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Street Cats

The Street Cats are a group of cats that appear in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos". They are known for attacking the Casagrande family.


When they are first mentioned, it is implied that they are a vicious gang of thugs, but they turn out to simply be a large group of stray cats. From what's been seen so far, they appear to be quite vicious, and the Casagrande family must keep the front door to their building closed, or else they will get inside, and cause trouble. They only have a few appearances in the episode, and from what's been seen of them, they appear to be simply an annoyance, rather than a threat that should be dealt with.


They are simply black-furred cats with green eyes.


  • Lalo is afraid of them despite being a dog. However, being outnumbered by them can justify his fear.

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