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Stanley Chang is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in The Casagrandes. He is the father of Sid and Adelaide Chang and the husband of Becca Chang. He works as a train conductor for the GLART subway train.


In "Friended!", Stanley moved with his family to Great Lakes City.

In "Face the Music", Stanley is first seen, working as the conductor for GLART. He told Sid and Ronnie Anne to stop busking on the train, as this was not allowed on board.

In "Store Wars", Stanley went to the mercado to grab a midnight snack before his night shift at GLART started, just as it was starting to close, which gave Bobby the idea to keep the store open 24/7.

In "The Two of Clubs", Stanley encouraged Sid and Ronnie Anne to try their hands at joining the model train club at school. When he was notified that the model train club was canceled due to lack of interest, he was go mad that he parked the GLART train in the middle of his job and left in a huff, to take an angry walk around the subway to cool off. According to Sid, this isn't the first time he's done something like this and he's perfectly allowed to do so, even though something like this would greatly hinder his work as well as the entire business's daily schedule.

In "New Haunts", Stanley celebrated the holidays by calling his train "The GLART Ghost Train" and quoting "Chugga Chugga Choo-Chooooooooo!" in a ghostly voice. He said that he wanted to wear a taco costume to work but his boss nixed the idea, fearing that his arms would not be free to operate the train properly. After work, he wore his taco costume at the mercado's Halloween party.

In "Croaked", Stanley and Becca made cameos at the end of the episode, celebrating The Day of the Dead with The Casagrande Family.

In "How to Train Your Carl", Stanley drove the tour bus for the Great Lakes City Zoo, filling in for Esteban. He drove a little fast for comfort as he got a little excited to see how fast this new vehicle could go. When Becca left to go look for the missing Carlino, Stanley entertained the kids by driving them around the zoo with the tour bus going at full speed.

In "Monster Cash", Stanley was one of the customers for Carl's Cucuy Tour and borrowed the Great Lakes City tour bus to help move things along, albeit without Becca's permission. He hopes that she wouldn't notice but because he left the steering wheel, while the car was still moving multiple times, he broke the bus's bumper, which inevitably got him in trouble.

In "Miss Step", Stanley makes a non-speaking cameo, driving the GLART at full speed, as per request of Frida Puga, so that she could test Ronnie Anne's balance by having her carry a tea set on the fast moving train.

In "Karma Chameleon", Stanley had no dialogue. He was only seen leaving and coming back, along with the rest of the Chang family, with Ronnie Anne being left with the responsibility of taking care of their pets, while they were away.

In "Uptown Funk", Stanley lets Adelaide come to work with him and play in the GLART with her friend, Carl. While on the train, Carl was amazed by all the cool things Stanley had on board such as the horn, the control panel, and the plaques he won for being the employee of the month twice. When Adelaide was making noise in the back, Stanley went to check on it and instructed Carl not to touch anything, which, of course, he denied, as he put the train into full throttle, making the train go so fast that Stanley was flung back and pinned to the back of the train, where he was crushed by a bunch of suitcases and passengers, including a sumo wrestler. When the train finally stopped, thanks to Adelaide's help, Stanley's first concern was that his plaques were safe, above his own kids.


Stanley is an Asian man with short black hair. He wears a white shirt, light brown sweater with two yellow horizontal stripes, dark brown jeans and dark brown shoes. His work uniform is a black hat with the word 'GLART' in yellow, a light blue buttoned shirt with his name tag, white gloves, dark pants and white shoes. As of "Monster Cash", he now wears a yellow sweater with a red stripe, teal pants, and light brown shoes.


Stanley is a friendly and patient father, who wholly supports his daughter's childish and crazy antics. However, he still has to restrain her, when she starts breaking the rules because as fun of a father he is, he's also very responsible and makes sure to keep his children safe and well-behaved. Stanley is a dedicated railfan and sees trains as being extremely important. He gets really mad if people diss the art of ferroequinology. So mad, that he literally parks his train in the middle of his job and storms off to go for a walk around the subway, which, he's apparently able to get away with several times. He has the tendency to make train related puns at work, which his friends, family, and customers in seldom find funny.


  • In "How to Train Your Carl", it was revealed that he was employee of the month twice at GLART. In "Uptown Funk", it was shown that he got plaques for both of his wins.
  • In "Monster Cash", Stanley said that he believed in ghosts, despite his wife telling him that "he's not allowed to".
  • "The Two of Clubs" reveals that if he gets angry at work, he will stop the train and take a walk.
  • He likes to riff on the phrase "chugga chugga choo choo". For instance, in "Fool's Gold", he says, "Chugga chugga cha-ching" when he thinks he is going to be rich, and "Chugga chugga boo hoo" when he finds out he isn't.
  • "Zoo-mergency!" reveals that he makes a dish called "pizza bao", and whenever he serves it, he claims that it and his daughters are a "perfect fusion of East and West".
  • The "Winter Special" comic reveals that he has a hot chocolate recipe he learnt in China that involves five-spice mix.


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