Stella (first introduced as "The New Girl") is a minor character in The Loud House. She made her first appearance in "White Hare", and her latest in "Be Stella My Heart".


In "White Hare", Lincoln wanted to make a good impression because of her arrival to town. However, the sisters encouraged him to be himself, since him being himself is enough to make a good impression. After barely catching up with the bus, Lincoln discovers Stella sitting alone, and offers to sit next to her, where she immediately gets charmed by Lincoln's personality, and offers him carrot sticks on the ride to school.


Stella is a tall slender girl with tan skin, freckles, black hair that curls up at the back end with two strands of hair standing out, two pairs of eyelashes, and noticeably slanted eyes.

Her main attire is a white sweater with a red star in the middle, a red collar, and red sleeves, a long black skirt, white knee-high socks with a red and blue stripe at the top, and green sneakers. She also wears a wristwatch on her right hand.

In her debut, she wore an orange headband with a bow, and her hair was tied up in a bun.


  • Kevin Sullivan has confirmed that Stella was, in fact, the new girl that was introduced in "White Hare". He states that Stella went through a character redesign during production of "Be Stella My Heart".
  • Stella might be of Asian descent, given the shape of her eyes. Believing the fact that she could be the first character of the series to have an Asian descent.
  • As of "White Hare", she's a new resident in Royal Woods.
  • Similar to the Little Red-Haired Girl from The Peanuts Movie, in her first appearance, her face was hidden, until it was revealed much later.
  • Her socks are similar to SpongeBob SquarePants', as they too have a red and blue stripe at the top. Plus her shirt resembles Patrick Star.
  • Stella is the first non-Loud family member to receive her name on a title card.

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