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Stella Zhau[1] (first introduced as "The New Girl") is a supporting character in The Loud House. She made her first appearance in "White Hare" with her face not shown, and her later appearance in "Be Stella My Heart" with her face shown.



Stella Zhau comes from a family of Filipino descent. Her family moved to Royal Woods and Stella was registered to Royal Woods Elementary School.

Season 3

In "White Hare", Lincoln wanted to make a good impression because of her arrival to town. However, the sisters encouraged him to be himself, since him being himself is enough to make a good impression. After barely catching up with the bus, Lincoln discovers Stella sitting alone, and offers to sit next to her, where she immediately gets charmed by Lincoln's personality, and offers him carrot sticks on the ride to school.

In "Be Stella My Heart", Stella arrives, asking Lincoln and his friends to swap lunches for carrot sticks. Later at gym class, she asks them if she can take part on their Snake formation, but they are too awkwardly to talk to her and she steps back wishing them good luck. In Science class Stella asks them if they want a lab partner or she would be with Mrs. Johnson. Sometime later Stella asks Lincoln to come with her to Burpin' Burger after school and he eagerly accepts her offer. The next day while Lincoln was talking to his friends, Stella then asks Rusty to come with her to the Flea market and he accepts much to Lincoln's jealousy. Rusty then informs that he and Stella eat ice cream with waffle cones, She asks Liam to come with her to the mall and he happily accepts. Stella taps Zach in the shoulder and makes a pistol gesture, meaning asking for a laser tagging, which he accepts, much to Liam's jealousy. Stella taps Clyde in the shoulder and makes a little dancing asking to come to the arcade to play Dance Dance Revolution, which he accepts, enraging Zach, causing him to punch the drinking fountain hurting his hand in the process. When Clyde shows them that he and Stella playing the game, this makes them completely jealous. At Lunch, Stella was eating unaware that Lincoln and his friends are fighting over her. At Gym class, she and the other students watch Lincoln and his friends fighting each other over to her as Coach Pacowski rushes to them to break it up. Later Lincoln and his friends demand explanations her saying they do not want more of her business and she explains that she only wanted to get along with them and sadly leaves to hang out with Mrs. Johnson. At Lunch Stella was eating her sandwich alone, Lincoln and his friends arrive to apologizes for perceiving her actions the wrong way, but she does not respond. They decide to leave that she was furious with them, but she asks them for a trade lunch and they accept, successfully rekindled their friendship, and shows them a new formation called the Scorpion formation, which they proudly accept.

In "Predict Ability", Stella complimented Lincoln wearing new outfits and enjoyed him coming to school every day in different clothes. At school, Lincoln chooses Stella as her partner in calligraphy practice. Later when Lincoln said he thinks he's boring because of his routines, Stella assured him that everyone has own routines and it doesn't make him boring.

In "Antiqued Off", Lincoln called Stella to invite her to stage magic show, but she excused herself that she has to help her grandmother. Later Lincoln met Stella and demanded explanation, why she lied to him. She admitted she lied to him, because she thinks stage magic is boring and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Season 4

In "A Grave Mistake", Stella was among the audience members attending the funeral of school mascot Ricky the Rooster.

Stella got a central role in "Tails of Woe". In it, she brings an antique music box to school for show-and-tell, but it goes missing. Stella's friends suspect its disappearance to be the work of the Rat Beast, a creature rumored to lurk in the school's vents. Stella leads the group in going down to the school basement to confront the Rat Beast and recover her music box. In the end, she and the gang learn that the Rat Beast, actually a two-tailed rodent named Cinnamon, is nowhere as scary as the legends made him out to be. At the end of the episode, Stella gives some of her corn chips to Cinnamon.

In "Stall Monitor", Stella plans to help stall for Lincoln's parent-teacher conference, only to have to leave early due to her father being attacked by Carol Anne.

In "Brave the Last Dance", Stella tests to see if Clyde's crush Emma likes him by reading his tea leaves. The tea leaves depicted Clyde dancing with a brunette girl and wearing a chef's helmet. Despite Emma only liking Clyde platonically, this fortune came true when he showed up to the dance in a chef's hat to redecorate the cake and ended up dancing with another brown-haired girl, Chloe.

In "Tough Cookies", she helps her friends bake cookies to sell and makes a conveyor belt. However, this ends up backfiring when Liam's cow kicks the conveyor belt, making a mess.

In "Friends in Dry Places", Stella goes to camp with her classmates. Lincoln worries that she will stop being friends with him due to Lynn mentioning drifting apart from an old friend in middle school and also due to Stella being too busy riding an ATV with Girl Jordan and Cheryl. He hatched a plan involving pretending to be lost, but ended up actually getting lost. Eventually, Stella and the others reassured Lincoln that they'd always be friends.

Season 5

In "Schooled!", she and her other friends struggle in Lincoln's absence, and she briefly considers taking up his role as "woman with the plan". They eventually go to Canada to search for Lincoln.

In "Kernel of Truth", Stella finds an old newsroom at school, inspiring her friends to form a news group. She interviews Mr. Bolhofner and Chef Pat, then later helps her friends solve the mystery of the stolen popcorn.

In "Saved by the Spell", Stella and her friends tried to take part in Middle School Talent Show by dancing together. They wanted Lincoln to join them, but he preferred to work alone in his stage magic. Stella and the other friends were afraid of Lincoln humiliating himself during his performance, so they tried to discourage him. Stella disguised herself as a failed yodeling performer and successfully discouraged Lincoln by telling him a fabricated sad story. Lincoln finally agreed to join his friends until he found Stella's costume in her locker, so he was upset and left his friends. To apologize, Stella agreed to volunteer in Lincoln's stage magic performance.

In "No Bus No Fuss", during the school bus ride, Stella and her friends were violently bullied by three eighth graders. They all tried to find safer way to school. In the first week, they asked their parents (sans Stella's) to drive them school, but they were too much distracted to drive them to school on time. In the next week, they took city buses to go to school, but the plan was too much convoluted to work. By the seventh day, they used Flip's offer to get to school by plane, but this was too dangerous as Flip's plane and parachutes were junk.

In the end, Stella and her friends decided to suffer the bullies instead of taking another idea for alternative. It's revealed that after Stella and her friends stopped using the school bus, the 8th graders bullies started bullying other kids. Unable to see the other students suffer, Lincoln came with the idea to gang up against the bullies. When Lincoln told the bullies to stop bullying them, Stella and the rest of their friends showed themselves up, later the other kids. The bullies realized they are outnumbered, so they stopped bullying.

In "Zach Attack", Stella agreed to help Zach keep the charade of aliens visiting Royal Woods. She disguised herself as an alien and spoke alien language as Zach instructed her. However, Zach's lie got revealed in the end.

In "Flying Solo", Stella, along with Rusty and Zach joined school home-ec club lead by Mr. Bolhofner. First they cooked food from bugs, later they made costumes for Lincoln and Clyde.

In "Rumor Has It", Stella and her friends were going on a school field trip, but were forced to ride with Mr. Bolhofner when it was revealed the school bus is full. However, the trip as a whole was cancelled when the bus got stuck in a Flippee spill. Mr. Bolhofner was going to take them back to school, though his car broke down, forcing him to take them into his cabin in the woods. Driven by false rumors about Mr. Bolhofner's allegedly checkered past, Stella and her friends tried to escape from the cabin while leaving him behind.

The kids were eventually able to escape the "wrath of 'Skullhofner'", though their path was blocked by both a fallen tree and a particularly vicious bear, which Mr. Bolhofner quickly subdues, making it run away rather cowardly into the forest. Seeing that Mr. Bolhofner just protected them from certain death, Stella and her friends told him about their feelings, which were fueled by the false rumors. He realized the misconceptions fueled by the false rumors, offering to stay outside so the kids don't have to worry about "Skullhofner". Feeling bad, Stella and her friends decided to show everyone at school the video of Mr. Bolhofner wrestling the bear. Mr. Bolhofner was touched by the kids showing everyone that he isn't what everyone thinks he is.

In "Training Day", Stella asks Lana to look after her particularly destructive pet rabbit, Jazzy. Lana initially has an issue controlling Jazzy, which she is able to resolve when she reunites him with his twin Snazzy, indirectly giving Stella another pet rabbit as a result.

In "Grub Snub", Stella is part of "Team Lincoln", trying to wrestle for control of the gang's favorite hangout, Gus' Games and Grub, after Leni and her friends reveal they want to use the space for their hangout due to their favorite place, Dim Yum, closing down. However, this light-hearted competition quickly turns into a heated brawl for dominance when a Dance Battle contest goes south, causing them to destroy the entire place. They are forced to fix the entire restaurant, and both groups are able to get their share of Gus' when it is revealed the booth they like can be expanded to accommodate both groups.

In "Broadcast Blues", she allows Chandler to join the Action News Team so that they can earn new technology, only for everyone to regret doing this when he begins to bully other students on camera.

In "How the Best Was Won", she and Liam witness Clincoln McCloud and "Zusty Spurdles" (Zach and Rusty's best friendship name) duke it out for the title of "Best Best Friend". She hosts a competition that involves the two doing challenges, and while Clincoln and Zusty didn't win "Best Friend", Stella and her friends win "Best Friend Group".

In "Farm to Unstable", she joins the gang in helping Liam; wanting to get out of the hard work, they decide to detour to Flip's and sell them under the Hunnicutt farm name, outraging customers. They decide to sacrifice their free time to get the customers back.


Stella is a tall and slender Filipino-American girl, with tan skin, freckles, black hair that curls up at the back end with two strands of hair standing out, two pairs of eyelashes, and noticeably slanted eyes.

Her main attire consist of a white short-sleeved sweater, with a red star in the middle, a red collar, and red sleeve edges, a knee-long black skirt, white knee-high socks with a red and blue stripe at the top, and green sneakers. She also wears a wristwatch on her right hand and a red hair clip on the back of her head.

In "White Hare", she wore an orange headband with a bow, and had her hair tied up in a bun.


  • Kevin Sullivan has confirmed that Stella was, in fact, the new girl that was introduced in "White Hare". He states that Stella went through a character redesign during production of "Be Stella My Heart".
  • She is one of the few human characters on the show with no visible detailing on her teeth.
  • According to Darin McGowan, Stella is of Filipino descent.
  • As of "White Hare", she's a new resident in Royal Woods.
  • Stella is the first non-Loud family member to receive her name on a title card.
  • Her name means "star" in Latin.
  • Loud and Proud confirms that Stella is 11.
    • It is also revealed that she loves tech, and always wants to dismantle electronics and put them back together.
  • In "Antiqued Off", it is revealed that she finds magic shows boring.
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Darin McGowan
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Sep 24, 2020
  • She revealed her last name in "Kernel of Truth".
    • It's also revealed she uses bobby pins for her hair.
  • According to Zach in "Be Stella My Heart", she may speak three languages. However, that information is dubious since he got it from a third party.
    • In "Saved by the Spell", she thanks Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach in German, implying this is one of the three languages she speaks.
  • In "Grub Snub", she is shown to be very skilled at skeeball.



  1. "Kernel of Truth". The Loud House. Season 5. Episode 4b. September 25, 2020. "Liam: I don't know fellers and Stellers, I think we're on a goose chase."


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