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Sue is a minor character in The Loud House, who made an appearance in "The Old and the Restless". She’s the main antagonist of said episode.


She’s a nurse, who "cares" for the residents of Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.


She’s very commanding and dislikes the residents disobeying her orders and doesn't tolerate any nonsense. She also always says an activity would be fun if they wanted to (insert bodily injury) to try and make the seniors do very boring activities. She dislikes the seniors leaving the retirement home even for a few hours. It's shown that she’s very punctual, and kicks anybody out if they're even a minute past the 6 PM curfew. She almost kicks Albert out of the retirement home for sneaking in past his curfew, but due to the seniors standing up for him and telling her off, she lets him stay. This shows that she can go with the majority. She’s shown to be threatening, like Lola and Lori.


Sue is a hefty woman. She wears a white button-down dress, black shoes and a white hat with the red cross symbol on it. Her hair is a cordovan shade of brown, tied back into a bun with a red hair tie.

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