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"Squawk in the Name of Love" is the third episode of the third season, and the seventy-eighth of The Casagrandes.


Sergio enlists Adelaide's help to become a gentleman in order to win Priscilla back.


In the Casagrande apartment, Carl and Adelaide are playing together. As they play, they realize Sergio sitting on the couch, crying uncontrollably while binging on ice cream. Sergio tells them that Priscilla dumped him (again) because of how he (unknowingly) never took her feelings into account as she catered to him. When Sergio says that he can't date any other bird for one reason or another, Adelaide comes to the conclusion that Sergio needs to treat Priscilla like a princess, and offers her help.

In Adelaide's room, Adelaide proceeds to tell Sergio her advice on how he can win Priscilla back by using one of her books, The Panda Bear Princess. First, Adelaide suggests to Sergio writing a song for and about Priscilla, but his method of doing so is a loud rap song about himself with music provided by Carl. Second, Adelaide suggests giving Priscilla a picnic, but the food Sergio provides is garbage and bugs. Third, Adelaide suggests giving Priscilla a bouquet of flowers, but the plant Sergio gives her is a Venus flytrap. Unimpressed with his string of failures, Adelaide suggests one more tactic, and decides to come along with him to make sure he doesn't mess it up. At the zoo, Adelaide has Sergio recite a beautiful speech asking for another chance, and Priscilla, touched by his feelings, agrees to hook up with him again.

Later, as Carl and Adelaide play together again, Sergio arrives in a state of panic. He explains that the plan to get back together went so well, Priscilla wants Sergio to meet her parents. Adelaide expresses happiness that Sergio is reaching that part of the relationship, and Carl is certain that Sergio is going to mess everything up, given his track record. Fearing that he's going to mess up, Sergio once again asks Adelaide for her help, and she agrees.

At the zoo, Sergio, wearing a prince's outfit, arrives in a carriage being pulled by Lalo. Adelaide explains that he needs to wear an earpiece so he can hear her provide the stuff he needs to do or say. After putting the earpiece in, Sergio arrives to the ostrich pit where she meets Priscilla and her parents. Sergio proceeds to do everything Adelaide tells him, but in the process, hit a couple snags, such as messing up the lines he was told or Adelaide's radio playing country music after the signals get crossed. When Priscilla's father asks Sergio when he plans on marrying his daughter, a monkey arrives on the tree where Adelaide is hiding and plays with Adelaide, causing Sergio to accidentally insult Priscilla's father by calling him a monkey. Enraged over the insult, the father proceeds to chase after Sergio, making Priscilla cry. As Adelaide continues to fight the monkey, her dialogue ends up worsening the situation, ending with Sergio accidentally knocking down Priscilla's mother while "getting down", making Priscilla cry even harder. Seeing how badly he messed everything up, Sergio wholeheartedly apologizes to Priscilla by telling her that he had Adelaide be his dating coach so he can win her back, but ended up ruining things anyway. As Sergio leaves, Priscilla quickly runs up to him and says that she's touched by his efforts on wanting to get back together, and Sergio, after being told that it's all Priscilla ever wanted to hear, embraces his girlfriend. Adelaide, watching from the tree, proclaims "And they lived happily ever after."


Ronnie Anne appeared on Sergio's cell phone.


  • This episode reveals that Sergio tends to screw up his tasks so many times, it spawned a phrase with his name in it, being "Sergio it up".
  • This episode has the fewest voice actors out of any Casagrandes episode, at four.
  • Cartoon biology: A few of the birds had hair.


  • Squawk in the Name of Love - The title of this episode is a pun of the 1965 Supremes song "Stop! In the Name of Love".
  • Super Mario - The plant Sergio offers to Priscilla has a similar appearance to this franchise's recurring enemy, the Piranha Plant.


  • Sergio flew into Adelaide's closed window offscreen, even though the window is on the other side of the room behind Adelaide.
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