • Artemis - Margarita's Beauty
  • This episode reveals that CJ always feels nervous about competing.
    • It also reveals that he can do stage magic.
  • Cartoon physics:Hector can levitate to follow a smell.


  • Spin-Off - The title of this episode is a term that describes a property that is branched from a bigger property.
    • Coincidentally, The Casagrandes itself is a spin-off of The Loud House.


  • The title of a video of a clip from this episode on the official YouTube channel refers to CJ as "AJ".


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