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"Strife of the Party" is the fourth episode (fifth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-third episode of The Loud House.


When Lola learns that Lana is planning their joint birthday, she does everything to stop it.


Lola plans the birthday party.

Lola is in her room, planning out a party map for her and Lana's upcoming 7th birthday. While talking to her stuffed dolls, a possum jumps out of one of them, causing Lola to ruin her map. Lana enters, scolds her newest pet possum (named Duncan), and realizes that Lola is planning their birthday again. When Lana points out that Lola has planned every one of their birthdays, Lana says that she wants to plan this year's. Lola is reluctant, saying that planning their birthday requires skill, but Lana is adamant that she can do just as well, saying that she should get a chance. After Lana and Duncan leave, Lola declares that she has to stop Lana at all costs.

Arriving to the Hazeltucky Party Outlet, Lola tells Lana to wait in her jeep, while she runs in and tells the clerk, Midge, to hide all the brown/feces-colored decorations. After doing so, Lola brings Lana in and tries to suggest some decorations to get. When Lana says that none of them match her style, she asks Midge if she has a dumpster. Digging around the garbage, Lana finds an array of junk that she decides to use. As the two drive to Royal Woods with their pile of garbage, Lola suggests some entertainment for the party, but Lana says that she has something in mind. At Flip's Food and Fuel, Lana signs a contract for Flip that would allow her to borrow Flip's bull, Roy. At Larry Berry Bakery, Lola tries to suggest a cake for the party, but Lana, unsatisfied with the choices, asks the chef to enter the kitchen, where she proceeds to make a cake entirely of mud. Arriving back home filthy and exhausted, Lola plops onto her bed and asks her dolls what to do, since she believes that Lana's ideas will ruin the party. After getting "advice" from Mr. Sprinkles, Lola comes up with the perfect plan to sabotage the party.

The next day, Lana comes in and says that today's the day they finally turn 7 years old. After thanking Lola for letting her plan the party, she and Duncan head off to Tall Timbers Park, where the party is set to take place. Arriving to Tall Timbers Park, Lola discovers Lana trying to chase after a garbage truck that has taken away all of her decorations. Lola asks what happened and when Lana explains that garbage men took her decorations, Lola feigns concern. Suddenly, Lana gets a phone call from Flip, who tells her that all four tires on his vehicle are flat and has no spare. As Lola continues to feign concern, she proceeds to go over to the partygoers to entertain them. At that moment, Lana gets another phone call, this time, from the bakery, where the baker tells her that he cannot deliver the cake since someone tipped off a health inspector, who is forcing him to clean up the restaurant. With all of her plans ruined, Lana asks Lola on how to fix the party, and Lola effortlessly gets the party up and running with her decorations. Suddenly, the garbage man that took away Lana's decorations arrives for some cake and greets Lola, causing Lana to point out that he knows her name. When Lola tries to deny this, Flip, arriving on a scooter and wearing a neck brace from Roy attacking him, says that he found Lola's tiara under his tires. Piecing everything together, Lana eventually realizes that everything that went wrong for her was all because of Lola sabotaging everything so that the party can be run her way. Angered and heartbroken over her deception and not giving her a chance to run the party, Lana departs on a tandem bicycle from Aunt Ruth meant for both of them with her pets. The second she leaves, Rita and Lynn Sr. says that it is time to blow out the candles, but when they see only Lola, Lola tearfully says that she drove Lana away and says that she must fix things.

The twins have a good blow.

Lola attempts to fix things by getting the feces-colored decorations at the Hazeltucky Party Outlet, getting Roy to budge, obtaining garbage for party favors and recreating the mud cake. Arriving back to Tall Timbers Park, Lola comforts Lana, who is hiding in a garbage bin. Lola tries to talk to Lana, but Lana refuses to listen to her. After Lola wholeheartedly apologizes for ruining her plans, she says that she knows how to make it up. Now listening to her, Lana arrives to the party site and discovers that Lola had gotten every one of the suggestions Lana wanted for the party. After thanking her twin for this act of generosity, the two proceed to blow out the candles on the mud cake, wishing each other a happy 7th birthday.


Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Meli, Bratty Kid's Mom and White-haired Mom have no lines in this episode.


  • As of this episode, Lana and Lola are officially 7 years old.
  • This is the seventh episode to feature only four voice-actors, following "Toads and Tiaras", "Patching Things Up", "Frog Wild", "Snow Way Down", "What Wood Lincoln Do?", and "A Star is Scorned".
    • This is also the first episode with four voice-actors since "Frog Wild" in which Lana has a speaking role.
  • This is the first use of the track "Wigglin Out" since "A Tale of Two Tables", that premiered 4 years before this episode did.
  • This is the first and current only instance that Lana got confronted with Lola which is onscreen.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the ground, with the bush resembling his cowlick.
  • According to Lola, planning a birthday party requires a certain "je ne sais quoi", which is French for "I don't know what". The phrase was borrowed into English as an expression of a quality that makes something or someone attractive, distinctive, or special in some way, but is hard to put into words.
  • Among the guests is the white-haired mother from "Not a Loud".

Lola (left) celebrating before her and Lana's birth.

  • Innuendo: When Lana tells Lola that she plans to throw their birthday party for the year, she gets some sort of brown substance on Lola's arm that she (Lana) realizes is not mud.
  • Cartoon physics: According to Lana, Lola has planned their birthday parties every year, even before they were born.


  • Strife of the Party - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "life of the party," which refers to a lively, amusing person who is the center of attention at a social gathering.
  • Alien - The way Duncan bursts out of Eunice's chest is identical to the iconic chestburster scene from this 1979 sci-fi horror film.
  • Christina Aguilera - As Lana and Lola drive back home after leaving the party supply store, Lola references the singer's 1999 song "Genie in a Bottle".


  • Plot hole:
    • Like in previous birthday episodes, it's never revealed what day and month it is.
    • At the beginning, it is shown that Lana and Lola have five pictures from their previous birthdays. But there should be six pictures as they've already had six birthdays, and this episode takes place on their seventh birthday.
    • Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa and Lily aren't seen at the twins' birthday party.
  • In the photos of Lana and Lola when they were younger, baby Lana does not have arms. Lola's cowlick is also missing in the other photos.
  • In the title card preview, Lana's shoe (as well as part of her left leg) goes through the outline of the path. This was fixed when the episode aired.


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