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Subway is a chain of fast-food sandwich restaurants founded in 1965.

In February 2019, Subway offered a series of The Loud House comic book activity packs with its kids meals, featuring an activity and one of four comic books (written and illustrated by Jared Morgan) featuring a QR code which could be scanned with a mobile phone to see the comic's animated surprise ending.[citation needed]

Three of these stories were reprinted in graphic novels. "Big Gains" and "Terms of Endearment" were reprinted in The Many Faces of Lincoln Loud, and "Hook, Line and Stinker" was reprinted in Who's the Loudest?.


Big Gains

Lincoln is helping Lynn train for an upcoming wrestling match. After making Lynn a "special pre-workout smoothie", Lincoln is ready to train her. Lynn decides to lift some dumbbells and barbells to build up her muscles, but decides to raise the stakes by trying to lift heavier things. To Lincoln's surprise, Lynn can lift these heavy things with very little effort. When Lynn ponders how she's going to get any stronger if she can't find "more weight", Leni, having heard what Lynn said, quickly drags her upstairs, and into a line for the bathroom. When Lynn questions why Leni would drag her to the bathroom line...

...Leni thought that Lynn said she wanted "more wait", causing Lincoln to laugh hysterically, and Lynn to get annoyed with Leni's misunderstanding.

Holey Moly!

It's gym class right now, and Coach Pacowski announces that they're going to be playing dodgeball, much to the joy of Girl Jordan's team, but to the dismay of Lincoln's team. Stella tells her friends that she has an idea on how to win the game. When the game starts, it goes off without a hitch, with Lincoln and his friends nearly getting hit, but Coach tells his students to wrap it up when there's only five minuses of class left. With Girl Jordan's team closing in on the defenseless team, Stella quickly tells her friends get into "Swiss Cheese Formation"...

...which involves Lincoln and his friends getting into a cheerleader-like tower stance with several openings, which they use to avoid the incoming dodgeballs being thrown.

Hook, Line and Stinker

Today is the Loud family's annual fishing trip with Pop-Pop. While some sisters join in on the fun, while others relax, Lincoln decides to catch a fish to make up for last year's trip, where he caught nothing but a small fry. Pop-Pop encourages his grandson by revealing a secret weapon of his: homemade "stink bait". After putting some bait on his line, Lincoln casts his line into the river, and suddenly feels a snag. He reels in his catch, only to discover nothing. Lincoln tries again, but ends up with the same result. Pop-Pop decides to try again, but when the fish snags his bait, he'll use a net to catch the fish. When Lincoln feels his line snag, Pop-Pop pulls out his net to catch the fish...

...however, it turns out it was actually Lana who kept eating Lincoln's bait, much to his and Pop-Pop's surprise.

Terms of Endearment

A delivery truck arrives to the Loud House, and Lincoln quickly rushes downstairs, since his package has finally arrived. After getting his package, Lincoln quickly calls up Clyde on his walkie-talkie, and tells him to come over, since his package came. After Clyde arrives to the Loud House, Lincoln opens up his package, and it's revealed to be a brand new video game: Turbo Fish Brawler E.X. Alpha 4: Modern Aquatic Combat. Lincoln promptly plugs the game in, but before they could start, the game's Terms and Conditions pop up, and Lincoln insists that they skip it, but Clyde says that he should not, saying that reading the Terms and Conditions is a good thing, and Lincoln reluctantly agrees to read. After reading 241 pages over the span of who knows how long, Clyde is prepared to play, but his phone suddenly beeps...

...and says that he has to leave, since his dads only allow him to play video games for 30 minutes.

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