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Not to be confused with Gabby.

Tabby is a minor character in The Loud House.


Tabby first appears in the episode "Dance, Dance Resolution", where Luna set her up with Lincoln, so he could have a date for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. During the dance, Tabby was the first girl he met. When Lincoln approaches her for the first time, she is seen playing an air guitar in front of the stage. She greets him by an energetic handshake. Lincoln joins in by playing an air piano, but soon has to leave so he could meet Giggles. She starts to hang out with Liam after Lincoln told his friends to cover for him. Tabby and Liam are then seen "turning it up to 11" on the dance floor. When Tabby finds out about Lincoln's deception, she admits that she had a better time hanging with Liam, as she seemed to really hit it off with him. She is last seen dancing with Liam during the "slow song".


Like Luna, Tabby is an energetic and wild girl, who is enthusiastic about music and dance. Her favorite activity is dynamic dancing to very loud rock music. She also likes playing on imaginary instruments, especially in company. She was excited when she met Lincoln for the first time, and encouraged him to play on imaginary instrument. He picked piano, and she accepted it. She enjoyed getting totally radical during her dance with Liam. Much like Luna, she appears to be rather friendly, as she felt bad for leaving Lincoln for Liam.


Tabby is a small and spunky girl, who has black hair, with purple highlights gelled upwards, a gap between her front teeth, and pink eye shadow. She has pierced ears, but wears no earrings. She wears an aubergine jacket, a mini t-shirt with horizontal stripes, a pink checkered skirt, and white platform boots, which are similar to Luna's original design.


  • Her name comes from Tabitha, which means "gazelle" in Aramaic.
  • She speaks with a British accent, much like Mick Swagger and Chunk.
    • Coincidentally, Luna is friends with these characters.
  • She has a streak in her hair, like Sam Sharp.



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