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Parent-teacher conferences are tonight

S4E12A Parent teacher conferences.png
S4E12A I'm looking forward to seeing your parents.png
S4E12A Lincoln breathing.png
S4E12A I dunno why you're freaking out.png
S4E12A Sometime between 6 and 8 tonight my life will be over.png
S4E12A Tell your parents to get here early.png
S4E12A Lincoln's bag bursts.png
S4E12A Lincoln develops a plan.png
S4E12A Lincoln's friends will help.png

Stalling the adults

S4E12A Mom calling upstairs.png
S4E12A Great, I'm all set.png
S4E12A Mixed up.png
S4E12A We got the last ding-dang slot.png
S4E12A Lincoln gives a thumbs up.png
S4E12A Lincoln's friends give thumbs up.png
S4E12A It's to pick up alien signals.png
S4E12A Phase One was a success.png
S4E12A Phase 2.png
S4E12A Phase Two of the plan.png
S4E12A You're up, hon.png
S4E12A Rusty with his dad.png
S4E12A She hates polyester.png
S4E12A Sorry Linc, I tried.png
S4E12A Just wanted to warn you.png
S4E12A Cheryl calls Zach's parents.png
S4E12A Alien-like.png
S4E12A Have a seat.png
S4E12A We'd prefer to stand.png
S4E12A Zach's mom scans Mrs. Johnson.png
S4E12A That's not a story.png
S4E12A Grabbing a DNA sample.png
S4E12A Mrs. Johnson hiding her fingernails.png
S4E12A Your parents took up 20 minutes.png
S4E12A Clyde doesn't need a plan.png
S4E12A We have a few questions about classroom safety.png
S4E12A Long list.png
S4E12A Asking about the window.png
S4E12A Asking about the chalk dust.png
S4E12A Nice one Clyde.png
S4E12A Golden as a fresh batch of biscuits.png
S4E12A I've heard so much about you.png
S4E12A Goat.png
S4E12A Too spicy.png
S4E12A Goats being born.png
S4E12A Baby goats.png
S4E12A Oh my gosh.png
S4E12A I can still find a way out of this.png
S4E12A This is it.png
S4E12A Rusty notices a problem.png
S4E12A Thinking Lincoln.png
S4E12A And that's who they're gonna get.png

Distracting the adults

S4E12A Lincoln closes the window.png
S4E12A Rusty as Mrs. Johnson.png
S4E12A Clyde's stomach hurts.png
S4E12A Is that a new lipstick.png
S4E12A How's our Lincoln doing.png
S4E12A Thanks for coming.png
S4E12A Lincoln pantomiming.png
S4E12A Rusty saves it.png
S4E12A Interesting interpretation.png
S4E12A Grasshopper pose.png
S4E12A Clyde on the walkie talkie.png
S4E12A Am I doing the legs right.png
S4E12A We're sunk.png
S4E12A Zach behind the door.png
S4E12A I guess it was someone else's car.png
S4E12A The door is locked.png
S4E12A We could use a fresh perspective.png

The truth comes out

S4E12A Mrs. Johnson sees what's going on.png
S4E12A Lincoln confesses.png
S4E12A Deciding Lincoln's punishment.png
S4E12A Lincoln sighs.png
S4E12A Have a good evening.png
S4E12A Mrs. Johnson's mother at yoga.png
S4E12A Rusty at yoga.png



S4E12A Stall Monitor Panorama 1.png
S4E12A Stall Monitor Panorama 2.png
S4E12A Stall Monitor Panorama 3.png
S4E12A Stall Monitor Panorama 4.png


Stall Monitor Square Title Card.png

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