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"Strife Coach" is the thirty-sixth episode of the second season, and the seventy-fourth episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her friends help get Mrs. Kernicky hired as the new PE coach, but her classes are no joke.


While at the skate park, Ronnie Anne reveals to her friends that Coach Crawford is retiring, and they couldn't be any more happier, as they found his teaching methods rather painful. As they begin to question on who the new coach is (while also hoping they're not as painful as Crawford), Mrs. Kernicky arrives with her aerobics class. Hearing her say the words "nice and easy", the friends decide that she would be perfect as the new coach. They approach Mrs. Kernicky and tell her that they have a proposition they want to offer. Later, at Chavez Academy, Mrs. Kernicky is applying for the position as the new coach. After an interview with the principal, Valenzuela, Mrs. Kernicky reveals that she scored the job, much to the kids' happiness.

The next day, Mrs. Kernicky coaches the students during gym class. However, as the class progresses, Mrs. Kernicky realizes how lazy the gang is, as the want to rest their bodies after only five steps on the track, use cheats at the pull up bar, and laze around during sit ups.

The next day, the gang arrives to their class and discover that all of their desks have been replaced with exercise bikes, with Ms. Galiano stating that it's part of a new curriculum. Throughout the day, the gang goes through the pain and suffering of all the changes, like the exercise bikes replacing their desks, the cafeteria being transformed into an obstacle course (meaning that they have to get through it to get their food), and doing laps in the hallways while simultaneously learning geography. Ronnie Anne arrives to Principal Valenzuela's office and asks why everything in school is so active, and Valenzuela reveals that it was Mrs. Kernicky's idea, as she was concerned about their health and though it would be very beneficial for them. When the school day ends, the gang, having to ride on skateboards while Lalo pulls them, admit that Mrs. Kernicky is worse than Crawford, and state that they need to get her fired. When Ronnie Anne states that Valenzuela likes these changes, she gets the idea of setting her exercise bike from level 1 to level 50.

The next day, the gang arrives to school and discover Mrs. Kernicky has organized a field trip. To their astonishment, their field trip is for the arcade. Mrs. Kernicky states that because they worked hard yesterday, they deserve a reward. As the gang plays the games, they realize that all of the exercising they endured has really improved their overall performance on the games they're playing. This makes Ronnie Anne realize that Mrs. Kernicky isn't so bad after all, but then Laird brings up how they tampered with Valenzuela's exercise bike in an attempt to get her fired. Realizing that they tampered with their principal's bike, the gang quickly dashes back to school to undo their action, but it's too late, as Valenzuela has gotten on her bike, and the moment she starts pedaling, the high level causes her to pedal rapidly to the point that she rides out of her office and, through a series of mishaps on the cafeteria obstacle course, flies right into a cake made by the lunch lady. When Mrs. Kernicky asks what happened, Valenzuela states that she was riding her bike when it suddenly went haywire. When she states that none of this would have happened had she just sat at her desk instead, Valenzuela proceeds to fire Mrs. Kernicky. The gang arrives to the cafetria and states that Mrs. Kernicky is not at fault, they are, as they tampered with her bike in an attempt to get her fired, saying that they found her exercising methods painful, but soon realized that they aren't as bad as they thought. As a result, Valenzuela rehires Mrs. Kernicky on the condition that she and the others clean up the mess.

The next day, the gang discovers that their desks are back. Mrs. Kernicky arrives and tells them that she suggested to Valenzuela to change everything back, saying that they should leave the exercising for gym class.


Sergio, Vito, and Coach Crawford have no lines in this episode.


  • As of this episode, Coach Crawford has retired as the coach of Chavez Academy, and Mrs. Kernicky has taken his position.
  • This episode reveals that Mrs. Kernicky runs an aerobics class with Rosa, Hector and Vito as her members.
  • This and its sister episode are currently the lowest viewed episodes of the whole show.


  • Strife Coach - The title of this episode is a pun of "life coach", a person who inspires others to motivate them into being more fulfilling in their lives.
  • Wilhelm scream - When Ronnie Anne and her friends discover that the cafeteria has been transformed into an obstacle course, the student who gets flung out emits this iconic sound effect.


Ronnie Anne, what happen to your left leg?

  • During the flower dream scene, Ronnie Anne's left leg is disconnected.
  • When the gang arrives to their class and discover that all of their desks have been replaced with exercise bikes, Nikki's hoodie is a lighter shade of blue.
  • When Mrs. Kentucky told the kids that they need a reward for working so hard, Laird’s nose is drawn wrong.

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