Superintendent Chen is an minor character in The Loud House. She works as the school superintendent of Royal Woods' schools.


Superintendent Chen first appeared in "The Write Stuff", dealing with Principal Wilbur Huggins trying to make the elementary school rating perfect. She considers his latest one mediocre and leaves to "destroy" more principals. When Principal Huggins catches up to Rita and the rest of the writing club, both Rita and Principal Huggins were surprised when Superintendent Chen was a patron. She has become impressed with the writing done by the writing club.

In "Cooked!," Superintendent Chen appears as a patron at the grand opening of Lynn's Table when Lana started her pet menu promotion. She and the person she was sitting with were seen with some cats.


She is a tall and slim Asian woman with black hair. She has a bun hair, two pairs of eyelashes, and wears red lipstick. She wears gold earrings, a white formal shirt, blue-gray jeans, and black slip-on shoes. In The Burnt Bean coffee shop, she wears an orange shirt which says "Burnt Bean".



  • She may be of Chinese descent due to her surname.
  • She is modeled after background painter Hallie Wilson.

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