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"Stressed for the Part" is the second episode of the sixth season, the two-hundred-forty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


After landing a role in a Dairyland production, Luan must hide this news from Mrs. Bernardo, who she beat out.


At Dairyland, Luan is running through the park trying to find Benny. Upon finding him, who is selling popcorn, Luan is informed that the park is holding auditions to find someone play the character of Heidi Heifer for their stage show A Cream Come True. Knowing that anyone who plays the character get to lead fabulous lives, Luan decides to audition for the role. Later, at the stage where the show is to take place, Luan manages to give a flawless performance as Heidi, making the director declare her the one to play the role.

The next day, at the high school, Luan is practicing her lines. Suddenly, Mrs. Bernardo arrives with mascara running down her face. She glumly tells her students that she had been rejected from audition for the fourteenth time and, just before Luan can announce she got the part of Heidi Heifer, Mrs. Bernardo reveals that the audition she was rejected from was that role. When Mrs. Bernardo asks Luan why she's so happy today, Luan, unable to tell her teacher the reason, decides to lie to her. Later, as Luan looks through her locker, Benny says that she should've told Mrs. Bernardo that she landed the part, believing that she would be proud of her, but Luan says the reason she lied was because she didn't want to upset her more when informed that one of her students got the role instead of her. When Luan says she needs to rehearse for the show, she discovers her script is missing, and Benny remembers seeing it during theater class.

In the school theater, as Mrs. Bernardo teaches her students on miming, Luan and Benny spot the script on the stage, and as Luan tries to drab it, Mrs. Bernardo arrives, sees the script and puts it in her purse, thinking it's for her latest stage show. Before long, Luan and Benny try to get the script back by following her around town, and despite some close calls at Reininger's and the grocery store, Luan manages to get the script back.

Later at Dairyland, Tippy, Luan and Cheryl (playing a character called the Dairy Godmother) rehearse for the show. Once they're done, the director tells them it's lunchtime, and tells them to meet back in an hour for their first show. Later, as Luan eats her lunch, she is informed by Benny that she saw Mrs. Bernardo in the park, much to Luan's dismay, as she fears that she will be assaulted by her teacher if she ever found out one of her students landed the role. At that moment, Mrs. Bernardo arrives and is happy to see Luan here. She says that whenever she's rejected from playing Heidi, she likes to go on rides to scream out her frustrations. Benny tries to give Luan an excuse not to go with her, but Luan is guilt tripped into joining her teacher.

After a couple of rides, Mrs. Bernardo proclaims that she's over the rejection, but when Tippy says over the intercom that the actress playing Heidi (Luan) come to the auditorium so they can ready for the show, Mrs. Bernardo says she's stressed out again and needs to scream some more. As Luan and Mrs. Bernardo ride the Seas of Cheese, Mrs. Bernardo hits the shutdown button so she can scream at a Heidi statue to unleash her feelings. Suddenly, Luan gets a call from the director telling her to get to the auditorium and threatens to replace her if she doesn't arrive. Because of this and seeing her teacher miserable, Luan cracks and finally confesses to Mrs. Bernardo that she was cast as Heidi, admitting that she didn't tell her out of fear that it would strain their relationship. However, instead of being mad, Mrs. Bernardo is actually happy, saying that her training allowed one of her students to land a role she long desired. The two attempt to get to the stage by riding the rest of the ride, but the controls are broken. Not giving up, Mrs. Bernardo decides to carry Luan to the auditorium. After arriving there faster by riding on Benny's popcorn cart, Luan manages to arrive in time, but the director tells Luan that the show will have to be canceled after Cheryl accidentally fell into a funnel cake machine and became deaf after the dough clogged her ears. However, Luan says that she has an idea on how to keep the show on.

Later, as Tippy and Luan perform their roles, it's revealed that Mrs. Bernardo has taken Cheryl's role as the Dairy Godmother. When the show ends, everyone in the audience, including the rest of Loud family, cheer for a great show. Backstage, as Luan and Mrs. Bernardo talk about how great the show was, Mrs. Bernardo proceeds to sing a high note to express her excitement, causing the funnel cake dough blocking Cheryl's ears to pop out, allowing her to hear again.


Papa Wheelie, Mollie, Amy, Errol, Shannon, Lyberti, Ruby, and Unnamed Punk Girl have no lines in this episode. Lincoln, Lori, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily, Lynn Sr., and Rita also have no lines in this episode, but can be heard cheering for Luan.


  • Lincoln appears on the title card as one of the footlights on the edge of the stage.
  • This episode reveals that Mrs. Bernardo's first name is Kate.
  • In the episode "Hurl, Interrupted", it was mentioned that the rollercoaster Whipped Scream would be shut down to make room for a new Dairyland-themed hotel. In this episode, a tower can be seen standing where Whipped Scream used to be, meaning this episode takes place after the aforementioned episode.
  • It is also likely that the episode takes place after its sister episode, since the location where Lincoln tried to find his missing gift was at a construction site in Dairyland.
  • According to Benny, he has a weekend job at Dairyland selling popcorn.
  • This is the first episode in Season 6 where Lori appears.
  • Coincidentally, this episode premiered in the United States on Sean Giambrone's (Benny Stein's) 23rd birthday.
  • When Mrs. Bernardo was shopping at the grocery store, she picks up a can of Dairyland themed milk. This is likely a nod to the Casagrandes episode "An Udder Mess", which revealed that Dairyland has its own brand of milk they sell in stores.
  • Irony: Luan was afraid that Mrs. Bernardo would be upset that she (Luan) landed the role instead of her but, as Benny predicted, when Luan told Mrs. Bernardo the truth, she was actually happy that one of her students landed the role.


  • Stressed for the Part - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "dressed for the part", which means to have an appearance or style of dress appropriate to a particular role or situation.
  • Cats - Mrs. Bernardo mentions that she was once involved in a stage production of this musical. The name of the play was titled Kats (for legal reasons).
  • The streets shall run red with the blood of my enemies - In Luan's fantasy of being attacked by Mrs. Bernardo when she finds out Luan landed the role, Mrs. Bernardo exclaims "The streets will run white like milk!", a play on this phrase of unknown origin.


Wrong colored leggings.

  • When Luan is running in Dairyland trying to find Benny, Mollie's leggings are the same color as her skin.
  • Luan's eyelashes are missing in two scenes:
    • When she agrees to join Mrs. Bernardo in letting go of her stress.
    • When she finally confesses to Mrs. Bernardo that she was cast as Heidi Heifer.

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