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"Suite and Sour" is the sixth episode of the second season and the fifty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


When the Loud parents save enough to afford a trip to a resort, they decide to take the children with them, because the children have promised to behave.


Mr. and Mrs. Loud are going to spend the weekend at a spa resort, so they can get two whole days to themselves, which they haven't gotten since 1998. Unbeknownst to them, the kids are listening to them through the bathroom air vent. The kids are upset about this, because they have to spend their time at Aunt Ruth's. Lincoln says he has an idea that will convince their parents to take them. The kids construct a play where they explain the living conditions of Aunt Ruth's and explain that they can behave while at the hotel with them. When they finish their play, Rita can easily tell that this is a ploy so they can come along. However, when the kids promise that they will behave, they reluctantly let them come.

At the Royal Woods Resort and Spa...

At the Royal Woods Spa, the Loud family arrives, and after bringing in their luggage, Lynn Sr. tells the kids not to cause too much trouble. However, their antics are just the beginning. Lynn and Lana decide to have an elevator race, but due to mashing all the buttons, both elevators they're using malfunction. Lori (holding Lily in a baby carrier), needing to get back to the bedroom to get her phone, is unable to use the elevators (due to Lynn and Lana's interference), forcing her to use the stairs. Lincoln believes that the resort is haunted by the ghost of the Footless Bellboy, encouraging Lucy to join him on the hunt. As they run, they bump into an employee named Fritz, causing his nametag to fall off. As Lincoln, Lucy, and Fritz part ways, Leni walks by and finds Fritz's nametag, mistaking it for a pin. Almost immediately after she puts it on, Leni is mistaken as Fritz and begins to assist the guests. Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive at the spa, but an employee informs them a private party has booked the entire massage facility (which turns out to be Lola and some of her stuffed animals). Luan is seen telling elevator-related jokes to Fritz, while he pays little heed. Lisa is about to take a dip in the pool, but first decides to use a chemical to disinfect the pool after three guys used it. As she pours the chemical into the pool, someone bumps into her, causing her to spill all of it into the pool, resulting in the water being highly corrosive. Realizing her mistake, she flees the scene before her parents notice her. Lori, completely exhausted after climbing so many steps, arrives at what she believes is their floor. However, when she opens the door, they're on the rooftop. What's worse, the door behind them automatically locks, trapping them on the roof. In the basement, Lincoln and Lucy believe that they're close and suggest that they turn the lights off to lure him out. However, they don't know which one is the lights for the basement, so they tamper with all of them, shutting down the power to almost all the rooms. Lori breaks off a TV antenna to ram down the door, and succeeds, but also disrupts the TV channels. As Rita and Lynn Sr. relish the fact that their kids haven't caused any trouble, they get a call from the lobby where Leni (still thinking she's Fritz) informs them that their kids are causing trouble. With the beans spilled, an angry Rita and Lynn Sr. tell the kids that they're grounded, and are ordered to stay in the room for the rest of the weekend.

As the kids begin to feel guilty at what they put themselves into, Lori gets a call from Bobby and steps outside to the balcony, Lynn decides to hit the showers, and Leni is forced to get back to work. As Lynn struggles on how to activate the showers due to its many knobs, she accidentally causes numerous showerheads to spray her with water. Needing help, Lana steps in and fixes the shower, only for the situation to be diverted to the toilet. As Lori chats with Bobby on the balcony, the latter hangs up and when she is about to head back into the room, she is once again locked out. As Lori pounds on the door, Lincoln and Lucy mistake the sounds for the ghost of the Footless Bellboy and assume it's trapped in the room's air conditioner. When they attempt to pull it out, it falls out of the building and onto a delivery van. Lori discovers that the balcony next door has its door open and decides to use that as a means of getting back in. A knock at the door is heard, Lola answers it, and three guys appear saying that the room they're in was reserved for them by Leni/Fritz. When Lola tries to deny this, the three guys force themselves in and begin to make a lot of noise (with Leni calling them and telling them to keep it down). As Luna, Luan, and Lola ram the three guys out with the couch, Lisa begins to pour a disinfectant onto the rug to get rid of any rubbish the guys left behind, when suddenly a bird flies into Lisa, causing her to spill her chemical, which burns a giant hole onto the floor. As Lori comes back to chastise the others for locking her out, she falls into the hole. Lynn and Lana, who were unable to fix the toilet, get washed out and also fall into the hole. As their parents arrive to see what the fuss is about, Leni, hearing too many complaints about them, tells the family that they have to leave.

The kids decide to stay at Aunt Ruth's so they can give their parents some alone time.

The next day, Rita and Lynn Sr. begin to mope that their one chance of relaxation is now gone in an instant. The kids, feeling responsible for this, realize that they have to make it up to them, causing Lincoln to have another idea. Sometime later, the kids have modified the entire living room to look like a spa. The kids tell their parents that they did this because they deserve some relaxation, and what's even better is that they're going to be spending time at Aunt Ruth's so it feels like they're not here.

As the kids head off to Aunt Ruth's, Rita reveals that the kids' antics were actually not the reason why they were kicked out. In a flashback, it turns out the real reason why they were kicked out was because Rita and Lynn Sr. were skinny-dipping in the pool (offscreen) at nighttime. When Rita wonders if they should have told the truth to the kids, Lynn Sr. rejects the idea, saying they'll tell them when they're older. With the kids gone, Rita and Lynn Sr. run back into the house, ready to enjoy their own private paradise.


The caricatures of Todd Oman, Sammie Crowley, Ken Mu and Joy Adams have no lines in this episode, although Todd is heard cheering.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Tea at Tiffani's - Werner Tautz [Title card]
  Finger Zinger - K L Bullock [The "Weekend at Aunt Ruth's" play commences]
  Dancin' Ivory A - Paul Lenart and Billy Novick [The "Weekend at a Luxury Spa" play commences]
  Tea at Tiffani's - Werner Tautz [The Louds check into the resort]
  Never Trust A Monkey - Steve Ouimette [Lynn and Lana racing on the elevators]
  Lacotta Sue - Chris White [Rita and Lynn Sr. at the spa]
  ? [Lola and her toys getting a massage]
  Thrill Eeker (a) - Edwin Penn and Edward Ripley [The pool]
  In Tune For Love - Franck Sarkissian [The Louds are grounded]
  More by Luck - Gregor Nalhoz [The shower malfunctions]
  Thrill Eeker (a) - Edwin Penn and Edward Ripley [The uninvited guests party crash the Loud's room; Lisa drops her beaker]
  Tea at Tiffani's - Werner Tautz [The Louds show their parents their own spa center]
  Old Sleepy Head (a) - Clem Clempson, Hugh Burns [The Louds let the parents have their own relaxation]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [The real reason for the family getting kicked out is shown]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Tirages de portraits", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2017.
  • The Loud kids have their own way of calling "dibs", which involves touching their noses. It is referred to as "Nose Goes". Lincoln lost this time.
  • The first few seconds of the episode jokingly keep Rita and Lynn Sr.'s faces hidden, as if the reveal in "11 Louds a Leapin'" never happened, only to show them afterward.
  • There are certain characters in this episode that are caricatures of The Loud House staff:
    • This episode's writers, Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta, appear as the front desk clerk, and a hotel guest respectively.
    • The three guys who crashed the Loud's bedroom were Loud House storyboard artists Kyle Marshall and Miguel Puga, and character designer, Todd Oman.
    • The Spa Worker at the hotel is Diem Doan, but her hair is brown, rather than black.
      • Two of the spa workers giving massages to Lola's stuffed animals are Ken Mu and Joy Adams.
  • Similar to "Ties That Bind", the Loud kids can hear their parents talking through the bathroom air vent.
  • The spa manager is modeled after prop designer Jared Morgan.
  • The roles each of the Loud kids were in their play (in order of appearance):

    The Loud siblings after their play.

    • Luan - Announcer
    • Leni - Cat
    • Lana - Cat
    • Lily - Kitty Cat
    • Luna - Herself
    • Lincoln - Aunt Ruth
    • Lucy - Undertaker
    • Lola - Herself
    • Lisa - Herself
    • Lynn - Lynn Sr.
    • Lori - Rita
  • The fake hairpiece Lynn wore to play Lynn Sr. appears in "Job Insecurity" when Lori, Lincoln, Luan, and Mr. Grouse wear it.
  • The joke of Lori encouraging Bobby to hang up first derives from the comic "No, You Hang Up" from There Will Be Chaos.
  • Ways the Louds misbehaved
    • Lincoln and Lucy - Turning off the lights and breaking the AC machine.
    • Lori - Breaking the TV antenna.
    • Leni - Believing herself to be a worker named Fritz and taking Fritz's job.
    • Luan - Interrupting Fritz by making jokes.
    • Lynn and Lana - Breaking the elevators.
    • Lola - Occupying the massage room with herself and her toys.
    • Lisa - Acidifying the swimming pool.
    • Rita and Lynn Sr. - Skinny dipping.
      • Luna and Lily were the only Louds who didn't misbehave.
  • According to the promotional video "Firsts with Baby Lily Loud", this is the first time Lily has answered a phone call.
  • Innuendo: The Louds were actually kicked out of the resort, due to Rita and Lynn Sr. skinny dipping in the pool. However, it is implied that they did much more than a skinny dip.
  • Irony: The parents kept telling the kids to behave with dignity, but they themselves behaved inappropriately at the end.


  • Suite and Sour - The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "sweet and sour".
  • When Lynn Sr. remarks that he and Rita haven't had a break since 1998, he mentions:
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The background music that played when the Loud family first went to the hotel was reminiscent of the song Hotsy Totsy, that is recurringly used in the series. The title card music, Tea at Tiffani's, is another of the show's production tracks.
  • Wilhelm scream - When Luna, Luan, and Lola push the three guys out of their room, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.
    • This is the third time the Wilhelm scream has been used in the series.
  • The Shining - The room number on the title card is 237, which is a reference to this iconic 1980 horror film.
  • Peanuts - The lamp in the scene of Aunt Ruth's living room in the play resembles Charlie Brown's shirt.


  • The plot announced by Zap2it claimed that the Loud parents won a trip to the resort, but in the actual episode, they save money to pay for the trip.

Rita with different makeup.

  • During the scene where Lynn Sr. and Rita are about to head into the pool before Lisa's chemical was dropped into it, and when the camera footage of Rita and Lynn Sr. going into the pool skinny dipping is shown, Rita's eye shadow is purple instead of blue.
    • Also, Rita's lipstick is pink instead of red when she's at the pool and the gym.
  • When the camera footage of Rita and Lynn Sr. going into the pool skinny dipping is shown, it is implied that Rita threw her swimsuit over her head, which is impossible to do with a one-piece.
    • It also shows Lynn Sr.'s swim trunks landing on top of her swimsuit, which implies she took hers off faster than he did. As previously stated, this is impossible to do with a one-piece.
  • The air conditioner in the Loud's resort room changes sizes during the scene where Lucy and Lincoln are pushing it, as when it falls over the van, it is much bigger than in the previous scene.
  • Rita and Lynn Sr. grounded all the Loud children, despite the fact that Luna and Lily didn't misbehave in the resort. However, it's possible that they misbehaved off-screen.
  • When Lana gave Lynn her business card, Lynn gave it back to Lana and she dropped it. When Lynn grabbed the blankets, the card was gone in the next shot.
  • Plot hole: There are some inconsistencies to the kids staying with Aunt Ruth:
    • Possible: Lana doesn't seem to want to go, despite enjoying it there in "Two Boys and a Baby". However, it is possible that she just wanted to go to the spa resort more.
    • Possible: Lily goes with them, even though Aunt Ruth doesn't like her around her cats. However, she may have warmed up to her.
  • In real life, pressing all of the buttons on an elevator board wouldn't damage it, instead it would just stop on all of the floors and/or do all the functions it has.
  • When Lisa is about to disinfect the pool, she is far from the pool's stairs. In the panoramic shot of the pool, she is closer to the pool's stairs. However, in the next shot of her, she is in her original place.
  • The gym's machines don't have plugs. Therefore, they don't require any source of energy but somehow they stopped working when Lincoln switched off the fuse.
  • In the zoom-out shot of Lori talking with Bobby on the balcony and in the following scene, the balcony's length heavily changes and Lori changes positions from being in front of the A/C to being beside it.
  • The A/C's hole is smaller when Lincoln and Lucy watch through it.
  • Before Lincoln and Lucy tamper with the air conditioner, its plug is not visible, but when they touch it, the plug is visible.
  • Lincoln and Lucy are missing after Luna, Luan, and Lola ram the three guys out of their room.
  • The sofa that Lola, Luan, and Luna used to push out the three men were crossing all the hall, but when Rita, Lynn Sr. and Leni arrive at the room, just a small part of it was peeking out.
  • When Lisa began disinfecting the carpet after Luna, Luan, and Lola rammed the three guys out, she had a tote bag around her shoulder, but when the bird flew in and hit her, the tote bag is gone.

Since when did one of the twins' top teeth grow back?

  • When presenting the "Loud-Inn" to their parents, Lola and Lana seem to only have one of their missing teeth missing.
  • During Luna and Lynn's part in the "Loud-Inn," their heads were shaped differently.
  • When Luna announces that Aunt Ruth arrived, she turned her head nearly 180 degrees, which should be impossible for her to do.
  • The Hebrew version of the episode mistakenly has the "11 Louds a Leapin'" theme song, instead of the normal one.
  • When Lisa was disinfecting the pool and ran away, she couldn't do it without her parents seeing her, but for some reason, they didn't notice.
    • Also, when she was running, she didn't notice "Fritz" was her sister, Leni.

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