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The Stage Manager is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


She is the one who manages the set on ARGGH!, and makes sure that everyone is ready with what they are supposed to do.


ARGGH! You for Real?

Her first appearance is in "ARGGH! You for Real", where she manages the set of the ARGGH! Royal Woods tour. She runs into the supposed "managers" Lincoln and Clyde and sees through their lie that they are working for the series.

Fool Me Twice

In the episode, the Loud family runs into a movie set that was directed by the stage manager. She asks Lola to exit the scene before she rolls the camera. The Louds hire her stunt doubles to get away from Luan's April Fools pranks, though this plan backfires spectacularly when Luan has the doubles embarrass themselves in front of their friends.

A Star is Scorned

The stage manager appears again in "A Star is Scorned". She directs Lola's commercials and is pleased with Lily's surprise appearance, so she has her perform with Lola.

Fright Bite

The stage manager appears as the director of the season premiere of The Vampires of Melancholia, Lucy and her friends' favorite series.


She is a very strict and blunt boss. She tends to be short with her workers and yell at them when they don't work; and doesn't tolerate failure.


She is a slim, adult blonde haired woman with a ponytail, two pairs of eyelashes, and red lipstick. She wears a black cap and a black jumper. Her hair changes to orange in "Fool Me Twice".

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