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"Super Switcheroo-niverse" (also rendered as "Muscle Fish in the Super Switcheroo-niverse") is a short based on The Loud House.


Comic book icon Muscle Fish saves the day in an alternate universe where Lincoln's favorite superhero reside.


Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Exterminator, Tetherby, Loki, Loni, Luke, Lane, Boy Lynn, Lars, Leif, Lexx, Levi, Betty, Blair, Bebe, Bippa, Bailey, Bella, Beatrice, Blanch, Bethany, Brie, Bernice, Bertha, Bianca, Belinda, Beth and three unidentified rabbits have no lines in this short. It is unknown who voices the Muslim woman, although the voice sounds similar to Jeff Bennett.


  • This is the first short where Bentley Griffin voices Lincoln.
  • Although Lincoln is not depicted on the main portion of the title card, he is depicted on the second box that shows the credits.
  • On the title card, there is some graffiti on the wall which reads, "ASHLEY WUZ HERE".
  • This short references the show's intro.
    • While Lily is depicted in her Season 5 design in this short, Lori is still depicted among the Loud family, despite being in college.
  • The statues of Earth's beloved rulers are modeled after Mrs. Johnson, Flip, Ace Savvy, and Trashy.


  • Super Switcheroo-niverse - The title of this short is a portmanteau of "super switcheroo" and "universe".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - When Pippy and Peppy tell Muscle Fish to get their ball back, the clothes Muscle Fish wears (white shirt, brown shorts and a tie) is a reference to the attire worn by the titular character of this Nickelodeon animated series.


  • Some TV listings erroneously titled this short as "Super-Switcherooni-verse".


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