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Stella Zhau[2] (first introduced as "The New Girl") is a supporting character in The Loud House. She made her first appearance in "White Hare" with her face not shown, and her later appearance in "Be Stella My Heart" with her face shown.



Stella Zhau comes from a family of Filipino descent. Her family moved to Royal Woods, and Stella was enrolled to Royal Woods Elementary School. In Season 5, she and the gang move to middle school.


Stella is a tall and slender Filipino-American girl, with tan skin, freckles, black hair that curls up at the back end with two strands of hair standing out, two pairs of eyelashes, and noticeably slanted eyes.

Her main attire consists of a white short-sleeved sweater, with a red star in the middle, a red collar, and red sleeve edges, a knee-long black skirt, white knee-high socks with a red and blue stripe at the top, and green sneakers. She also wears a wristwatch on her right hand and a red hair clip on the back of her head.

In "White Hare", she wore an orange headband with a bow, and had her hair tied up in a bun.


  • Kevin Sullivan has confirmed that Stella was, in fact, the new girl that was introduced in "White Hare". He states that Stella went through a character redesign during production of "Be Stella My Heart".
  • She is one of the few human characters on the show with no visible detailing on her teeth.
  • According to Darin McGowan, Stella is of Filipino descent.
  • As of "White Hare" and prior to meeting her friends, she's a new resident in Royal Woods.
  • Stella is the first non-Loud family member to receive her name on a title card.
  • Her name means "star" in Latin.
  • She loves tech and always wants to dismantle electronics and put them back together.[3]
  • She finds magic shows boring.[4]
  • She revealed her last name in "Kernel of Truth".
  • She uses bobby pins for her hair.[5]
  • According to Zach, she may speak three languages.[6] However, that information is dubious since he got it from a third party.
    • In "Saved by the Spell", she thanks Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach in German, implying this is one of the three languages she speaks.
  • She is shown to be very skilled at skeeball.[7]



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